100 Best Web Tools for Your Self Improvement

by Staff Writers

Just because you feel like you don't have time to work on your productivity, budget or goals doesn't mean you have an excuse to put off organizing and improving your life. Most of us spend an obscene amount of time online anyway, and these web tools will make it easier for you to get in shape, become more spiritual and satisfied, build up your relationships, and more.

Schedule and Timing

Get your meetings and schedule in order when you use these calendars, alerts and alarms.

  1. Reminder Fox: This Firefox add-on helps you manage to-do lists and sends you alerts when a deadline approaches.
  2. Google Calendar: With Google Calendar, you can manage all of your dates, appointments and meetings from a remote access platform.
  3. Freminder: Store important dates with this service, which e-mails you reminders.
  4. Outlook Envoy: The Outlook Envoy online calendar is free and sends you voice mails to remind you of important dates and appointments.
  5. Online Alarm Clock: This very simple digital alarm clock can be set on your desktop.
  6. Todoist: Todoist is a task manager and calendar that works with Gmail, Firefox, mobile devices and more.
  7. Monkey on Your Back: Send yourself a virtual monkey for a future reminder of errands you need to run and meetings.
  8. Cozi: Cozi is a family calendar that will help all of you remember each other's games, dates, vacations, meetings and more.

Goals and Dreams

Make your goals seem less overwhelming when you use these trackers that let you see how far you've come.

  1. Joe's Goals: This popular but simple goal tracker lets you monitor exercise and diet goals.
  2. LifeTango: LifeTango helps you meet "someday" earlier than you thought. Use the community site to brainstorm, list goals and meet others for inspiration.
  3. We Endure: We Endure is a social site for endurance sports trainers who need support and goal tracking tools.
  4. 43 Things: Here you can post your goals and your progress while meeting others who have similar dreams.
  5. Goalmigo: On Goalmigo, you can set, track and share your goals while receiving reminders and support to help you along the way.
  6. Sign up to join a community of other goal-oriented individuals who receive life coaching and more.
  7. helps you track skills, financial progress, wealth growth and more.
  8. Gyminee: Those on an exercise and weight-loss plan can use this great site for goal tracking.
  9. SuperViva: Use this site to create "life lists" and track your goals.
  10. Goals Together: Make friends and share your progress on this goal-tracking site.

Diet and Wellness

Get in shape and pursue a healthy lifestyle with these tools.

  1. FitResolution: FitResolution is a community health and fitness site that provides advice, workout tips and goal tracking.
  2. iStats: Here you can keep your exercise and health stats in order. The site also lets you share your progress with others.
  3. Heart disease risk calculator: Understand the risks your lifestyle produces when you take this test.
  4. Peer Trainer: This weight loss support site has information for dieters and more.
  5. The Daily Plate: Use The Daily Plate to count calories and get healthy meal ideas. You can also use the food journal, fitness log and forum for goal tracking.
  6. Meals Matter: Look up meal planning resources, a nutrition planner, calcium quiz, food personality quiz and other tools on this site.
  7. Heart Health Toolbox: The American Heart Association's toolbox includes a risk assessment, family history tree and more.
  8. Personal Health Record: WebMD allows visitors to create a personal health record on the site.
  9. Personal Health Tools: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website offers activity and menu planners, health calculators and other tools for monitoring health.
  10. Depression self-assessment: Gauge your mental health and emotional stability with this test.

Finance and Wealth

Get your finances in order, figure out how much you need to save for retirement, and calculate your net worth here.

  1. Bankrate Calculators: These calculators from will help you figure out savings, mortgages, housing affordability, credit cards and more.
  2. Compound Interest Calculator: Figure out compound interest with this tool.
  3. Kiplinger Tools and Calculators: Use this tool set to calculate everything from loans to stocks and investments to retirement savings.
  4. Mortgage Calculators: Find out how much you can afford to spend on a house with these tools.
  5. USA Today Personal Finance: This group of calculators from USA Today will help you plan out your savings and spending for taxes, mortgages, retirement and more.
  6. Choose to Save: Discover how much you need to save to afford a new car or college. These calculators also help you make sense of bonds, insurance, and credit cards.
  7. Net Worth Calculator: Here you can find out how much all of your assets are worth.
  8. Millionaire Calculator: This chart helps you determine your chances of becoming a millionaire based on your savings, investments and more.
  9. What you need to save: This retirement savings calculator tells you how much you need to put away in order to live comfortably later on.
  10. College Planning Tools: Vanguard's tool set will help you figure out how to make the most of your investments, savings and tax deductions.


Never stop learning when you use these online tools that keep you on your toes.

  1. MIT Opencourseware: Take a free class from MIT in chemical engineering, gender studies or anthropology, just to broaden your horizons or brush up on a subject you find interesting.
  2. FAFSA: Learn all about federal student aid, for undergraduates, those with dependents, graduate students and more.
  3. OEDb: Visit the Online Education Database for online school rankings, career planning tips and more.
  4. WeDict: WeDict is an iPhone app that features a convenient dictionary.
  5. Google Reader: Use Google Reader to make it easier to subscribe to all of your news feeds and blogs.
  6. BBC Adult Learners: This site has learning and educational tools for adults to explore money and finance, foreign languages, the Internet and more.
  7. Discovery Channel: Access the wealth of information, including news articles, videos, games and more to learn more about history, different cultures and our planet.
  8. OneLook: This powerful dictionary lets you type in a word or phrase and find definitions, translations and more.

