100 Terrific Tools to Grade Your Life

by Staff Writers

When you were in school, you got feedback in the form of grades each time report cards went out. Now that you are a little older, it's not always so easy to know how you are doing. Luckily, you can spend some time with these tools to learn a little bit about how well you are performing in many aspects of your life. From grading your online presence to learning how well your business is doing to grading physical, health, emotional, and nutritional habits, these tools provide insight to help guide you. You can also learn about how you are doing financially, ecologically, and educationally, so jump right in with these tools to see how you make the grade.

Grade Your Online Presence

From blogging to Facebook to Twitter, discover your online presence grade with these tools.

  1. Website Grader. Type in the URL for your website (as well as any competing websites, if you choose) to see what kind of grade you score.
  2. Twitter Grader. Enter your Twitter user name to find out how you do as a Twitter user.
  3. Blog Grader. See how you rate when it comes to your blog with this tool.
  4. Facebook Grader. Specifically for measuring your business' presence on Facebook, this site will give you a grade.
  5. Gobbledygook Grader. See if you are using too much jargon, too many cliches, or overused words in your copy.
  6. Personality Grader. Type in your name to learn what this grader has to say about your presence on the Internet based on where your name turns up. Rumor has it this is an April Fool's Joke, but it might be fun to play with it anyway.
  7. Keyword Ranking Tool 1.0. Keep close tabs on your website or blog's ranking with this freeware download.
  8. Twitter Analytics. Follow the progress of your brand's presence on Twitter with this free tool.

Grade Your Business

Whether you are just starting a business or have been in business a while, use these tools to grade specific aspects to see how you are doing.

  1. Press Release Grader. Learn about the marketing effectiveness of your press release by posting it here and getting a grade.
  2. Book Grader. Authors can track and improve their marketing of online books with this tool.
  3. Cash Flow Calculator. Find out if your cash flow is good enough to keep your business afloat.
  4. Startup Costs Calculator. See what your start-up costs may be and how they measure up with this tool.
  5. Email Marketing ROI Calculator. Discover what kind of return on your investment you can expect with your email marketing campaign.
  6. Direct Mail Marketing ROI Calculator. Just like the email version, this one looks at the return on your investment based on your direct mail marketing activities.
  7. Break Even Analysis Calculator. See if the money you are making will be enough to cover both fixed and variable expenses.
  8. Conversion Rate Calculator. Learn how your online sales match up and what you can do to improve them with this tool.
  9. Investment Offering Calculator. Take a look at what your start-up gives up and what investors gain to learn if your business is balanced in this area.
  10. Pay-Per-Click ROI Calculator. Find out what your ROI is for your pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Grade Your Physical Fitness

These tools are easy to use, but will require a little effort from you to grade your physical fitness abilities.

  1. Calculate Risks of Exercise. If you are a man over 45 or a woman over 55, answer these questions to determine your ability to exercise and at what level it is safe to do so.
  2. Curl-Up/Half Sit-up Test. Plug in your age and gender and see how many curl-ups or half sit-ups you can do to learn how you measure up.
  3. Sit Up Test. Move on to the full sit-ups to see what grade you get.
  4. Push Up Test. Get a grade on how many push-ups you can do for your age and gender with this tool.
  5. Sit & Reach Flexibility Test. Grab a partner to help you measure your hamstring and lower back flexibility.
  6. Rockport Walk Test. You'll need a heart monitor and a one-mile walk to learn your grade on cardiovascular health here.
  7. 1.5 Mile Run. Run 1.5 miles and time your minutes and seconds it takes to complete it, then plug in the numbers to find out your grade.
  8. 12 Minute Run. Similar to the 1.5 mile test, this one asks you to run for 12 minutes and measure your distance to learn how you measure up.
  9. Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator. Women can measure their waist and hip sizes and find out what this ratio means about body shape and health.
  10. Ideal Body Measurements Calculator. Men, find out what your measurements say about you.

Grade Your Health

Use these tools to get your health grade when you learn about your life expectancy, explore your risks for many common and preventable diseases, and find out if you are getting enough sleep.

