Top 100 Anthropology Blogs

by Staff Writers

By Holly McCarthy

It doesn't matter if you're studying capuchins in South America or the social communications in American college bars, there is a blogger out there who shares your interests. University students, academics, professors and those who just love anthropology have helped to create a great assortment of online discourse about the field. We've compiled a list of 100 that are definitely worth a read.


These anthropology blogs cover a range of subjects and can give you a great general overview of what's going on in the field.

  1. This multi-author blog aims to foster discussions about all branches of anthropology with posts on everything from Mayan archaeology to human evolution.
  2. American Anthropological Association: Whether you're a member of the AAA or just want to read up on news in anthropology you can find information in this blog.
  3. Open Access Anthropology: Dedicated to sharing information, this blog posts a range of articles on anthropology in a free forum so all can read them.
  4. Social Science Research Council: The larger branch of ASA Globalog: Check out this blog to join in discussions of monthly anthropological topics.
  5. AnthroBlogs: This site is home to a large number of anthropology blogs so you can stay up-to-date on just about any field.
  6. A Hot Cup of Joe: This blogger discusses a range of topics relating to archaeology, anthropology and science.
  7. Check out this site to get all the latest Anthropology news in one easily accessible place.
  8. Four Stone Hearth: This blog carnival is all about anthroplogy, from linguistic, archaeology, socio-cultural and bio-physical experts.

Biological and Evolutionary

From understanding the connections between man and ape to unraveling the mysteries of human psychological behavior, these blogs cover a wide range of fascinating topics.

  1. Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Focusing mostly on genetic and biological news, this blog is a great place to learn about the latest developments in biological anthropology.
  2. Neuroanthropology: This blog has contributors from the fields of anthropology, philosophy and neurology with the aim of better understanding the relationship between the structure of the brain and human behavior and beliefs.
  3. John Hawk's Weblog: Check out this blog for a professor's viewpoint on paleoanthropology, genetics and human evolution.
  4. Cognition and Culture: Explore the relationship between the biology of the mind and the behavior and culture of humans in this informative and well-written blog.
  5. Mathilda's Anthropology Blog: This blog focuses on the human past, from human evolution to the development of the first large-scale civilizations thousands of years ago.
  6. Somatosphere: The collaborative blog focuses on issues in everything from medical anthropology to bioethics.
  7. Keep up to date on the latest in the field of primatology with this informative and professionally written blog.
  8. Dnapes: Learn about our closest genetic relatives in this blog, with news about primates from around the world.

Social and Cultural

Learn about the latest research in sociocultural anthropology from these informative blogs.

  1. wayne&wax: Learn about ethnomusicology, with a focus on America in this fun and informative blog.
  2. Open Anthropology: This site posts news on a wide range of cultural and political topics related to anthropology.
  3. Culture Matters: Students and staff from the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, use this blog to write about some big trends and news in the field of anthropology.
  4. Savage Minds: With a title taken from the work of well-known anthropologist Levi-Strauss, this blog focuses on a range of issues in cultural anthropology from the fun to the intellectual.
  5. The Interrogation Diaries: Read about the use of torture and interrogation techniques against terrorists from an anthropologist's point of view in this blog.
  6. Golublog: This blogger's research focuses on Chinese World of Warcraft players.
  7. Hanging Around the Wrong Side of the World: From personal reflections on field research to posts on the latest news and politics, this blog is a fun and informative read.
  8. Cultural Anthropology: The Journal for the Society of Cultural Anthropology maintains this blog with great essays and articles from leading researchers in the field.
  9. Space and Culture: Explore the nature of social spaces through the thought-provoking posts on this blog.
  10. This Blog Sits At: With posts on both anthropology and economics this blog explores how money and finance systems, exchange systems and even advertising function in a society.
  11. Throughout the World: This blog is home to a number of articles about books, famous anthropologists and anthropological theory.
  12. Open Range Anthropologist: Check out this blog to learn about issues in anthropology, business and technology and the intersection of all three.


