100 Terrific Twitter Feeds for Teaching Advice

by Staff Writers

Twitter has evolved into a great resource for news and current events. Luckily, it's also a great resource for other important information, such as awesome teaching advice. Whether you are still earning your teaching certification or are just starting out as a teacher, these Twitter feeds offer resources you shouldn't miss. In these feeds you'll find advice for the classroom, advice for early childhood education, technology, special education, or advice from others such as consultants or administrators, and much more.

General Resources

These Twitter feeds come from classroom teachers offering great advice no matter what age or subjects you may teach.

  1. @beckyshandera. This former 2nd grade teacher is now a product manager for literacy and math. She shares helpful information for teachers on her feed.
  2. @budtheteacher. Everything from links to interesting articles to information about using technology in the classroom is on this feed.
  3. @christama. A 5th grade teacher seeking innovative ways to engage her students shares what she knows here.
  4. @dmace13. While technology is Don Mace's specialty, he graciously shares resources for all sorts of classroom teachers.
  5. @janet_wright. Get resources mixed in with inspirational quotes here.
  6. @JSW_EdTech. This popular Twitter feed includes links and discussion on a range of education topics.
  7. @kchichester. Find a wide range of interesting information to help your teaching or just to keep up with current events.
  8. @KidsLearnFromMe. The Twitter dialog here often offers helpful suggestions for teachers.
  9. @Larryferlazzo. This high school teacher posts links to many fun and interesting resources and current events.
  10. @misscalcul8. This math teacher opens up a great dialog that many will find helpful for teaching resources in general.
  11. @MySchoolToolz. This homeschooling mom shares tons of educational resources that are useful for classroom teachers too.
  12. @nchsucla. History and K-12 educators are joined with the information available here.
  13. @paulbogush. An 8th grade teacher, Paul carries on a lively Twitter discourse with lots of information. He also enjoys collaborating with other classes.
  14. @sgreenwa5. This educator literally wrote the book on remembering math facts for children and shares her knowledge here.
  15. @ShiftParadigm. This education strategist posts great information for educators.
  16. @starden. This feed is chock full of ideas for teachers to use in the classroom.
  17. @TeachaKidd. As this teacher asks and recommends, you'll find plenty of good resources on her feed.
  18. @Techyturner. This 4th grad teachers shares lots of helpful resources.
  19. @TheEngTeacher. Specializing in online ESL, this English teacher shares plenty of resources for teaching English in any venue.
  20. @timgels. This 3rd grade teacher shares quotes, thoughts on education, and resources.
  21. @tutor1235. This feed is full of helpful resources for the classroom, specifically with younger learners.

Early Childhood Education

If you work with younger children, you will love the advice available here.

  1. @ECNews. Get news pertinent to teachers and parents of children 8 and under.
  2. @LiteracyCounts. This early childhood educator provides tons of literacy tips and resources here.
  3. @LiteracyLaunch. Teaching literacy to young children, this teacher has plenty to offer on her feed.
  4. @OneTwoTieMyShoe. A resource for teaching young children to tie their shoes, this feed also includes helpful ECE resources.
  5. @preschoolers. offers this feed for resources specific to preschool teachers and parents.
  6. @Teach_Preschool. Preschool teachers and parents of young children can benefit from this feed.
  7. @TootsiesTidbits. Find lots of fun activities for preschoolers here.


Stay current with the latest trends and opportunities for integrating technology in the classroom with these feeds.

  1. @bbray. This e-coach offers technology and inspiration for educators.
  2. @BrianAlexander. Stay on top of all the latest technology news and gadgets here.
  3. @cathyarreguin. Promoting learning in virtual worlds, Cathy posts plenty of useful information here.
  4. @cyberteacher. This Google-certified teacher shares lots of information for integrating technology into curriculum.
  5. @digimom. Find plenty of fun technology suggestions for both in and out of the classroom.
  6. @j_allen. Sometimes provocative and always helpful, the discussions here offer much for those interested in technology in education.
  7. @jrichardson30. This tech coach offers information about technology and how to use it.
  8. @justinreeve. Find information on technology and education from this Web Manager of a district in Utah.
  9. @karenjan. Focusing on helping struggling learners succeed with technology, this teacher shares her experience.
  10. @mbteach. Learn about using Twitter, iPods, and many other technologies in education here.
  11. @murphymath. This teacher loves technology and helps you learn how to integrate it in your classroom.
  12. @ssjenk6. Find advice and resources here from this Technology Integration Specialist.
  13. @SuzanBrandt. Suzan keeps up a great dialog with other Tweeters that includes plenty of helpful tech information.
  14. @teachntech00. While technology is the main focus here, there is also an emphasis on technology for the special ed classroom, too.
  15. @tomwhitby. This professor of education has plenty to share when it comes to using technology in education.
  16. @thecleversheep. This Canadian shares a wealth of information on technology in education in his Twitter feed.
  17. @tseale. This English teacher is all about the technology and has plenty to share.
  18. @wshstech. A technology facilitator at a high school, Chris shares plenty of tech tips.
  19. @yoopertechgeek. Find plenty of links for tech-related teaching information here.
  20. @web20classroom. Help get your classroom Web 2.0 savvy with the advice here.