  1. Health Age and Life Expectancy. This tool asks questions about your health, lifestyle, mental state, and more to grade you on your health age and life expectancy.
  2. Interactive Tool: How Does Smoking Affect Your Lifespan?. Answer questions about your past and future smoking habits to see how smoking will impact your lifespan.
  3. Interactive Tool: Is Your Weight Increasing Your Health Risks?. Find out what your score is here and if it indicates your weight is leading you to health problems.
  4. Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Assessment. Find out what your grade on blood pressure and heart rate is with this assessment tool. Note you will need to know your numbers to use this tool.
  5. Measure Your Metabolism. See where your metabolism falls with this assessment tool.
  6. What's Your Stroke Risk?. Use this interactive tool to discover your stroke risk rating and what you can do to lower it.
  7. What's Your Cancer Risk?. Choose from 12 different cancers to rate your risk of getting one of them.
  8. What's Your Diabetes Risk?. Grade your risk for developing diabetes with this tool.
  9. What's Your Heart Disease Risk?. Answer questions about your health, lifestyle, and background to learn your risk for heart disease.
  10. What's Your Osteoporosis Risk?. Both men and women can fall prey to osteoporosis. Find out what your grade is and if you are at risk for it.
  11. Sleep Test. Get your sleep health score with this simple tool.

Grade Your Nutrition

Explore how your nutritional habits stack up against others, if you need to cut back on fast food or at least change the items you order, and how well you know portion size with these tools.

  1. Daysworth Nutrition Calculator. Find your nutrition grade with this calculator that lets you select common foods that match your eating habits.
  2. NAT Energy Calculator. Find out how much energy you burn each day and what that means for you.
  3. Protein Calculator. Women can answer a few questions to determine how much protein they need for a healthy body.
  4. Daily Nutrition Calculator (Macronutrients). See what your lifestyle and body type require you to get in calories from major nutrients such as fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
  5. Fruit, Vegetable, and Fiber Screener. Use this tool to see how you make the grade when it comes to eating from these three categories.
  6. Fast Food Calorie Counter. See how the numbers stack up for you when you use this calorie counter for fast food.
  7. Nutrition Facts Meal Calculator. Like the previous tool, this one shows you how your fast food consumption looks, but it offers a few different fast food restaurants to choose from.
  8. Calorie Calculator for Males. Find out how many calories you should be eating a day and whether or not your current consumption makes the grade.
  9. Calorie Calculator for Females. This tool does the same thing as the previous one, except its for women.
  10. How Do You Fare on Food and Fitness?. Answer these 10 questions to learn how you measure up when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.
  11. Rate Your Plate. Select food to put on your plate, then find out what kind of nutritional grade you get on those foods.
  12. Serving Size Surprise. Test your knowledge of serving sizes for common foods and see how you measure up when it comes to recognizing healthy portions.

Grade Your Personality and Mental Health

Find out what personality type you are and how that compares to others, see if you are too depressed or too stressed, and how balanced your life is with these tools to help you grade your personality and mental health.

  1. Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Take this popular assessment to find out your personality type and what it means for you.
  2. Type Focus Free Assessment. Similar to the Myers-Briggs test, this one will give you insight on your personality type.
  3. Jung Typology Test. This test scores you on a formula based on work of both Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs.
  4. Short Form for the IPIP-NEO.This assessment grades you within five different personality aspects and offers a good explanation of what it all means.
  5. Understanding Yourself Personality Test. Complete these questions to get instant feedback for learning about yourself.
  6. Deal With It. Find out how you measure up to dealing with difficult situations.
  7. My Life Goals. Use this tool to see how your life goals stack up.
  8. Are You a Decider?. Find out if you have the personality of a decision maker with this tool.
  9. You and the Law: Judgment of Harm, Compensation, and Punishment. See how you compare to others when it comes to societal views of the law and its implementation.
  10. Interactive Tool: Are You Depressed?. Learn your depression score and what it means for you with this tool.
  11. Interactive Tool: How Well Do You Bounce Back?. Get a score that indicates how well you recover from stressful situations in life.
  12. Interactive Tool: What is Your Stress Level?. Use this tool to measure your stress level and learn what you can do to lower it, if necessary.
  13. Life Balance Wheel. Use this wheel to think about your personal satisfaction with each of these areas of life and examine any ways you can change your life.

Grade Your Relationships

Use these tools to see if you are headed for divorce, are dating a good boyfriend, if you understand your child, and more.

