The 100 All-Time Best Dormroom Hacks

by Staff Writers

By Amber Hensley

For the most part, college dorms aren't much to look at. But that doesn't mean you can't work with what you're given. Check out these hacks to find ingenious ideas both amazing and practical that you can do in your very own dorm.


Spruce things up a bit by following these hacks for style.

  1. Keyboard Thumbtacks: Use your old keyboard in a stylish way with this hack.
  2. CD Bookends: This hack will help you make some bookends made of CDs.
  3. How to make a book headboard: Construct this colorful headboard out of books you weren't able to sell back.
  4. Bowling Ball Fountain: Turn old bowling balls into a sweet fountain using this hack.
  5. Purple Moods and Glowing Cubes: Put LED lights to work as ambient lighting using this hack.
  6. Desktop Helium Laser Lamp Build: This hack will show you how to create a desktop laser lamp.
  7. Aluminum Can Pen Holder: Hold just about anything in this aluminum can.
  8. Mailing Tube Wine Rack: Save your money for the wine and create this wine rack on the cheap.
  9. Inexpensive DIY Under-Cabinet Lighting: Here you'll find out how to create under-cabinet lighting for your dorm room.
  10. Invisible Book Speakers: Hide your speakers in these books.
  11. Go cordless with clamps: Declutter your desk with these cheap supplies.
  12. CD Stack Lamp: Turn a stack of CDs into a neat lamp.


Make things just a little more comfortable with the help of these hacks.

  1. DIY air conditioner: Create your own air conditioner using a fan and iced tea.
  2. Hang a damp towel: Hang a damp towel in your window to cool your dorm room in the heat.
  3. No More Roaches: Follow this hack to find out how to get rid of the roaches in your dorm room.
  4. Duct tape hammock: You can use duct tape to support a hammock.
  5. Build Your Own Custom Ergonomic Desk: Make a desk that's just for you with these instructions.
  6. Roll out carpet: Put in temporary carpet for a little more comfort than standard issue vinyl.
  7. How to Kill an Ant Invasion: Follow these instructions to declare war on ants.
  8. How to make your own air conditioner: Here you'll find instructions for making an air conditioner for $40.
  9. Turn ceiling fans counter clockwise: Get more wind out of your ceiling fan by turning it counter clockwise.
  10. Make your own air conditioner: Make life in an AC-less dorm bearable with this hack.


These hacks offer the ultimate in dorm room functionality.

  1. Automated dorm room door: Make opening your dorm room door a snap with this hack.
  2. Build a loft: Get extra storage space or even a second floor by building a loft in your dorm room.
  3. Hands-free Toilet Flusher: Keep your hands off that dirty toilet with the help of this toilet flusher.
  4. Vertical bike rack: Store your bike out of the way with a vertical bike rack.
  5. MIT Dorm Automation Systems Blinds: This hack allows you to automate your blinds.
  6. Stop table wobbles: Put shaky tables to a stop with this super simple hack.
  7. Hang chairs from hooks: Put hooks in your wall, and hang light chairs for space saving and conversational pieces.
  8. $8 DIY Aluminum Laptop Stand: Elevate your laptop with this aluminum stand.
  9. DIY Floating Laptop Dock: This hack will help you build a sliding laptop mount for your dorm bunk.
  10. Collapsible Table: Check out this hack to find out how to make a table that can easily be put out of the way.
  11. Make York Own Glass Whiteboard: Follow this hack to create an affordable whiteboard.
  12. DIY recharging station: Organize your charging cord with the help of this station.
  13. Daily storage box: Put a storage box under your bed with the books, clothes, and other items you need organized by day.
  14. iDoor: The iDoor is an iPhone controlled hydraulic dorm room door.
  15. How to repair minor drywall damage: Follow this guide to learn how to patch up small wall problems.
  16. Washing machine cycle detector: You can get notified of the status of your laundry with the help of this hack.
  17. Bunk beds: Save space with these handy bunk beds.
  18. Add bed risers: With bed risers, you'll get more space for storage under your bed.


Follow these cleaning hacks to keep your space livable.

  1. Repair Cigarette Burns on Carpet: Oops-you had a party and someone burned your carpet. Here's the hack to fix it.
  2. Use cleaning shoes: Have fun and clean at the same time with microfiber dusting shoes.
  3. Sanitize your sponges: Get your sponges fresh again with a little hot water and bleach.
  4. Hand powered washing machine: With the help of this hack, you can wash your clothes in your dorm room.
  5. Cleaning a Keyboard: Follow this tutorial to learn how to clean your computer's keyboard.
  6. Get Rid of Mildew-Fast!: Get rid of mold and mildew stains with this hack.
  7. Get Wax Out of Carpet: Here you'll learn how to remove wax from carpet.
  8. Use polar fleece instead of Swiffer: Attach cut polar fleece to your Swiffer sweeper instead of expensive replacements.