Special Education

Special ed teachers can learn from others in their fields from these Twitter feeds.

  1. @astrang. This special ed teacher in Canada shares links to a variety of interesting information.
  2. @autismcenter. Find tons of great resources for working with children on the autism spectrum here.
  3. @beckyfisher. Working from home as an online special ed teacher, this mom shares a bit about everything.
  4. @bwwojci. Specializing in assistive technology, Brian Wojcik posts about plenty of teaching tools.
  5. @caitlingraham. Trained in special ed but teaching regular ed, this teacher shares plenty about green teaching, autism, and more.
  6. @CSouthard. This inclusion teacher shares lots of links for teaching both special and regular ed.
  7. @damian613. Get a psychological perspective on students and teaching from this school psychologist.
  8. @dancallahan. Technology meets education at this feed by a special ed teacher in Pennsylvania.
  9. @debbarrows. Conferences, demos, material, and more may show up in this special ed teacher's Twitter feed.
  10. @Grembe. This family creates iPhone apps that make a difference. They post about them and frequently include educational aids.
  11. @irasocol. Assistive technology is the topic here, as is other education news and information.
  12. @joannab. This special ed grad student posts tons of helpful information for those working with students on the autism spectrum.
  13. @oregonsped. Teaching functional academics to elementary students, this teacher posts plenty about technology in the classroom.
  14. @paulhami. Assistive technology and a pleasant perspective on teaching are features here.
  15. @spedteacher. This special ed teacher posts helpful information for the classroom, but plenty about public education politics and policy as well.
  16. @stewartn. This special ed teacher shares and seeks advice on technology and also spreads her positive attitude.

Library Sciences

Teachers can find lots of advice from librarians, who often find plenty of great information for helping students learn. Check out these feeds from librarians to see what you can gain.

  1. @booklover472. Books, technology, and education all share a spot on this feed.
  2. @buffyjhamilton. Library 2.0 is the focus of this librarian's feed.
  3. @cleverkus. This elementary and middle school librarian is new to Twitter, but is off to a good start posting helpful information.
  4. @eabarbanel. This middle and high school librarian posts links and tips for helping young learners.
  5. @janettefuller. This librarian from Houston covers books, children, and education here.
  6. @janning. Teaching, books, and technology are frequent topics here.
  7. @jessamyn. Follow this popular and entertaining librarian's feed.
  8. @kkliegman. Library and technology get equal billing on this feed.
  9. @libsmatter. Kathryn Greenhill provides library information and news here.
  10. @NancyW. This librarian has an eye on technology in her feed.
  11. @shifted. Follow Jenny Levine on her popular Twitter feed as she shares library information with education often represented.
  12. @teachlib. This Canadian school librarian keeps up a lively discussion as well as advice helpful for teachers on her feed.


Find inspiration with these great Twitter feeds.

  1. @faroutlinks. The links here aren't really far out, but more along the lines of helpful and inspirational.
  2. @laroncarter. The links and words of advice here will help you find a positive attitude and are directed to both teachers and students.
  3. @writinginrain. Find lots of inspirational quotes here.

Ex-Educators Turned Consultants and Various Corporate Feeds

These teachers who have become educational consultants and corporate feeds offer plenty of advice and links to resources.

  1. @Abcteach. Get lots of great ideas as well as news about educational resources here.
  2. @AngelaMaiers. This feed is popular for good reason as it includes links to many great resources for educators.
  3. @dtrautman. Get plenty about education politics and policy, especially as it pertains to Texas public education.
  4. @Educator. Follow this feed for lot of links to great resources and news.
  5. @edutopia. Find inspiration and resources for teaching on this feed from the popular website of the same name.
  6. @LearnHub. Get lots of education-related links from this Twitter feed.
  7. @linkstoliteracy. This educational consultant provides great information about reading and young children.
  8. @scholasticstore. Stay on top of what is happening at The Scholastic Store, including discounts for teachers and other resources.
  9. @teachermagazine. Find tons of news and information just for teachers here.
  10. @WendyZZZZZZZZZZ. Get lots of tips as well as a lively discussion on this feed.


These feeds offer insight from those in charge.

  1. @e_shep. Ways to engage educators and making his school run smoothly are frequent topics here.
  2. @jimconn. See what this middle school administrator has to say on his feed.
  3. @JudyHarris05. This upbeat principal shares her love of education as well as her interest in learning and the brain.
  4. @NMHS_Principal. Teachers will find tons of links to resources on this high school principal's feed.
  5. @sebneca. Quotes and thought-provoking statements about education are often featured here.
  6. @tee62. This elementary school principal posts news and trends important to education.

Educational Projects

Find inspiration for great projects in your classroom with these feeds.

  1. @AREGarden. This Twitter feed is from an elementary school garden in Oregon and includes lots of great information.
  2. @BiologyAnswers. Get biology questions with links to the answers in this fun feed.
  3. @EcoPicOfTheDay. This feed provides links to great eco-photos.
  4. @KidsAreHeroes. Project for kids who want to make a difference are the subject here.
  5. @schoolgardening. Find out what kids can learn from gardening with the information here.