50 Great LinkedIn Groups for Academics

by Staff Writers

Businesspeople and job seekers worldwide know the value of LinkedIn, a website where people can come together to network, discuss, and share resources. But academic professionals can greatly benefit from LinkedIn as well, and groups on the site offer a great opportunity for collaboration, discussion, and sharing between academics. There are so many academic groups available on LinkedIn, we can't possibly list them all, but these 50 are a great place to start. Check them out to find networking groups, news, professional organizations, and more.

News & Networking

Connect with others in your field and stay on top of the latest news that's relevant to you within these groups.

  1. Inside Higher Ed: Readers of Inside Higher Ed can come together in this group to discuss higher education.
  2. Women in Higher Education Unite: Get connected with and support women in higher education, especially STEM academics, in the Women in Higher Education UniteLinkedIn group.
  3. Global Academic Innovation Network: The Global Academic Innovation Network is a great place to discuss new developments and innovations in academia.
  4. The Hub for Education Professionals: In the Hub, you can become a part of a group that helps professionals become leaders in education.
  5. International Association of Academic Professionals: Take part in this group that connects academic professionals worldwide.
  6. Higher Ed Experts: On Higher Ed Experts, you can take advantage of professional development and networking for marketing, communications, and more in higher education institutions.
  7. The PostDoc Forum: In this group, you'll be able to network with other postdocs for collaboration and assistance.
  8. Leaders in Higher Education: Through this network, professors, administrators, and other academic staff members can come together to discuss best practices in higher education.
  9. GBSSA: The Graduate Business Student Services Association shares networking opportunities in graduate business education programs.
  10. Laboratory Robotics Interest Group: Take part in this interest group to discuss laboratory automation in pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic organizations.
  11. Computational Biology: The Computational Biology LinkedIn Group is an academic and professional group for computational biologists, sharing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and education.
  12. Alpha Lambda Delta: Women and men alike can recognize and share academic excellence through Alpha Lambda Delta.
  13. Golden Key International Honour Society: Check out this academic honor society to discuss excellence in college and university students.
  14. Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society: Find opportunities for leadership development, personal growth, and contributions to the global community in the Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society.
  15. Phi Eta Sigma: Join the nation's oldest and largest honor society for freshmen in this LinkedIn group.
  16. Alpha Delta Pi: Alpha Delta Pi's LinkedIn Group shares its commitment to high academic standards and more since 1851.
  17. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars: In this honor society, get connected with excellent students, and open up a world of benefits including scholarships, leadership development, career resources, and more.
  18. American College Personnel Association: Talk to other personnel from American colleges through the ACPA group on LinkedIn.
  19. Higher Education Online: Online higher education professionals can discuss the needs and issues of studying and teaching online in this group, bringing together enrollment managers, instructors, campus presidents, and more.
  20. Young Professionals in Academia: Get connected with other young professionals in academia through this group.
  21. Higher Education Teaching and Learning: The HETL group on LinkedIn is a great community for higher education professionals discussing the practice of higher education teaching and learning.
  22. NASPA: Join this group for student affairs administrators in higher education to find out how you can better serve students as an administrator.
  23. Chief Academic Officers Group: Higher education executives can share in professional exchange, discussion, and networking in this LinkedIn group.
  24. Higher Education Matters: Through Higher Education Matters, Eduventures shares this forum for insights, research, and networking in higher education leadership.
  25. HigherEdJobs: Higher education professionals can discuss job search strategies, current topics in academia, and more through the HigherEdJobs group on LinkedIn.
  26. National Orientation Directors Association: NODA shares opportunities for getting connected with other orientation directors in this LinkedIn group.
  27. Higher Education Professionals: The Higher Education Professionals Group offers a forum for networking and sharing ideas about higher education.
  28. Higher Education Management: Management professionals in higher education can discuss and network higher education management through this group on LinkedIn.
  29. College Counselors: Admissions and financial aid counselors can network, discuss issues and news in the industry, and more in this LinkedIn group.
  30. Higher Education Administration: This network offers a great place for professionals working in Higher Education Administration.
  31. Education Sales & Marketing Network: Through this group, you'll learn about effective marketing for educational institutions.
  32. Educause: In this nonprofit association group on LinkedIn, you'll find resources for advancing higher education through information technology.


If you're interested in furthering your academic career, you can find great resources and people who can help in these LinkedIn groups.

  1. Candidate Announcements: HigherEdJobs shares this group for announcing blogs, profiles, and more for promoting your candidacy in academia.
  2. Careers in Proprietary Education: Find out what's available with a career in proprietary education through this discussion group on LinkedIn.
  3. Academia Jobs: Join this group to learn about careers in universities and academia.
  4. Postgraduate Jobs and Recruitment: Find out about transferable skills that you can take from academia to commercial or public sector organizations after graduation or leaving higher education.
  5. PhD Careers Outside of Academia: PhD holders who are interested in extending their work outside of academia can learn about their options here.
  6. Clinical Research Jobs: Clinical Research Jobs offers a great way to get connected with opportunities in clinical research.
  7. PhD to Consulting: PtC members can take a look at making the jump from PhD to consulting.
  8. Science Jobs: Through this referral network, you can find and share great jobs in science throughout academia and beyond.

Education Resources

Find resources for learning through technology, social media, and more by getting connected with these groups.

  1. Social Media for Higher Education: Check out this group to see how higher education is using and benefiting from social media marketing and communications.
  2. Machine Learning Connection: In this networking group, you can discuss next generation machine learning, and get connected with industry and academic leaders.
  3. E-Learning 2.0: Through E-Learning 2.0, you'll learn about serving the online education community with instructional design and eLearning technologies.
  4. Higher Ed Social Media: Social media professionals working in higher education can share insight and network with others in the industry with this group on LinkedIn.
  5. Academic MAPS: Academic MAPS is a group for discussing student retention and success solutions in academia.
  6. Technology Integration in Education: Find out about the use of technology in education by joining the Technology Integration in Education group on LinkedIn.
  7. Higher Education: Assessment & Process Improvement: Take part in this group that focuses on higher educational assessment and process improvement, discussing learning outcomes, student learning, evaluation, and more.
  8. Online Faculty: Through this group, those who work as online faculty can learn more about what others are doing in the field, and get connected with resources that can help.
  9. International Society for Technology in Education: Join ISTE on LinkedIn to learn about the advancement of technology in education.
  10. Technology in Education: Check out this group to learn about using technology in education to prepare students for a world filled with technology.