100 Places to Get Great Career and Life Advice Online

by Staff Writers

Whether you're new on the job market or just need a little help making a career choice, sometimes advice from those who have been there and done that is useful in helping you make a decision. The same holds true for everything else in life as well, from relationships to a healthy lifestyle. Here are 100 sites that can offer you those words of reassurance that you need whether it's for work or your personal life.

General Work Advice

Pay these sites a visit to get some insights onto the working world.

  1. Here We Are. Now What?: If you're looking for some motivation or sage advice on life, work and learning check out this blog.
  2. Job Mob: Here you'll find loads of articles and information that can guide your career or job search.
  3. Insourced: Through this site you can find some helpful advice on furthering your career, searching for a new job and much more.
  4. ResumeBear: Check out this blog to learn some tips that can help you create a killer resume.
  5. Career Pier: This blog focuses on the effects the economy has had on the working world and offers some advice in light of it.
  6. Career Resumes: Don't send out a stinker of a resume– instead, get advice from this site on how to tweak yours to best represent you.
  7. The Career News: This site offers not only tips and tools for furthering your career but the latest news about work as well.
  8. The Job Market Blog: Make sure your decisions about work are wise ones by following the important news supplied by this site.
  9. Common Sense at Work: Get some great and free career advice from this blog.
  10. The Work Buzz: This CareerBuilder blog is an essential source of job information, news and advice no matter where you're at in your career or what field you work in.
  11. Escape from Cubicle Nation: Tired of working in a small space day after day? This site offers some advice about breaking free and following your true passion.

General Life Advice

If you're in search of a little advice for things outside of work, give these helpful sites a read.

  1. Life Advice from Old People: Through this site you can get sage advice from those who have been there and done that.
  2. What Would Dad Say: Get some advice on starting your own business and other things as well from this blogger who has 25 years of experience.
  3. Real Life Advice: This site focuses on practical and useful information that can help educate and inform you on a wide range of topics.
  4. Credit, Debt, Life: These three things often intersect and you can get some advice on managing them from this site.
  5. Positivity Blog: Learn to find the silver lining in just about any situation with this mindset-changing blog.
  6. Teach Me Life: Through this site you can hear a blogger's thoughts on all the wisdom out there for the taking.
  7. Marc and Angel Life Hack: Here you'll find advice on everything from learning to love your job to books you should read.
  8. Zen Habits: Learn how to simplify your life and appreciate the little things from this helpful site.
  9. Life Optimizer: Even if your life is already great this blog offers tips on how to make it even better and get the most out of every moment.

Finding a Job

Finding a job isn't always easy, so take some tips and information away from these sites to help facilitate the process.

  1. Applicant: From interviews to creating a stellar resume, this site offers advice of all kinds for those in search of employment.
  2. Social Networking and Job Search: Learn how social networking may actually be able to help you find a new job from this site.
  3. Job Search Secrets: This blog offers some inside tips on the little things that you can do to help improve your chances of being hired.
  4. Finding a Job Soon: Here you can read about tips that will help you work as everything from a bartender to a programmer.
  5. JibberJobber: From using Twitter to managing your career, this blog offers a wide range of articles that can help you in your job search.
  6. The Simple Job Search: Get advice here from author Kevin Donlin on how to ace interviews, network effectively and make the most of the time you spend on your job search.
  7. Susan Irelands's Job Lounge: On this site you can read job search articles or ask your own questions to the blogger and other professionals online.
  8. Work Bloom: Through this site you'll be able to find quite a bit of expert information on finding new work or planning your career.
  9. Job Searching: This blog from the popular site is full of articles and tips on how to best find a job.
  10. Practical Job Search Advice: Do you have a question or a concern about your job search? Check out this site for some answers.
  11. The Job Bored: Whether you need help finding a new job, figuring out your career path or just making it through one day of work this site has plenty to offer.
  12. Job Search Advice: If you need help writing your resume or doing well at an interview, you can get professional advice here.
  13. jobology: This site can help you determine why you're not getting the jobs you want and how to do better the next time around.

