100 Best Websites for Mathletes

by Staff Writers

As a math student, you're probably used to seeing the world in a practical way. And although you've got a unique skill set that will help you compete in the job market, do you know how to apply those number crunching skills the real world? These 100 websites can help you find a job, network with other mathematicians, and even prepare for part-time work as a tutor, all while practicing your math skills.


Turn to these official math organizations to learn about conferences, career prospects, research projects, and more.

  1. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: If you're a math teacher or interested in becoming one, check out the NCTM.
  2. MAA Online: The Mathematical Association of America can be found online here.
  3. American Mathematical Society: Visit the AMS website for information about awards, careers and more.
  4. American Statistical Association: The ASA website features math news, information about group membership, statistical studies reports, and more.
  5. Association for Women in Mathematics: Female math students and mathematicians can learn about travel grants, lectures, education, contests, mentorship and more.
  6. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: SIAM boasts a community of over 12,000 members who work in computer science, labs, the government, engineering, science, and other fields.
  7. Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications: This nonprofit is dedicated to improving math education.
  8. International Statistical Institute Home Page: Learn about professional ethics in statistics, look up math terms in other languages, and learn about international math projects with this group.
  9. International Commission on the History of Mathematics: This organization preserves math history.
  10. International Association of Mathematical Physics: The IAMP is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Education and Lessons

These math websites serve as reference resources for the classes you teach and the basic skills that you will always go back to.

  1. Get homework help and math guides here.
  2. Students can play games, use flashcards and print out worksheets.
  3. Get teaching and learning resources, multiplication guides, math games and more.
  4. AAA Math: This learning resource lets you browse math guides and lessons by grade or subject, like decimals, mental math and estimation.
  5. PBS teachers 9-12 Math: Find lessons, discussions and learning materials for high school-level math.
  6. Mathematics Digital Filing Cabinet: Here you can discover PowerPoint presentations, subject-specific guides, interactive tutorials and more.
  7. NZ Maths: This New Zealand learning site has collections for algebra, geometry and measurement, statistics, problem solving, and more.
  8. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Find grade school and high school level math guides here.
  9. Harcourt Math Glossary: Review math terms in this glossary.
  10. Illuminations: Illuminations has hundreds of activities, lessons and teaching material for K-12 math.

Competitions and Events

These websites provide information about math contests and competitions held in the U.S. and around the world.

  1. MAA American Mathematics Competitions: View scores and photos from past competitions and learn about upcoming events here.
  2. The Math League: Learn about math contests for students here.
  3. Mathematical Contest in Modeling: This competition is open to college students.
  4. William Lowell Putnam Competition: The MAA runs this competition.
  5. International Mathematics Competition for University Students: Find information about this global competition here.
  6. Pros and Cons of Math Competitions: Understand the culture and operations of math competitions here.
  7. United States of America Mathematical Olympiad: Find registration dates, contest information and more for the Mathematical Olympiad.
  8. National Assessment and Testing: Learn more about the organization that runs testing and competitions for math groups and honor societies.
  9. American Invitational Mathematics Examination: This website shares information about registration, sponsors, teaching awards, and student contests regarding the AIME.
  10. American Regions Mathematics League: This high school competition site has information about naming teams, competition rules, and more.

Academic and Research

From honor societies to math journals, bookmark these sites for networking purposes and to continue learning about your field.

  1. Mu Alpha Theta: This math honor society is for high schoolers and two-year college students.
  2. Pi Mu Epsilon: Pi Mu Epsilon is the national math honor society for university students.
  3. International Mathematics Research Notices: The IMRN posts information about new journal articles and research.
  4. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education: Check out the current issue, plus back issues, of this math journal.
  5. Mathematics Research Library: This library at the University of Washington has lots of online resources, too.
  6. SMART Scholarship: Learn about scholarships through the Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation program.
  7. Wolfram MathWorld: This site aims to be "the web's most extensive mathematics resource."
  8. Research Alliance in Math and Science: This program matches national labs and universities for student research opportunities.
  9. Mathematical Research Letters: This international publication calls for outside submissions.
  10. Why major in Mathematics?: The University of Georgia lists statistics that show how a math major can be extremely useful later in life.


Reading math blogs is a great way to continue your math education and learn how other mathematicians are making their way in the world.

  1. Mathematics Education Research Blog: Read this math researcher's "attempt to follow his field."
  2. Homeschool Math blog: Any math teacher or parent of younger kids can get ideas for math lessons and activities here.
  3. Math-Blog: This blog covers news, technology, software and anything else related to modern mathematics.
  4. Wild About Math!: Math geeks and math students can find problems to work on here.
  5. God Plays Dice: This blogger likes to bring up random math problems and theories.
  6. Good Math, Bad Math: This blog is maintained by a computer scientist who works for Google.
  7. Casting Out Nines: Casting Out Nines covers math, technology and education.
  8. 360: Learn different techniques for teaching math.
  9. Math Teacher Mambo: Here you'll find another blog about math education.

