100 Awesome Blogs By Some of the World’s Smartest People

by Staff Writers

We won't judge you if you weren't the smartest kid in preschool or if you didn't graduate with honors, if you graduated at all. But we will encourage you to try a little harder by checking out these blogs by some of the world's smartest people. From the environment to health care to law to economics to art, these bloggers, many of which who are professors at colleges across the U.S., are sharing their knowledge from years of research and experience on the cutting edge.

Environment/Green Issues

Learn about the climate crisis and other green issues here.

  1. World Changing: World Changing's executive editor is Alex Steffen, a writer who has contributed stories to The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Al Gore even wrote the forward to Steffen's book, Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century.
  2. Green Options: The managing editor Green Options is a former training program head for the public toxicology information library at Oregon State University, one of the largest in the country.
  3. Real Climate: Real Climate is a group blog published by climate scientists, including NASA Goddard Institute's Gavin Schmidt, Penn State's Dr. Michael E. Mann, the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Caspar Amman, and others.
  4. Carl Pope's Blog: Carl Pope has been the Executive Director of the Sierra Club since 1992 and has played a strong part in the environmental movement for 30 years.
  5. Inhabitat: This popular green design, technology and lifestyle blog is run by Jill Fehrenbacher, a Brown and Central St. Martins alumna, as well as other editors with outstanding credentials and experience.
  6. EcoGeek: EcoGeek's founder and editor is Hank Green, who also has his own show on Planet Green. Green has also contributed to stories for NPR, Mental Floss Magazine, The Young Turks, and The New York Times.

Government and Politics

Journalists and other experts discuss U.S. politics on these blogs.

  1. Al's Journal: Former Vice President Al Gore blogs about the climate crisis, financial crisis, and more.
  2. George's Bottom Line: Former Bill Clinton Communications Director and current ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent, George Stephanopoulos shares sharp insight into what's going on in Washington D.C.
  3. Burka Blog: Texas Monthly Senior Executive Editor Paul Burka maintains this blog about Texas politics.
  4. Rough Sketch: This Washington Post blog is maintained by Dana Milbank, former senior editor of The New Republic and writer for The Wall Street Journal.
  5. Congressional Budget Office Director's Blog: Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas W. Elmendorf blogs about economic growth, unemployment, the stimulus package, and more.
  6. Evolution of Security: This blog, from the TSA, is written by agency workers who have been praised for their work on explaining policies and more.
  7. The Caucus: The New York Times blog, The Caucus, covers Washington and politics and is written by Peter Baker, an author, former Washington Post Moscow bureau chief and journalist embed in the Middle East, among other writers.
  8. Paul Begala: Political commentator Paul Begala is a former co-host of CNN's Crossfire, former Clinton administration counselor, and current commentator on CNN's Inside Politics, as well as a blogger for The Huffington Post.


Check out these blogs for the latest news and research in health care.

  1. Health Marketing Musings: Jay M. Bernhardt, PhD, MPH and Director of the National Center for Health Marketing blogs about vaccines, social networks and modern health care, and more.
  2. Dr. Kevin Pho is a primary care doctor whose blog has been cited by The New York Times, NPR, CNN, LA Times, Newsweek, British Medical Journal and other publications.
  3. In the Pipeline: In the Pipeline is written by Derek Lowe, who has a PhD in organic chemistry from Duke and has worked with major pharmaceutical companies on research projects for finding treatments for schizophrenia, diabetes and more.
  4. Time Health: Time Magazine staff writer also blogs with Dr. Scott Haig and other writers about public health issues.
  5. Global Health Policy: This blog comes from the Center for Global Development and is maintained by several Center agents and professionals who have extensive experience working for health groups all over the world.
  6. Well: Tara Parker-Pope blogs for the New York Times and has experience as the paper's health columnist and as a Wall Street Journal reporter.
  7. Paging Dr. Gupta: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a regular health commentator on CNN, blogs here.
  8. ABC Health Insider: ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Tim Johnson contributes to this blog. Dr. Johnson is an award-winning medical journalist, founding editor of the Harvard Medical School Health Letter, author, faculty member of Harvard Medical School, and staff member at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  9. Cosmetic Surgery: Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, is a WebMD blogger who has experience as chief of head and neck surgery at the DeWitt Army Hospital in Fort Belvoir, VA; instructor at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; founder of the Cosmetic Surgery Specialists Medical Group in Beverly Hills; commissioner and regional consultant to the Medical Board of California; and author.
  10. Empowering the Patient: A Physician's View: Dr. John Whyte is Chief Medical Expert and Vice President for Continuing Medical Education at Discovery Health.


Professors and scientists blog about space, science policy, evolution, and more.