Planning a Career

Whether you know where you want to end up or are just trying to figure out the next few months, these sites offer all kinds of advice on career planning.

  1. Careerealism: Whether you want to mount a career change or are just starting out in the working world, this blog is chock full of helpful advice and articles to guide you along the way.
  2. Careers Today: No matter what stage of your life you're at, choosing a college or starting your own business, this site offers some great articles.
  3. CareerAlley: This site is home to career advice, job search help and job search site reviews.
  4. Career Advice at Monster: Most people are familiar with this large job site but may not realize that it offers more than just job listings and can be a great place for advice as well.
  5. Career Renegade: Visit this site to learn how to not only find a job but a job you love so you can work happy.
  6. The Career Doctor Blog: If your career is failing or you just need some help in turning things around at work, check out this great site for some advice.
  7. Career Rocketeer: Help your career take flight with some advice from this site.
  8. Jobacle: This site is home to loads of career advice, links to helpful resources and even news about the current job market.
  9. Career Slave: From creating a great resume to information that will help you find a career you can be proud of, this site offers quite a bit to workers young and old.
  10. The Career Key Blog: This blog will help you find tests and evaluations that may be able to help you choose a career that is best suited to your needs.
  11. Career Hub: Check out this site to get career advice from career experts.
  12. Career Tips Blog: Through this site you'll get short articles that can help make a big difference in your success on your career path.
  13. Keppie Careers: Here you'll find articles designed to help you use technology, network and find yourself a job you love.

New Graduates

Those just emerging from college face special challenges and have unique needs when entering the job market. Check out these sites for a little help making the leap.

  1. The Big Time: Here you'll find "real-world" career advice that can help make entering the working world a little easier and more successful.
  2. Grad to Great: This site will give you the support and advice you need to plan out your career before you graduate and after.
  3. Beyond Graduation: From networking to doing well at interviews, this site is full of help for fresh grads on the hunt for work.
  4. Rise Smart Blog: Learn more about rising up in the ranks at work, even if you're starting at the bottom, from this site.
  5. Employee Evolution: Become the worker you want to be with a little help from this site's articles and advice.
  6. Brazen Careerist: This career advice site is created just for Gen Y workers.
  7. Gradspot: This site offers much more than career advice, with tips on cooking, finances and health as well.
  8. Lindsay Pollack: Get some advice from this Gen Y career and workplace expert on how you can make the most of your early working years.
  9. One Day, One Job: New college grads will appreciate the information posted on this site, helping them find jobs geared towards the entry level.
  10. CollegeRecruiter: If you plan on working with a recruiter this site may offer you some indispensable information.

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

If you want to go it on your own and start a business or work from home, these websites can offer you the information you'll need to do it in the smartest way possible.

  1. Freelance Folder: Visit this site for free tools, resources, tips and advice for those working in freelance fields.
  2. Freelance Switch: Whether you're looking for a job or just want some insights into how to do yours better, this site has what you need.
  3. Web Worker Daily: This site is an essential read for anyone who works on the web.
  4. ProFreelancing: Learn how to be a better freelancer and make the most of your time on this site.
  5. Entrepreneur: Here you'll find a large range of helpful articles for starting and running your own business.
  6. Duct Tape Marketing: If you don't know much about marketing for a small business, this site offers some great advice.
  7. SmallBizTrends: Keep up with all the latest trends in the business world through this site as well as find pointers that can help you do better.
  8. Startup Spark: This site can serve as a great source of inspiration for anyone hoping to start their own business from the ground up.
  9. Young Entrepreneur: Whether you're in high school, college or beyond, this site offers some helpful tips to the younger entrepreneurs out there.
  10. Venture Hacks: To get your business started you'll need some funding and this site offers advice on convincing venture capitalists to invest in your ideas.