  1. The Self-Peer Personality Test. You and a friend or relative can take this test to see if what you think about yourself is how others see you.
  2. Understand Your Child: Teen and Child Personality Test. Answer these questions to get a better handle on who your child is.
  3. Close Relationship Personality Test. Find out how the way you feel and act in romantic relationships affects them with this tool.
  4. Relationship Report Card. Rate yourself and your partner with this extensive list, then compare to see where you need to work harder and what is already working well.
  5. The Date Quiz. This simple quiz measures how good a boyfriend or girlfriend you have.
  6. Relationship Calculator. Wade through those confusing family relationships with this calculator that helps make it more clear.
  7. Cousin Relationship Calculator. Figure out just how you are related when you use this tool.
  8. Marriage Calculator. This should be called the divorce calculator, because that is what it figures out–your chance of getting a divorce.
  9. Marriage Calculator Lite. An iPhone app that relies on real data to give your marriage a rating between 1 and 100.

Grade Your Finances

Discover how much you are worth, how much you may be worth in the future, how you are managing your cash flow, and much more with these tools that will help you grade your financial situation.

  1. Net Worth Calculator. Find out how much your net worth (how much you owe vs. how much you own) is with this tool.
  2. What is My Risk Tolerance?. Learn how much risk you are willing to take and how that affects your investments.
  3. Home Affordability Calculator. See where your finances put you in respect to home ownership when you plug in the numbers here.
  4. Car Loan Calculator. If a new car is in your future, see how you rate when it comes to car ownership ability.
  5. Loan Affordability Calculator. Learn how much you can borrow based on your ability to pay, number of payments, and interest rate.
  6. Future Value Calculator. See how much your investment will be worth in the future by setting your own parameters in this tool.
  7. Retirement Planning Calculator. Discover how long your retirement savings will last based on your current savings.
  8. Credit Grade Calculator. While this isn't an official way to learn your credit score, it can show how you measure up based on your late payments.
  9. Credit Grade Calculator. Here is another version, but this one also takes into account the amount of debt you have and how much equity you have in property.
  10. Borrowing Power Calculator. Learn how much borrowing power you have based on income, expenditures, and what kind of loan you seek.
  11. How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?. See where you stand when it comes to insuring your life for your family.
  12. What May My 401(k) Be Worth?. Discover how your 401(k) stacks up after using this tool.
  13. What is My Current Cash Flow?. Find out if you are running out of money or going in a more positive direction each month.

Grade Your Eco-Impact

What kind of grade will you get when you use these tools to determine your carbon footprint on the Earth? Try a few of these tools to find out.

  1. WWF Footprint Calculator. This calculator determines your impact on the environment while looking at the way you eat, what you drive, what you do around the house, and the stuff you buy and consume.
  2. Ecological Footprint Quiz. This popular quiz shows how you compare to the rest of the world when it comes to your eco-lifestyle.
  3. Carbon Footprint Calculator. From the Nature Conservancy, this tool takes a detailed look at how you live and the impact it makes on the Earth. Choose to calculate just for yourself or for your whole family.
  4. An Inconvenient Truth Carbon Calculator. Take a look at the way you use energy in your home and in transportation to determine how much carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere.
  5. Footprint Calculator. Learn how much land it would take to support your lifestyle and what you can do to change that.
  6. Ecological Footprint Calculator. This calculator relies more heavily on your attitude than your practices to find you impact on the Earth.
  7. Global Ecological Footprint Calculator. If those other calculators ask too many questions for you, try this one with just four questions to see how you rate.

Grade Your Education

Find out what the value of your education will be, advantages to you for specific college savings plans based on your situation, and more with these tools that will help you put a grade on your educational experience.

  1. What is the Value of a College Education?. Use this tool to find out what a college education is worth for your specific goals.
  2. Feasibility of Student Loan Repayment. Learn if you will realistically be able to repay that student loan deficit you have or are considering.
  3. What Are The Advantages Of A 529 College Savings Plan?. See what investing in a 529 might mean for your college savings.
  4. What Are The Advantages Of A Coverdell ESA?. Learn how much you are saving with a Coverdell ESA for your education.
  5. College Savings Calculator. Add your data into this tool to see how much you will need to save to pay for college.
  6. Academic Year Budget. Take into consideration things like room and board, fees, and transportation to figure out where you fall in the college expense column.
  7. Education Cost Calculator. Use this tool to figure out how much your child's education will cost based on current age, how long you plan to pay for school, inflation, your current savings, and more.