Do some culture-specific reading in these blogs.

  1. Photoethnography: This blog can be a great way to learn how photos and videos can be an interesting way to explore a culture, in this case, Japan.
  2. Ethblography: This social anthropologist shares their research on technology in Spain, especially Web 2.0 networking and mobile phones.
  3. VKS Ethnography: Designed as a place to foster communication and ideas between other groups and the VKS, this blog posts news and information about ethnographic research.
  4. Learn all about ethnography in the news from this blog, which also contains some fun and entertaining posts as well.
  5. Mundane Ethnography: This blogger focuses on the anthropology of food and cuisine and you'll find lots of delicious looking photos as well as insightful posts.
  6. Conversations with Dina: Those with an interest in ethnography from a business viewpoint should check out this blog written by professional researcher and ethnographer Dina.
  7. Constructing Amusement: Based out of Korea, this blogger explores the digital technologies that affect communication.
  8. Ethnography: Learn about ethnography through film on this blog.

Archaeology and Paleontology

Learn about the expanse of human past on these excavation-focused sites.

  1. Nomadic Thoughts: Here you'll find posts on topics like archaeology, culture and science from a graduate student in archaeology.
  2. Hominin Dental Anthropology: Have an interest in ancient dentition? Then check out this blog to read about new information and research in the field.
  3. Archaeology: Published by the Archaeological Institute of America, this blog is home to posts on all kinds of exciting archaeological news.
  4. Middle Savagery: This archaeology blog is written by Colleen Morgan, a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley.
  5. Read up on the latest news in the field of archaeology in this Canada-based blog.
  6. Old Dirt- New Thoughts: Check out this blog to learn about the new finds from excavations at Aniakchak Bay Village in Alaska.
  7. Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan: FInd out how the Nusantao maritime trading network influenced a variety of other places, through the archaeological posts in this blog.
  8. Remote Central: Blogger Tim Jones explores all kinds of archaeological news in this blog from shipwreck finds to neolithic burial practices.
  9. Rogue Classicism: Love classical antiquity? This blog is full of educational resources from vocabulary to information on classical research.
  10. Where the Hell Am I?: This blogger and contract archaeologist shares his sometimes interesting experiences working in the field.
  11. Adventures with Yo and Ma: Learn about these bloggers' experiences with "academia, archaeology, and the Mediterranean" in this blog.
  12. Archaeolog: This blog combines news about archaeology with interesting and beautiful photography.
  13. Cronaca: Learn about ancient writing implements in this thoroughly modern forum.
  14. GIS for Archaeology and CRM: Take a look at archaeology from a technological viewpoint though the information provided by this blog.
  15. Egyptology Blog: For those with a love of all things Egyptian, this blog can keep you up to date with the latest finds from this ancient culture.

Linguistic, Media and Communication

These blogs explore human communication from age-old languages to modern computer-aided interaction.

  1. Linguistic Anthropology: WIth a large number of contributors, this blog focuses on issues of communication, language and culture.
  2. Mimi Ito: This blogger is a cultural anthropologist who shares her research on social media use in Japan and the US on her blog.
  3. media/anthropology: Professor John Postill shares his research on the Internet and digital media in his blog.
  4. Julian Hopkins: Explore the digital world with an anthropological eye with this blog.
  5. Society for Linguistic Anthropology: Learn about academic awards, research and more on this linguistic anthropology site.
  6. Media Anthropology Network: Find news from the European Association of Social Anthropologists on this media-focused site.
  7. Visual This blog is a great place to find news and information on the growing field of visual anthropology.
  8. Remixing Anthropology: Focusing on the anthropology of modern communications, this blog is full of informative posts.
  9. Bits and Bytes: Here you'll find posts from an anthropologist on the development of online culture and the use of technology in academia.
  10. My PhD Blog: This PhD student blogs about her research into social networks and youth in Denmark.
  11. Terra Nova: Explore the social aspects of online communities and virtual worlds like Second Life in this blog.
  12. Christine Kenneally: Blogger, author and journalist Christine Kenneally shares her opinions on linguistics and the English language in this blog.