  1. Bad Astronomy: Bad Astronomy is a popular blog written by Phil Plait, a former worker on the Hubble Space Telescope, an astronomer, author and lecturer.
  2. Cosmic Ray: Ray Villard is the news director for the Hubble Space Telescope and blogs for the Discovery Channel.
  3. Prometheus: This blog comes from the University of Colorado at Boulder and covers science policy news.
  4. Science and Reason: Charles Daney simply calls himself a science writer, but his blog covers everything from DNA to cancer to cosmology.
  5. Science Base: David Bradley is a former technical editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry, has written for the New Scientist, The Economist, American Chemical Society journal and more.
  6. Wired Science: Wired Science is's science blog and was nominated for a 2009 Webby Award.
  7. Greg Laden's Blog: Greg Laden's evolution and life science blog apears on Laden has two Masters degrees and a PhD in Archeology and Biological Anthropology from Harvard.
  8. Inside NGC Blog: The team at National Geographic interviews scientists, documents travels around the world, and more.
  9. 60-Second Science: This blog appears on the Scientific American website and is maintained by a team of editors who have worked at U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, The Nation, and more.
  10. Neurologica: Neurologica is written by Dr. Steven Novella, an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine, and the president and co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society.

Architecture and Engineering

Discover what's next in architecture and engineering.

  1. Green Engineering: John Dodge is editor-in-chief of Design News, a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe, and blogs about green engineering here.
  2. Joel on Software: This software engineering blog is written by Joel Spolsky, a Yale grad former Microsoft engineer, and current owner of his own company, Fog Creek Software.
  3. Ocean Engineering Blog: James Miller, Professor and Chair of the University of Rhode Island Ocean Engineering department blogs here.
  4. Engineering Ethics Blog: Karl Stephan, Associate Professor at Texas State University's Department of Engineering and Technology has a B. S. in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, a Master of Engineering from Cornell, and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Texas.
  5. Interactive Architecture: This blog is edited by Ruairi Glynn, a lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture and associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins.
  6. Super Colossal: Super Colossal is maintained by an architecture office in Sydney run by Marcus Trimble, a member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.


From fashion to American art to foodies, these blogs are some of the best from the art world.

  1. Eye Level: Eye Level is the blog from the Smithsonian American Art Museum and is written by Chief Curator Eleanor Harvey and other contributors.
  2. Lines and Colors: Charley Parker is a web designer, professional artist, and instructor at the Delaware College of Art and Design. Here she posts information about sketching, drawing, illustration, digital art, and a lot more.
  3. On the Runway: Cathy Horyn is one of the country's most respected fashion writers, and for On the Runway, she documents trends, fashion news stories, and fashion shows.
  4. Modern Art Notes: Tyler Green blogs about modern and contemporary art on this site, praised by The Wall Street Journal as "the most influential of all visual-arts blogs."
  5. chez pim: chez pim is a travel food and drink blog, named one of The World's 50 Most Powerful Blogs by The Guardian in 2008.


Study society and anthropology by reading these professors' and writers' blogs.

  1. Cognitive Daily: Cognitive Daily is part psychology, part health, and part science blog. It's written by Greta Munger, a psychology professor at Davidson College, and Dave Munger, co-founder and president of
  2. The Criminal Report Daily: Expert crime writer David Lohr blogs for The Discovery Channel here.
  3. Culture Matters: Students and staff from the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, write about anthropology, ethics and more.
  4. Brainstorm: This blog, from The Chronicle Review, is written by University of Pennsylvania associate professor and visiting Harvard law professor John L. Jackson, Jr.
  5. The Cool Hunter: The team behind The Cool Hunter is the smartest at finding all the hippest places to visit around the world.


These technology blogs are written by some of the most influential, cutting edge experts.

  1. NASA Ames CIO Blog: Chris C. Kemp, NASA CIO, blogs about upcoming research projects, NASA history, data architecture, and more.
  2. Digits: WSJ technology editor Julia Angwin writes Digits.
  3. New Scientist: Read about the technology and science stories that affect your daily life, from social networks to cloning.
  4. O'Reilly Radar: Founder Tim O'Reilly is considered to be "the best computer book publisher in the world" and blogs for O'Reilly Radar.
  5. CrunchGear: CrunchGear is a gadget blog published by John Biggs, an author whose work has been published in The New York Times, Popular Science, and more.
  6. The Unofficial Apple Weblog: TUAW is written by the programming manager for AOL tech and other experienced writers.


Even if you never went to law school, you can learn more about business, security law, law culture and more, just from reading these blogs.

  1. Law Blog: The Wall Street Journal Law Blog follows business law, law trends and politics.
  2. Schneier on Security: Learn about security technology and security law from one of the industry's most respected leaders.
  3. The Am Law Daily: This online publication covers firms, salaries, trends, the economy and more.
  4. Jurist: Paper Chase: This blog is written by University of Pittsburgh students, but it's probably pretty safe to say that they're all still smarter than most.

Education and Library

Here you can learn about what's new in education and the library world.

  1. Library of Congress Blog: Librarian of Congress James H. Billington keeps this official blog current.
  2. Catalysts and Connections: Evan Tobias, Music Education instructor at Arizona State University, writes about music education composing, and more.


Gain insight into how the world operates after reading these economics blogs from some of the world's smartest people.

