100 Incredibly Useful Facebook Apps for College Students

by Staff Writers

If you are a college student or getting ready to make the jump into your university, you've probably experienced the Facebook phenomenon. This social networking site has taken not just your university, not just your nation, but the entire world by storm, and now it dominates a huge part of the college student's life. From choosing schools to making friends, to networking with future employers, this site is not only unavoidable, it's essential for today's undergrad. The good thing is, it's more useful, entertaining, and fun than ever before, thanks largely in part to these awesome applications:

Choosing a School

Worried about making the right choice? Get feedback from current students, statistics, and other important information, all delivered right to your profile page.

  1. Bible College Directory: A searchable database of accredited bible colleges in North America.
  2. Check My Campus: An online community that allows college students to share photos and videos of campus life with high school students looking at colleges.
  3. College Prowler: Research colleges and share your experience with friends.
  4. College Toolkit: Search for schools, test your college IQ, and see others interested in the same colleges.
  5. Connect at College: Connect with other Facebook users trying to find a college and those who've been to college who can give insight into their school.
  6. Gradzilla: Uses data from U.S.News & World Report's listing of best graduate schools and colleges to offer you information on disciplines, location, and school contact information for applying.
  7. SkoolPool: Talk about colleges with your friends and classmates.
  8. What College Best Suits Your Personality?: Do you belong at a small or large school? An institute of higher learning or a party school? This quiz will let you know.
  9. College Rivalries: Sometimes, when you're stuck choosing between two schools, a good look at their sports teams is the way to go.
  10. College SuperFans: Show your school spirit by adding your favorite college logo to your Facebook page.

Find a Place to Live

Getting a roommate, whether it's your first, second, or twentieth, is always a daunting task. Make sure your personalities and lifestyles match up to avoid total domestic chaos.

  1. Cribs4Students: Search and post for apartments, rooms and sublets near colleges and universities.
  2. MyNewPlace: Search for an apartment or home, and see what your friends think about the places you like.
  3. Roomster: Search apartments, roommates and sublets in the US, Canada and the UK.

Find Stuff to Buy

You probably have a job, or at least a loan, to help you with expenses. If you manage to budget right and end up with some pocket change, spend it here:

  1. iList: A classifieds service allowing you to post a listing and promote it across your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, FriendFeed, Pownce and Craigslist accounts.
  2. Marketplace: Marketplace powered by classifieds.

Pick Classes

Make sure you end up with the best professors and the most effective classes to further your education.

  1. CourseTopia: An online tool for helping college students build semester schedules.
  2. My Courses: Find classes with your friends, and design your ideal class schedule.
  3. What College Course Fits You Most: Take this quiz to help find the college degree that best fits you.

Choose a Major

This is perhaps one of the hardest choices a human being ever has to make: what am I going to do with my life? What am I going to be? Don't rush into anything without evaluating your decision with these apps.

  1. College Major Quiz: This quiz determines the five best college majors that fit your interests.
  2. My College Major: This quiz matches your personality with an appropriate college major for you and provides a detailed personality report.
  3. What Major Should You Choose?: This quiz will help you choose which major you should study in college.
  4. What Should You Study In College?: Another quiz to help determine what you should major in.

Buy Books

Once you have your major and your classes picked, you're going to need a book or two. This often pocket-emptying experience doesn't have to be as excruciating as it used to be, because Facebook has your back

  1. BookMooch: Swap books with other BookMooch users.
  2. Cheap Textbooks: This app compares textbook prices at your school and on dozens of websites to find the lowest prices.
  3. DormTrader: A marketplace to help you find the best prices for textbooks on campus and online.
  4. School Soup Book Search: Book search and price comparison tool.

Manage Classes

Wait, was that essay assigned in psychology or sociology? Is my test on Tuesday or Thursday? Who can I call for notes? Never fall victim to an overwhelming workload again. Keep your life and your studies in order on Facebook.

  1. Courses: Check out who's in your classes, let your friends see your course schedule on your profile and create study groups.
  2. Courses 2.0: Display your class schedule, look at your friends' schedules, and see who will be in your classes.
  3. CampusBuddyCourses: See official grade distributions, rate professors, see who's in your classes, who lives close to you, and who likes hang out where you do.

Classroom Tools

Learn a new language, have a works cited generated for you, or increase your vocabulary, all with these academic apps on your side.

  1. Box files: Provides 1 GB of free online storage, where you can store files in various formats.
  2. Calculator: A functional calculator app.
  3. CiteMe: Formats bibliographic citations in APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA or Turabian style.
  4. Dictionary: Use this dictionary like, well, a dictionary.
  5. DoResearch4me: Put notes or a draft of a term paper into the box, and this service supposedly does the research for you.
  6. Google Docs: Monitor your Google Docs from within Facebook.
  7. Google Translate: Get help in language classes with this app that translates Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Korean, Czech, Croatian, Hebrew, Swedish, Turkish, Thai and more.
  8. Language Exchange: Connect with language exchange partners teaching more than 70 languages, with lessons managed through your Facebook profile.
  9. Learn 10: Daily content designed to help you learn one of 20 different languages.
  10. LibGuides: Access content from your library within Facebook. View research guides related to your courses, chat with reference librarians, or search the library catalog.
  11. Planetarium: Explore the stars and planets through your web browser.
  12. Typing Speed Measure your current typing speed, and practice to get faster while competing with friends.
  13. Vocabulary: An online audio-show that teaches you two words per show.

Keeping Track

Stop forgetting birthdays, assignments, and events. Everytime you log onto your Facebook profile (which is probably several times per day), you'll get nifty reminders from these apps.