All of those anthropological artifacts have to go somewhere, and these blogs discuss their display and protection in museums.

  1. Material World: This multi-author blog explores all kinds of issues about our material culture.
  2. Museum Anthropology: Check out this blog to get news and information from the Journal of the Council for Museum Anthropology.
  3. Safe Corner: Read posts about issues of cultural preservation in this museum and collecting-focused blog.
  4. Looting Matters: Antiquities have to get into museums somehow and sometimes they don't always do that in the most ethical way. This blog explores issues of museum ethics and collecting.
  5. Robert Goldwater Library: The Met's Museum of Africa, Oceania and the Americas is chronicled in this blog, letting you know just what new and exciting exhibits and talks are going on there.
  6. Museum Blogging: Dr. Leslie Madden-Brooks explores a range of issues about natural history museums in this blog.
  7. The Attic: The Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester publishes this blog, with updates on exhibits, the field of museum studies and more.
  8. Museum of Pop Archaeology: This humorous blog takes a look at the records of our modern civilization in this online museum.

Professors and Students

Check out these university-focused blogs to get insights from both professors and students on anthropological study.

  1. Another Anthro Blog: Get valuable information on topics like writing proposals and doing research projects on this blog.
  2. Motes and Theories: Written by an anthropology professor, this blog focuses on academic and anthropological issues.
  3. xirdalium: This anthrop logy student shares his research experience in this erudite blog.
  4. Teaching Anthropology: Share your experiences teaching undergraduate anthropology courses on this helpful and sometimes humorous blog.
  5. Trinketization: Written by a professor and Academic Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, this blog focuses on issues of exoticization, cultural studies and more.
  6. Anthrosite Teaching Blog: Gain valuable insights into teaching anthropology as well as interesting posts on the latest news from this blog.
  7. Ionian Enchantment: This blogger is working on a Master's in cognitive science and expresses a love for science, politics and more in this blog.
  8. In Harmonium: A professor at the Carleton University in Canada, this blogger is both a teacher and a symbolic anthropologist.
  9. Field Methods: This blog by Professor Rubenstein allows readers to participate in class assignments in an online format.


These bloggers have kept a record of their research on a blog and you can check them out here.

  1. Fieldwork on a Ghanian Road: This ethnographic field study focuses on travel, roads and driving in present-day Ghana.
  2. Greater Blogazonia: This blog focuses on the study of language and society in the Amazon, written by a professor from UC Berkeley.
  3. Erkan's Field Diary: Blogger Erkan Saka shares his fieldwork in Turkish journalism and the European Union in this blog.
  4. FieldNotes: Learn about field research, among other things, in British Columbia in this helpful blog.
  5. Shenzhen Fieldnotes: This blogger is doing research in China and posts frequent insights and updates on this blog.
  6. Sugar Girls and Seamen: Those interested in prostitution in South Africa can check out this blog and the author's fieldwork on it as well.
  7. Native Anthropologist: This anthropology student and blogger is a Nigerian who is focusing on doing fieldwork in Nigeria.
  8. Antropyton: Share in this anthropologist's successes and frustrations with fieldwork in this blog.

Region Specific

These blogs cover a specific country, continent or area to give you interesting news from the field of anthropology.

  1. AfriGadget: Explore African ingenuity with photos and posts placed on this fun blog.
  2. Indigenous Review: Get the latest news and information on archaeology and anthropology in the Caribbean from this blog.
  3. Johannes Wilm's Blog: This blogger is doing his research in Nicaragua and you can read about his progress, political news and much more in this blog.
  4. A Visual Anthropology of Japan: Created as an educational forum, this blogger shares his experiences in Japan while encouraging other students who are interested in visual anthropology.
  5. Mongabay: From rainforests to Madagascar, this blog concentrates on posting news about the far-flung regions of the world.
  6. Long Road: This Australian researcher focuses on aboriginal culture in her field work.