Travel and Exploring New Things

Broaden your horizons through travel and experiencing new cultures and ideas that are just a click away.

  1. CIA World Factbook: Discover everything there is to know about other countries and cultures, from flags to demographics to geography to economics.
  2. TripAdvisor: Get ideas for different vacations to take by reading reviews and looking up deals on this site.
  3. TravelPod: Read blog entries from real-life travelers who share their experiences here.
  4. National Geographic Maps: Study world maps at
  5. GoFox: Track travel deals, look up airport codes, view airline seat maps and airport maps, learn about electricity and currency conversions and more on this site.
  6. Chowhound: Look up restaurants, bars and popular foods in cities around the country and around the world.
  7. Look up festival dates for all types of events, including Shakespeare festivals, food and beverage festivals, historical festivals, music events, arts and crafts festivals and a lot more.
  8. Recipe Atlas: Experiment with recipes from Denmark, Germany, Greece, Brazil and more when you use this site for inspiration.
  9. BBC Languages: These audio and video courses can help you learn French, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese and other foreign languages.
  10. iTravel Travel Tools: These tools feature a directory of cybercafes, embassies and tourism offices around the world, plus converters for currency, units, times and more.


Work on your relationships from your browser with these tools.

  1. What is your emotional intelligence quotient?: Take this test to find out if the problem in your relationship is you, not them.
  2. Twitter: Use Twitter to stay connected to all your friends and family in one spot.
  3. Try out a dating site like to expand your dating pool.
  4. Here you can build your own family site to share photos, schedules and more.
  5. Family, Home and Community: These tools from include genealogy resources, community tools for voting and special activities, and more.

Volunteering and Charity

Give your own life more meaning when you help others.

  1. Look up all types of volunteering and travel opportunities on this site.
  2. Volunteer Match: Volunteer Match is another site that helps you find enjoyable nonprofit organizations and volunteer projects.
  3. This government site features a calendar of events, a searchable directory of projects, and more.
  4. Network for Good: Find charities to help through volunteering your time or financial donations.
  5. Charity Navigator: Check out if charities that you're interested in supporting are legitimate organizations here.

Spirituality and Personal Growth

Pursue your spiritual development with these tools.

  1. If you're interested in exploring Christianity, visit this site that's all about the Bible.
  2. Religion Facts: This site is a good place to start if you're looking for an unbiased resource that supplies information on different religions.


Get outside and learn about the environment to boost your mood, help you feel more in tune with nature, and explore something new.

  1. Care2: This online network and community supports green living and is a great resource for learning about new environmentally-friendly trends, products, events and causes.
  2. The Nature Conservancy: Learn how you can help protect the environment and different natural habitats around the world.
  3. Get organic gardening tips and inspiration here.
  4. National Park Service: Look up national parks, history of the land and special events and activities to spend more time outside.
  5. eNature: This site is all about "bringing nature to life." Find resources for travel, exploring your natural habitats, tracking wildlife and more.

Organization and Productivity

Get organized and make your work and personal life more productive using these tools.

  1. Backpack: Keep all of your and your co-workers' to-do lists, projects, announcements and calendars in one spot with Backpack.
  2. Remember the Milk: This very simple to-do list will keep you on top of everything from errands to work stuff.
  3. Pageflakes: Like iGoogle, Pageflakes is a customizable homepage that organizes your news, weather, calendar and favorite sites.
  4. Basecamp: Get more done with this very productive project manager.
  5. GoToMyPC: Use this program to access files, e-mail, networks and more for multiple computers.
  6. Mindomo: Manage your ideas, goals and plans with this mind mapping tool.
  7. Jotcloud: Go crazy adding sticky notes on the web with this tool.
  8. Toodledo: Use this task manager to organize notes and to-do lists.
  9. Jott: Use Jott to manage Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, calendars, Remember the Milk and other organization platforms with voice communication.
  10. Evernote: Evernote is a Windows tool that lets you clip and share notes and pages from the web.

Inspiration and Creativity

These motivating tools will help you be more creative in all walks of life.

  1. Picnik: This free photo editor works with Flickr, photobucket, Mac, Windows and Linux.
  2. Creativity Portal: Here you'll find idea generators and other inspiring tools.
  3. Beliefnet: On Beliefnet, you can find inspiring true stories from history, the entertainment world, spiritual channels, the health world and more.
  4. Photoshop Express: This online photo editing and sharing site lets you create a library and multiple albums.


Give your career life a boost when you research new opportunities.

  1. U.S. Department of Labor: This toolset includes tips for dealing with unemployment, a self skills assessment and more.
  2. Interview Tips: Learn how to make the most of an interview.
  3. Freelance Switch: Even traditional professionals can find great job resources here and tips for being successful.
  4. BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook: Research careers and job outlook information here.
  5. Job Profiles: Learn about different careers, industries and majors here.
  6. Pick One: Money, job, location: Quarterlife Cafe helps young professionals make sense of their rut by evaluating their careers.
  7. Linkedin: Join this community to network and build up business contacts online.