50 Fabulous Twitter Feeds for Photography Students

by Staff Writers

Twitter is an amazing resource for photographers and photography students. These days it seems like everyone is a photographer, and the ubiquity of photography as both a hobby and a profession has led to an incredible growth of knowledge that students can tap into online, and through Twitter in particular. With Twitter, amateurs can personally connect with famous photographers, stay on top of news, developments, and announcements, learn about amazing ideas and projects within the field, and see what other photographers worldwide are up to these days. Not only that, getting connected on Twitter offers budding photographers a great way to spread their name and work, laying the foundation for a successful career upon graduation. Read on to find a wealth of excellent Twitter feeds that are great for photography students and enthusiasts alike.

News & Blogs

Follow these blogs and photography news outlets on Twitter to make sure you're always in the loop about what's hot in photos.

  1. @Photojojo: PhotoJojo shares great ideas for having more fun with photos, plus news from the photography industry on @Photojojo.
  2. @Pro_Photo: On @Pro_Photo, you'll be able to find news, reviews, and more from photographers, for photographers.
  3. @duckrabbitblog: On Duck Rabbit, you'll find a collision of photography, art, audio, and journalism.
  4. @photographmag: Photograph stands out as an online portal for photo enthusiasts and collectors.
  5. @PopPhoto: Learn about all things photographic from Popular Photography magazine on @PopPhoto.
  6. @theclick: @theclick shares the best links, stories, and more for photojournalism, photography, art, and culture.
  7. @petapixel: PetaPixel is a photography blog that caters to the Web 2.0 generation, sharing the best photo and art-related links online.
  8. @PhotogNews: Photography News covers news about cameras, digital photography, equipment, and great examples for students and fans of photography.
  9. @ImpossibleUSA: Follow along with the Impossible Project to learn about the latest in instant photography.
  10. @lensculture: On @lensculture, you'll find an online magazine celebrating current trends in photography.
  11. @pdnonline: Through @pdnonline, you'll find breaking photography news on a regular basis.
  12. @photorumors: @photorumors will help you keep on top of the latest news and rumors in the photography industry.

Resources & Inspiration

Get free templates, advice, or even your next great inspiration from these Twitter feeds.

  1. @photoshopCAFE: Check out @photoshopCAFE to find resources for Photoshop, including graphics, digital darkroom inspiration, contests, and more.
  2. @Flickr: Find out what's going on with the world's favorite way to share photos through @Flickr's Twitter feed.
  3. @AmazingPics: Amazing Photography highlights incredible photographs that students can get inspiration from.
  4. @PhotoWalkPro: Follow Jeff Revell, photographer, author, and leader of educational photowalks for photographers.
  5. @PhotoAttorney: Carolyn Wright is an attorney who works for photographers, sharing resources for copyright, trespassing laws, and up-to-date information on lawsuits in the photography industry.
  6. @BlindPhotogs: Check out this community for blind and visually impaired photographers to find resources for help and support.


Follow these Twitter feeds to find tutorials, workshops, tips, tricks, and more, all designed to help you learn and grow as a photographer.

  1. @DIYphotosecrets: Follow @DIYphotosecrets for do-it-yourself photo secrets, including tips, tricks, and trends in photography.
  2. @cheesycam: Check out @cheesycam to find DIY photography and videography project to try out.
  3. @Lightroom: Check out @Lightroom to learn more about using Adobe Photoshop's Lightroom, an important tool for today's photographers.
  4. @iHeartFaces: Students can find photo challenges, tutorials, workshops, and resources through @iHeartFaces.
  5. @adoramalearn: Mason Resnick is the editor of the Adorama Learning Center and News Desk, sharing tips, reviews, guides, and more on @adoramalearn.
  6. @diyphotography: This blog is dedicated to hacking, modifying, and building photography gear for new photographers and more.
  7. @photoignite: @photoignite offers short, bite-sized presentations full of inspiration for new and seasoned photographers alike.
  8. @YourPhotoTips: @YourPhotoTips offers crowdsourced tips, tricks, and tutorials for photographers here.
  9. @photoshoptips: Get tutorials and tips for making the most of Photoshop through @photoshoptips.
  10. @digitalps: On Digital Photography School, photography students can learn more about photography with tips, tutorials, and a helpful community.
  11. @creativeLIVE: This live, online worldwide creative classroom shares free education in photography and other creative ideas.
  12. @strobist: David Hobby's Strobist community is essential for any photography student learning the art of lighting in photos.
  13. @photographyicon: Through the Icon Photography School, you can find insightful resources for photography learning.
  14. @ScottKelby: Through Scott Kelby, president and CEO of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, you'll find great educational resources for both Photoshop and photography.
  15. @nyip: Follow @nyip to find tweets from America's oldest and largest photography school.


Follow the lives and photography projects of some of the most inspiring and famous photographers in the world through these feeds.

  1. @annegeddestweet: One of the most recognizable photographers in the world, Anne Geddes shares her latest developments and studio news on @annegeddestweet.
  2. @chasejarvis: Follow along as "maniac photographer director" Chase Jarvis shares his secrets for life as a successful photographer.
  3. @zarias: Legendary Atlanta photographer Zack Arias shares insights for both new and established photographers here on Twitter.
  4. @josevilla: Follow the life and work of a fine art wedding photographer on @josevilla.
  5. @PeterLik: Follow @PeterLik to find out what this inspiring Australian landscape photographer is up to.
  6. @susanstripling: Find inspiration from famous wedding photographer @susanstripling here on Twitter.


Use these Twitter feeds to get connected with other photography students and fellow photographers for fun, resources, and more.

  1. @photonet: shares a place for photographers to connect and discuss photography.
  2. @DWF_Forum: For budding wedding and portrait photographers, @DWF_Forum is a great resource and online community.
  3. @apadtweets: Follow @apadtweets to get inspired to take a photo every day.
  4. @MagnumPhotos: Follow @MagnumPhotos, a photographic cooperative of diversity and distinction.
  5. @FotoFest_Intl: Check out what Foto Fest is working on to learn about art and ideas in photography.


Follow these photojournalism feeds for daily photography inspiration from what's happening in the world right now.

  1. @GettyReportage: Through @GettyReportage, you'll get connected with inspiring and iconic photojournalism.
  2. @NPRPictureShow: Check out @NPRPictureShow for the latest photos and more from NPR.
  3. @LATimesPhotos: Follow @LATimesPhotos for news photography, journalism, and more from LA Times photographers.
  4. @LIFE: Check out @LIFE, the world's most comprehensive and iconic collection of professional photos online.
  5. @wsjphotos: On @wsjphotos, you'll find photos and stories from the Wall Street Journal Photo department.
  6. @rawfileblog: Find out what Wired photo editors have to say on the latest in photojournalism, communities, and more.