  1. Calendar: Your personal calendar and to-do list for Facebook. Share all or part of your schedule.
  2. fbCal: Generates iCalendar (.ics) files of your friends' birthdays and Facebook events for use with iCal, Sunbird, Google Calendar, etc.
  3. Weekly Schedule: Allows you to post a graphical display of your courses or other weekly activities for all your friends to see.


The creators of Facebook are trying to prove exactly how useful the application can be by turning it into a businessman's best friend. Make it yours, too.

  1. Define Me: Displays a cloud of words others use to describe your business. This could be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your business and customer service.
  2. GL Print Business Cards: A flashier business card; gives you options to create your digital business card.
  3. iEndorse: Testimonials are a great way to build the value of your company. This app allows Facebook denizens to endorse your company or find it via the IEndorse business database.
  4. My BusinessBlinkWeb: Create a widget that promotes your business and that others can place on their profiles. This basically turns your friends, clients, or customers into your advertisers.
  5. Professional Profile: Create a tab on your profile for all of your professional contacts, information, and activities. Very useful if you want to separate the two sides of yourself.
  6. Posted Items: This is one you can find on the upper right side of your profile and it allows you to share anything you find on the Internet by posting it to your profile. Videos, blogs, or even articles about you or your company or anything else you find interesting.
  7. Testimonials: Like IEndorse, it's a way to gather customer testimonials, but it doesn't have the business database for searching businesses.
  8. Smart Phone: Phone to phone calls and even some conference call features that are all handled from your FB profile.
  9. Voice Mail: Voice messaging, voice chat, voice enabled wall posts, and more. Add some sound to your profile or just make it possible to leave voice messages.
  10. Telephone: Talk, IM, or leave voice messages.


You've probably seen quizzes all over your friends' profiles. Though not always the most productive of applications, these offer a decent study break when you need one.

  1. Movies: Test your knowledge with this never-ending movie quiz.
  2. Quiz Star: Take quizzes to analyze your personality.
  3. Friend Quiz: Flow through over a million different user generated quizzes, to discover your internet identity. See where you belong in your social circle.
  4. Crazy Quizzes: Thousands of quizzes to take and share with your friends.
  5. Horoscopes: Whats in store for you? Will today be the day? Find out by adding a RockYou horoscope to your page and get updates covering all zodiac signs.
  6. Make a Quiz: Making a Quiz has never been easier!
  7. What Kind of Athlete are You?: What kind of athlete are you? This quiz was originally created by Carson Steve Hunter.
  8. QuizTree: QuizTree has many quizzes for you to enjoy and allow you to invite your friends to join. Come and take the quiz now! It's FREE and FUN.
  9. Birth Week: What does the week you were born say about you?
  10. Which Greek God Are You?: 13 gods, all with a specific power. Which one is yours?


These miscellaneous apps are not only fun to use, they're more helpful than you could imagine!

  1. Birthday Cards: Facebook already tells you about upcoming birthdays in your network, so what's next? Send your friends virtual birthday cards to make their day special.
  2. Family Tree: Showcase your genealogy with this cool app that includes relatives both on and off Facebook.
  3. SocialCalendar: SocialCalendar allows you to quickly import, organize and get reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more.
  4. NetworkedBlogs: Bring your blog to Facebook, and Facebook to your blog.
  5. Windows Live Messenger: Connect with your friends instantly while on Facebook.
  6. Twitter: Take your Tweets to Facebook and vice versa!
  7. Moods: Share your mood with friends using emoticons- the original emoting app with the most users.
  8. YouTube 3GP: Download YouTube videos 3GP format and play them into your mobile phone without the need to convert them.
  9. CountDowns: Add countdowns to your profile! Choose from lots of different skins to find just the look you want. Share countdowns with friends and others in your network.
  10. Yobombo: Foreign languages are not barrier to make new friends.


  1. Farmville: See why this viral game has 59,336,983 monthly active users.
  2. Mafia Wars: Start a Mafia family with your friends, run a criminal empire and fight to be the most powerful family.
  3. MindJolt: Play over 500 games.
  4. Pet Society: In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time!
  5. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: Play poker online.
  6. YoVille: Host a party, chat, play games, send messages or gifts, shop, and work–all in YoVille.
  7. Restaurant City: Create your own restaurant right on Facebook.
  8. Bejeweled: A special version of the classic gem-swapping puzzler created just for Facebook.
  9. Sorority Life: Play Sorority Life and discover fashion, friends and fun!
  10. Bumper Sticker: Make up your own! Stick your friends with funny stickers!
  11. Friends for Sale: Buy and sell your friends as pets!
  12. Geo Challenge: Geo Challenge takes you on a tour around the world as you put your geography knowledge to the test.
  13. Brain Buddies: Detect your brain's weight. Are you smarter than your friends?
  14. Word Challenge: Word Challenge by Playfish is the addictive new word game everyone is playing.
  15. Vampire Wars: Obsessed with vampires? You'll love this game!
  16. Biotronic: A puzzle game that features colorful biotechnology.
  17. Pillow Fight: Have a pillow fighting frenzy with your friends!
  18. Chug It!: Join a virtual chug off by slamming down drinks for your friends to chug. If they don't drink up and send a drink back in 2 days, you win!
  19. Know It All Trivia: Are you a trivia god? Find out with this awesome app!
  20. Waka Waka: Guide your yellow friend through different kinds of mazes using power ups to defeat the ghosts and eat all in his way.

Online Communities:

  1. Ask a Teacher: A community of teachers and professors to answer your questions.
  2. Course Hero: An open online study community for students, teachers and self-learners to publish and view academic resources online: outlines, solutions, study guides, exams, presentations, notes, formula sheets, essays and other works.
  3. CourseFeed: A virtual classroom with free and open courses from colleges and universities.
  4. Sclipo: A social learning network to learn, teach and connect with people with common educational interests.
  5. Supercool School: A social learning network where users participate in live and interactive online classes.