Drills, Problems and Practice

Head to these sites to find math worksheets and practice problems.

  1. FunBrain: Play games like Math Baseball on this site.
  2. Open-Ended Math Problems: Practice problems in number theory, probability, stats and more.
  3. Online Math Worksheets: Customize your own math problem worksheets.
  4. That Quiz: Take math tests here.
  5. Math Problem of the Day: provides a new problem each day.
  6. Advanced Math: Ask questions and help others work out tough math questions here.
  7. Number Nut: Work out advanced math problems at Number Nut.
  8. The Calculus Page Problems List: UC Davis' calculus page covers the quotient rule, limit of a function, applied maxima and minima, and more.
  9. Free Math Worksheets: Browse thousands of math worksheets here.
  10. Drill Sheets for Math: These drill sheets and flash cards come in various difficulty levels.
  11. Find calculus resources and problems here.
  12. Math Practice: Find sample ACT math questions.


Learn more about mathematics theory here.

  1. Math Topics: Look up all kinds of mathematical theories here.
  2. Theories, Theorems, Lemmas and Corollaries: Learn the difference between these terms.
  3. String Theory and Mathematics: University of Washington's article on string theory was inspired by a professor's lecture.
  4. New Math Theories Could Hint at the Origin of the Universe: This news article explains how math theories are used in science.
  5. Unifying theories in mathematics: Learn about various math theories from Wikipedia.

Networks and Social Sites

These math networks and forums will connect you to other mathematicians and students.

  1. The Math Forum @ Drexel University: The Math Forum features videos, Q&A support, learning tools and more.
  2. Math Goodies: On Math Goodies, teachers, parents and students connect.
  3. Physics Forums: Get answers to math and physics problems here.
  4. Art of Problem Solving: Find varying levels of math problems and threads here.
  5. Math Help Forum: Head to this forum if you need help with or want to help others solve problems in algebra, calculus, math analysis, advanced geometry, number theory, and more.

Career Tools and Guides

Let these websites help you discover the different kinds of jobs you may be able to get as a mathematician.

  1. Mathematics Careers: The MAA Online outlines career choices for math students.
  2. Thinking of a Career in Applied Mathematics?: SIAM explains the different career paths of mathematicians.
  3. BLS Occupational Outlook: Get salary reports and job descriptions for careers in math, engineering, computers and beyond.
  4. Opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences: The Association for Women in Mathematics has generated a guide for future math professionals.
  5. Engineering, Science and Math Careers: Look up career profiles for hundreds of engineering, science and math-related jobs.
  6. Why Choose a Mathematics-Related Profession?: UC Davis' math department outlines math professions and the benefits of working in the mathematics field.
  7. What Can I Do With a Major in Mathematics?: Check out the University of Florida's career resource page.
  8. MAA Online Information for Undergraduate Students: Learn about career options for actuaries, statisticians and more.
  9. Math Classifieds: Turn to this math job bank when you're ready to start searching for a job.

For Kids

Whether you have your own kids or are counting on a math tutoring gig to give you extra money while you're in school, these sites are great resources to share with younger math students.

  1. Cool Math: Make geometry art, study pre-algebra and look up puzzles and math books.
  2. Math Playground: Find logic puzzles, math games, videos, and world problems on this colorful site.
  3. Mathlibs: This interactive math site features lessons, games and more.
  4. Teach R Kids Math: Find curriculum guides, worksheets and more.
  5. Free Math Test: Get worksheets and math practice for currency problems, place values, counting, comparisons, multiplication and more.
  6. Math is Fun: Kids will get enthused about math when they play around on this site.
  7. Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius: This kids' math page is hosted by Rice University.
  8. Math and Numbers: These math tools and links are suitable for kids in grades K-5.
  9. Math Homework Help: Discovery Education's page has support for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  10. Math Vids: Find math videos for middle school, high school and college level math.


From the history of math to free online math classes, these websites will round out your math education.

  1. The MacTutor History of Mathematics: This database features all kinds of resources for learning about the history of mathematics.
  2. Math in Daily Life: Understand why math is so integral to daily life.
  3. Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference: The University of Texas hosts a math conference every year for undergraduate students.
  4. MegaConverter2: Here you can calculate virtually anything, including chemistry equations, currency conversions, and a lot more.
  5. Open Problems: Look up problems dealing with game theory, dynamical systems, topology, geometry and more.
  6. Purplemath: Purplemath is an online tutoring site that offers support for students who have trouble with algebra.
  7. Apply your math skills in this game which lets you learn about the stock market and investing.
  8. Nobel Prize: There's no Nobel Prize for mathematics, but you can check out this site to learn about prizes in related fields like physics, medicine, economics, and chemistry.
  9. Mathematicians and Biographies of Mathematicians: Read up on famous mathematicians like De Moivre, Charles Babbage and John Napier.
  10. MIT Open Courseware – Mathematics: Think you're smart enough to ace MIT math classes? Try it out for free, here.