Beyond Monster: 50 Great Career Links for Recent College Grads

by Staff Writers

By Rose Jensen

As a recent college graduate, you're probably on the hunt for the job. One of the most popular sites to find one is, but there's so much more out there for you to take advantage of. Read on, and you'll find 50 great links that you can put to good use in your first real job hunt.


These sites help college graduates find jobs.

  1. CollegeGrad: CollegeGrad offers listings for entry level jobs and internships.
  2. AfterCollege: Find the job you want through networking, events, and search on AfterCollege.
  3. SimplyHired: SimplyHired offers an easy way to search for jobs online.
  4. CollegeRecruiter: Check out CollegeRecruiter to find jobs aimed at recent graduates.
  5. Experience: On this site, you can search for jobs posted by alumni, get guidance, network, and get introduced to employers.
  6. JibberJobber: JibberJobber offers a great way to organize and manage your job search.
  7. Alumwire: Use Alumwire to get connected with jobs through networking with other alumni.
  8. GradGrad: Get contacted by employers through this innovative job site for college graduates.
  9. Indeed: Search for jobs among job sites, newspapers, career pages, and much more on this one site.
  10. Employment Guide: Apply for thousands of jobs all in one place using Employment Guide.
  11. Campus Career Center: Use this site to post your resume, find jobs, guidance, networking, and more.


Use these job sites to find a position in your specific field.

  1. CareerBank: CareerBank focuses on accounting and finance jobs.
  2. Science Careers: This site from the Journal Science offers excellent jobs in the scientific career field.
  3. Opportunity Knocks: You can find nonprofit jobs that can change the world on Opportunity Knocks.
  4. TalentZoo: Check out TalentZoo to find the best jobs in marketing and advertising.
  5. Krop: Krop will help you find a job in design and beyond.
  6. Idealist: Check out Idealist to find jobs that make a difference.
  7. offers an excellent community as well as nurse job listings and career resources.
  8. USAJOBS: Check out USAJOBS to find work with the US government.
  9. UniversityJobs: Find jobs in higher ed on this site.
  10. Hcareers: Hcareers highlights jobs in hotels and hospitality.
  11. Jobs for Change: Visit Jobs for Change to find a job in the sectors of nonprofit, government, and social enterprise.
  12. SHRM: Find jobs in HR on the SHRM association career page.
  13. SchoolSpring: Check out SchoolSpring to find thousands of teaching and education jobs.
  14. Lawjobs: New lawyers can find a gig through
  15. Dice: Find your IT job through this site.
  16. Coroflot: Snag a creative job using Coroflot's listings.
  17. MedHunters: Go on the hunt for a great job in health care on this site.

Advice & Resources

Learn about salaries, resumes, and more on these sites.

  1. Use to find out what your work is worth.
  2. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Use this site to learn about unemployment, salaries, various careers, and more.
  3. JobStar Resume Guide: In this guide, you'll find great advice, sample resumes, and cover letter templates.
  4. Found Your Career: This course will help teach you how to get a job faster.
  5. SalaryExpert: Use SalaryExpert to evaluate salaries and cost of living for jobs.
  6. Gradspot: Gradspot's career section is full of useful tips and information for new college graduates.
  7. Accelerated Online Degree: You can find job search advice and adult distance education pointers here.
  8. PayScale: Use PayScale, and you'll get salary reports on your job title, location, education, skills, and experience.
  9. Resume Resource: See examples, samples, guides, and more for resumes and cover letters on Resume Resource.
  10. Quint Careers: Find career resources, advice, and job listings on this helpful site.

Blogs & News

Stay up to date with the latest news for college graduates that are job hunting through these sites.

  1. One Day, One Job: On this blog, you'll see a new employer every day, with highlights for their entry level jobs.
  2. YourHRGuy: Look at HR from the other side of the table through this blog.
  3. Lindsey Pollak: Lindsey Pollack's blog shares useful advice and resources for Generation Y job seekers.
  4. The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: Learn about the freelance life and working outside of the cube from this blog.
  5. Brazen Careerist: Penelope Trunk's blog offers valuable advice for job seeking and managing your career.
  6. Christian Universities: Learn about the travails of Christian graduates as they try to land their first jobs.
  7. Secrets of the Job Hunt: Follow this blog to get secrets that can help you land a job.
  8. Blue Sky Resumes Blog: Read this blog to learn how to get and keep a great job.
  9. Jobacle: Jobacle's blog offers career advice, employment news, and web reviews.
  10. Wall Street Journal Careers: Read the Wall Street Journal's career section to learn what's happening in employment and salary trends.
  11. Personal Branding Blog: Read this blog to learn how to create and promote your personal brand for career success.
  12. Career Blog: This blog from Spherion shares real world career insight and advice to prepare you for the big time.