  1. Economix: Economix is written by New York Times economics editor Catherine Rampell, Economic Scene columnist David Leonhardt, European economic correspondent for The Times and the International Herald Tribune, Carter Doughterty, among others.
  2. Chicago Boyz: University of Chicago alumni and adopted Chicago economists blog here.
  3. Economist's View: This economy blog is written by Mark Thomas, of the University of Oregon's economics department.
  4. Dani Rodrik: Harvard professor and economist Dani Rodrik explores economic development and globalization.
  5. The Becker-Posner Blog: This famous blog is a project by two esteemed professors, one from The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and the other from the University of Chicago Law School.
  6. The Conscience of a Liberal: Paul Krugman's popular op-ed blog covers politics, the stock market, and more.


Study medieval history, environmental history, pop culture evolution and more here.

  1. The Victorian Peeper: Kristan Teten's blog has been praised by UK Politics and other publications.
  2. News from Kevin Mattson: Kevin Mattson is a contemporary history professor at Ohio University and has a PhD from the University of Rochester.
  3. Easily Distracted: This Swarthmore professor blogs about environmental history, historic preservation, and a whole lot more.
  4. This blog comes from a medievalist and history professor from Laurentian University.
  5. English Eclectic: This gay, Catholic, Democratic Socialist historian blogs about pop culture, politics and more.
  6. Tenured Radical: Claire Potter is a history and American Studies professor at Wesleyan University.


These finance blogs may help you with your own budget and investments.

  1. The Wallet: Learn about investments, personal finance and more from WSJ staff reporters.
  2. Floyd Norris: Floyd Norris' "notions on high and low finance" are published on this blog, on Norris is the chief financial correspondent of The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune.
  3. Money & Co.: This LA Times blog covers stock market news and personal finance advice.
  4. Carpe Diem: Mark J. Perry is an economics and finance professor at the Flint campus for the University of Michigan. He has two graduate economics degrees, plus an MBA.
  5. The Wealth Report: The WSJ's Robert Frank "looks at the lives and culture of the wealthy" in this blog.


Top journalists and business powerhouses blog here.

  1. Gary Hamel's Management 2.0: This WSJ blog considers new management and business strategies.
  2. DealBook: On New York Times' DealBook, you can get the latest news about mergers, private equity, trading, hedge funds, and more.
  3. Andrew McAfee's Blog: Andrew McAfee is the man behind the phrase Enterprise 2.0. Here he blogs about IT management, the modern business world, and more.
  4. The BeeHive with Steve Bee: Steve Bee is Head of Pensions Strategy at the Royal London Group was named "Personality of the Year" in 2004 and 2005 by Money Marketing, and translates all the "pensions gobbledegook" that you need to know.

Religion and Philosophy

Explore your own spirituality, track a region's religious history, or just consider different schools of philosophy when you read these blogs.

  1. Informed Comment: Follow this blog from Juan Cole, President of the Global Americana Institute, to gain insight into conflicts in the Middle East and beyond.
  2. Akma: Akma's Random Thoughts come from A.K.M. Adam, a Biblical scholar and professor at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.
  3. Notablog: Notablog is written by Chris Sciabarra, an NYU professor.
  4. Dr. Jack Rogers: Dr. Jack Rogers is Professor of Theology Emeritus at San Francisco Theological Seminaryblogs about Jesus, the Bible and homosexuality.
  5. Religion Clause: Howard M. Friedman, Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Toledo, combines religion and law in this blog.

Writing and Literature

Improve your writing and learn more about poetry and Shakespeare from these blogs.

  1. Bardiac: Bardiac is maintained by a feminist Shakespearean who teaches "graduate classes in writing and research, literary theory, poetry, drama."
  2. Korncrake!: Herr Professor Doktor Boethius P. von Korncrake is the Klaus Meine Chair of Medieval Semiotics at the Institut fur Europaische Spielwissenschaft und Freizeitforschung in Bitterfeld, Germany and has written fifteen books, "none of which remains in print."
  3. Silliman's Blog: Silliman blogs on contemporary poetry and poetics and has written three books.
  4. University Diaries: Margaret Soltan is an English professor at George Washington University and has been interviewed on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.


Journalists and professors blog about rhetoric, media culture, entertainment, film and more.

  1. Zoom: Errol Morris, an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, blogs about film for the New York Times.
  2. The Big Picture: Patrick Goldstein, who has been contributing to the LA Times, among other publications, for decades, writes about "the collision of entertainment, media and pop culture" here.
  3. Jacket Copy: LA Times book editors blog here.
  4. The Chutry Experiment: Chuck Tryon is an assistant professor of film and media studies at Fayetteville State University.
  5. Rhetorica: Andrew R. Cline is an assistant journalism professor at Missouri State University, and he blogs about media culture and rhetoric.


From these blogs, you'll find expert information about the Air Force, UFOs and more.

  1. UFO Hunters: The History Channel's UFO hunters are experts in their niche field.
  2. U.S. Air Force Live: The official Air Force blog includes posts from everyday airmen and Capt. David Faggard.
  3. Angry Bear: Angry Bear is written by a handful of PhD economists, a historian, and financial professionals who comment on U.S. policy, the economy, and more.