For most people, relationships form a big part of their lives. These sites offer advice on everything from dating to marriage, so you can keep your love life running smoothly.

  1. Chestnut Hill Institute: Get advice on what makes a healthy relationship from a licensed psychotherapist on this site.
  2. David Wygant: Here you'll find tips and advice on love and relationships from a male perspective.
  3. The Great Mate Debate: This site addresses relationship and dating issues from people of all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds.
  4. Advice from a Single Dating Expert: Check out this site to get advice from dating expert Evan Marc Katz.
  5. Marriage Advice: Being married has a bevy of challenges, and this site aims to offer some advice on facing and overcoming them.
  6. Dating Support Center: Through this site you can get professional advice to help make dating more fun and more rewarding.
  7. Marriage Blog: From a snoring spouse to more serious issues, this site will help you manage the issues that arise in your marriage.
  8. Relationship Headquarters: Men and women alike can find helpful tips and information on this site.
  9. Savage Love: If you've got a relationship or sexual question you're too embarrassed to ask try getting advice through this site.
  10. The Nature of Love: Dr. Helen Fisher provides readers with great insights and help with relationships on this site.
  11. Love Detour: This site can help you get your love life back on track with some helpful advice.


Managing money can be hard sometimes for even the most disciplined, so take some advice from these great sites on how to ensure a safe and secure financial future.

  1. SavingAdvice Blog: Learn how to put away money into savings even when you don't have a lot to spare from this blog.
  2. Ask Owen: Have a financial question? Ask this deputy CEO.
  3. Consumerist: Get the inside scoop on everything you need to know as a consumer so you spend your money well.
  4. Get Rich Slowly: Getting rich quick isn't going to happen for most of it, so this site will teach you how to take it slow and steady and win the race.
  5. Wise Bread: Learn how to live more frugally but still enjoy yourself through the posts on this site.
  6. The Simple Dollar: From saving for a rainy day to saving for retirement and more this site offers loads of financial advice.
  7. Free Money Finance: Check out this site to learn how to make what you earn work for you.
  8. PF Advice: This site aims to help you bridge the gap between saving and investing, making sure you get the best return for your money.
  9. No Credit Needed: Do you really need to rack up a huge credit card bill? This site offers advice for getting out of debt and using credit wisely.
  10. Stop Buying Crap: The simplest way to stay out of debt and have money to save? The name of this site says it all.
  11. Expert Financial Advice: Read through the posts on this blog to get some professional advice on making smart financial decisions.

Health and Fitness

You won't be able to work at your full potential or live the life you want if you're unhealthy and unfit. These blogs offer a range of advice on how to best get yourself in top condition.

  1. Get Health Advice: This site is home to a wide range of health advice posts.
  2. Diet Blog: Get some inspiration and advice from this blogger who's trying to get in shape.
  3. Balanced Health and Nutrition: Read through this blog for professional advice on how to eat right and feel good about it.
  4. Fit Buff: Learn how to keep both your mind and body fit through the information o this site.
  5. Fitness Destinations: Get some help on beginning your journey to fitness from this site.
  6. Trying Fitness: From walking to weightlifting, this site offers advice on getting in shape.
  7. Dr. Weil: On this site you can ask health questions, read past answers and find loads of health-focused articles.
  8. A Weight Lifted: Learn why taking off some pounds could be good for your waistline and for your overall health from this blog that offers advice and inspiration.
  9. Starling Fitness: Check out this site for some advice on getting in shape and avoiding putting on extra weight from eating poorly.
  10. Eat This!: Through this site you can get some great information on what to eat (and what not to) that can help make you healthier.
  11. Nutrition Help Blog: This site is home to information that will help you get that six pack you've always wanted or just shed some unwanted pounds.
  12. Discover Walking: Learn why walking can be a great, low-impact way to see the sights and get fit.