With these hacks, you'll be able to get your stuff in order.

  1. Pack and Find: Write down the location of items using this tool.
  2. Bathroom Organization on the Microlevel: Make sure every little thing has a place in your bathroom using these tips.
  3. Stack your drawers: Put your drawers on top of each other for more floor space.
  4. Easy Free Magazine Storage: Reuse boxes to create handy magazine storage.
  5. Turn Any Door into a Shoe Rack: Make a shoe rack out of easily available materials.
  6. Sliding pants rack: Using this rack, you can easily stash your pants.
  7. Create a landing strip: Designate a place at your dorm entrance to put down all of the little things you come home with.
  8. Disc Mount: Use this disc mount to store and display CDs on metal surfaces.
  9. Floating Shoe Rack: With the help of this hack, you can store and display your shoes in a smart way.


Use these hacks to save a little money in your dorm.

  1. Cardboard furniture: Make your desk out of FedEx boxes for savings and functionality.
  2. Homeslyce: With the help of Homeslyce, you'll be able to split the list of things you need for your dorm with your new roommate.
  3. How to hack a dorm washing machine: Use this hack to get more washing for your money.


Lock things down in your dorm with these hacks.

  1. Upgrade your door lock: Password protect your door with this hack.
  2. Wall Outlet Safe: Stash your stuff in what looks like a wall outlet.
  3. Lego Combination Safe: Create a handy and cool lego combination safe.
  4. Secure wireless network: Follow these instructions to lock down your dorm room's wireless network.
  5. RFID dorm room door: Get RFID power for your door lock using this hack.
  6. iPhone Controlled USB Missile Launcher: Freak out any would-be intruders using this missile launcher.
  7. Use RFID to protect your beer and valuables: Check out this video that will show you how to lock down a safe or fridge with RFID.
  8. Super secret safe: Use two bottles of soda and a few other supplies to make a stealth safe.
  9. DIY rotating bookshelves, staircases and trap doors: You can make your own hidden spaces using these hacks.
  10. Keyless entry using touch sensing: This hack will create a discreet way for you to get access to your room.
  11. DIY Laser Surveillance Security System: Use tiny mirrors and basic electronic components to create this security system on a budget.


With these hacks, dorm room cooking can be a little more interesting.

  1. Ramen hacks: Spice up your Ramen with these recipes.
  2. Zero Power, Self-Watering, Self-Regulating Container Garden: Find out how to create your own small garden.
  3. Dorm Room Thanksgiving: Here you'll find instructions for celebrating Thanksgiving dinner, even in a dorm.
  4. Microwave Corn: Cook up delicious corn on the cob without a grill-just your microwave.
  5. How to build an attractive, space saving upside down planter: Follow this tutorial to create a mini tomato garden.
  6. Wall-mounted Magnetic Knife Block: Freak out your roommate with this knife block.
  7. Cake in a Jar: Satisfy your sweet tooth by creating this small cake in a jar.
  8. Open a bottle of wine with a piece of string: Nothing to open your wine with? No problem-just use a piece of string.
  9. Homemade ginger ale and root beer: Make your own fizzy beverages in your dorm room.
  10. One Cup Coffee Brewing: With this hack, you can make coffee one cup at a time.
  11. Aquaponics: This hack will show you how to grow plants with fish poo.
  12. Garbage soup: Make this tasty soup with what otherwise might have become garbage.
  13. Auto-on Watch Holder Pantry Light: Light up your pantry or any cabinet automatically using a watch holder.


Use these hacks for dorm room parties and fun in general.

  1. College dorm light show: Use this hack to create a Knight Rider light show in your dorm room.
  2. Blinking LEDs to Music: Follow this hack, and you'll be able to set up blinking lights in time to music.
  3. Fire Pole!: Bring on the good times with this fun pole for your dorm room.
  4. Dorm automation system-party mode activation: Automatically put your dorm room in party mode using this hack.
  5. Do not disturb sign: Follow this simple hack to create a do not disturb sign.
  6. The Ultimate Jell-O Shooter Shooter: Use this hack to perfect your technique.
  7. Light Up Party Ice Bowl: Light put your party with this hack.
  8. Jack O'Beer Party Pumpkin: This Jack O'Lantern dispenses beer.
  9. DIY Cinder Block Speaker Stands: Make speaker stands out of cinder blocks with this hack.
  10. DIY Fog Screen Projection Display System: Check out this video to learn how to make a fog screen projection display for your dorm room.
  11. Concrete lamp: Have a super cool lamp for your dorm room with these instructions.
  12. The Party Button!: Whip out this button for an instant party.
  13. Pillow Speaker: Listen to music or watch a film from bed without using earphones with the help of this pillow speaker.
  14. Triple Monitor Plus TV Synergy: Bring all of your screens together using this hack.
  15. Instant party paper lanterns: Put together these party lanterns in a snap.
  16. Beer Launching Fridge: This refrigerator launches beer-enough said.