50 Must-Listen-to Lectures for Tech Lovers

by Staff Writers

As an online student and tech lover, you're probably aware that there are lots of educational resources available to you online. But did you know that you can find excellent lectures from universities online? It's true-and we've highlighted 50 of the most important lectures for tech lovers to check out.


In these lectures, you'll learn about the culture of technology, and how technology affects culture.

  1. Folk Cultures and Digital Cultures: Find out how literary criticism and cultural history have accommodated and embraced contemporary media from this lecture. [MIT]
  2. Privacy Under Pressure: Privacy Under Pressure explores the stream of recorded data created in everyday lives. [Oxford]
  3. Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society: Find out how computers and technology can engage kids to design, create and invent from this lecture. [MIT]
  4. The Future of e-Learning: See Andrew Pinder's vision of the future of e-learning in this lecture. [Oxford]
  5. iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: Steve Wozniak shares how he invented the personal computer, co-founded Apple, and had fun. [MIT]
  6. Cyberpunk Counterculture: This lecture examines the counterculture of cyberpunks. [UC Berkeley]
  7. Social Media or the Impact of Us: Check out this lecture that talks about the impact of social media and social networks. [Oxford]
  8. Time, Technology and Social Structure: Look at production and consumption activities in technology in this lecture. [Oxford]


These lectures deal with information technology.

  1. Books and Libraries in the Digital Age: Robert Darnton discusses the ocean of digital information. [MIT]
  2. Information Visualization: Here you'll learn about the details of information visualization. [UBC]
  3. Dawn of the Information Economy: Check out this lecture to learn about the information economy. [UC Berkeley]
  4. Zen and the Art of Information Security: Ira Winkler takes a simple philosophy to information prediction. [Oxford]


Get an understanding of the technology business from these lectures.

  1. Building the Next Generation Company: Innovation, Talent, Excellence: John Chambers offers a lecture on succeeding as a technology company during a crisis. [MIT]
  2. Nine Lessons Learned about Creativity at Google: Marissa Mayer lectures on fostering creative ideas and innovation. [Stanford]
  3. Tough Choices: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina offers insight into the business of technology. [MIT]
  4. How Silicon Valley is Made: Get a look into the innovation and growth of high tech from Christophe Lecuyer. [University of California]
  5. The World is Flat 3.0: Tom Freidman discusses how the new global order puts entrepreneurial individuals in charge. [MIT]

The Internet

These lectures offer an analysis of the Internet.

  1. Why the Internet is the way it is: Find out what made the Internet the way it is, and how it will change in the future. [Oxford]
  2. Internet Security: Legend or Myth?: Listen to John Levine's lecture to learn about a variety of issues in Internet security. [Oxford]
  3. Internet and Information Literacy: Find out how the Internet influences information literacy from this lecture. [UC Berkeley]
  4. Cyber-Humour: This talk detects and defines the new forms and topics of cyber humor. [Oxford]
  5. The Intelligence of Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales offers an explanation on Wikipedia in this lecture. [Oxford]
  6. Internet Governance and Regulation: Listen to this lecture about the future of the Internet and how to avoid it. [Oxford]
  7. The Semantic Web: Tim Berners-Lee lectures on the origins and future of the Internet. [MIT]
  8. Who will run the Internet?: Find out who will operate the Internet from David Isenberg. [Oxford]

Machines, Invention & Creation

Discover creations in robots, bombs, and more from these lectures.

  1. Human Beings and the Machines of Sunshine: Find out why the best machines today are made of sunshine. [Rice]
  2. Personal Robots: This lecture explores robots as devices that function in society. [MIT]
  3. Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons: Joseph Cirincione's lecture takes a look at nuclear arms races. [MIT]
  4. Building Very Small Mobile Micro-Robots: Bruce Donald lectures on his micro-robots. [MIT]
  5. Creativity: The Mind, Machines, and Mathematics: These lecturers debate whether machines may someday achieve consciousness. [MIT]
  6. Extending the Human Being via Robotics: This lecture will teach you how robotics research will extend human capabilities. [Rice]
  7. Advancements in Underwater Vehicles: See how underwater vehicles respond to current environmental issues. [MIT]


View these lectures about computer technology.

  1. Media Arts and Computing: Learn about computing and media arts from Chris Csikszentmihalyi's lecture. [Columbia]
  2. Software Breakthroughs: Bill Gates shares how we can solve the toughest problems in computer science. [MIT]
  3. Computer Science: This lecture offers an introduction to computer science. [UCLA]
  4. Giving Computers Common Sense: Learn about interfaces with common sense from Pushpinder Singh. [MIT]

Open Source

Use these lectures to learn all about open source.

  1. Open Science and Scientific Publishing: Find out how scientists and educational institutions are pushing back against old paradigms in this lecture. [MIT]
  2. How to Hack Copyright for Fun and Profit: Jon Ipolito explains how to hack copyright in this lecture. [Columbia]
  3. Copyrights and Copywrongs: Siva Vaidhyanathan's lecture focuses on copyright. [Columbia]
  4. Illegal but Legitimate: Professor Noam Chomsky's lecture discusses what can be illegal and legitimate at the same time. [Edinburgh]
  5. Collaboration and Collective Intelligence: These speakers explore how collectives can make things work. [MIT]
  6. Economics of Open Source: Learn about the economic implications of open source from this lecture. [UC Berkeley]
  7. Second-Generation Open Access: This lecture from John Wilbanks focuses on building open content. [Oxford]
  8. An Introduction to Open Source: Learn the basics of open source from this lecture. [UC Berkeley]


View these lectures to get a look into technology's future.

  1. Virtual Reality: Past, Present, and Future: Get a look at augmented reality from this lecture. [MIT]
  2. Information Technology, Enterprise Transformation, and the Future of US Higher Education: See how higher education in the US will change over the next 25 years by watching this lecture. [Oxford]
  3. The City Car: These lecturers propose a City Car to address space and environmental concerns with cars. [MIT]
  4. The Future of Science and Technology in Europe: Jose Mariano Gago lectures on the EU's plans for science and technology. [MIT]
  5. The Brain of the Future: Susan Greenfield's lecture explains the future of technology and biology. [University of Nottingham]
  6. The Future of the Web: Sir Tim Berners-Lee lectures on the development of web technology in the future. [Oxford]