101 Book Blogs You Need to Read

by Staff Writers

One of the last things an avid reader wants, is to judge a book by a cover and hate it from the first chapter to the last. Instead of risking such an ill fate, look at the blogs of these biliophiliacs who have read just about every book out there–from the newest novel to the oldest history textbook–and have reviewed these books with honest, expert opinions. Make sure you have the information you need before you find yourself involved with a hyped-up book you don't want to finish.

Top Ten

These ten book blogs are the most popular, most informative out there, and they contain information about the widest number of genres.

  1. The Millions: This book blog is like an all-inclusive resort for readers and literature buffs. With all genres and cultures included, it contains news and book reviews every reader can use.
  2. Critical Mass: Critical Mass is written by professional book reviewers. Rather than review books, they provide book and author news that only they, as professionals, get to hear.
  3. Baby Got Books: Reviews and commentary by readers who keep you informed about the year's biggest releases.
  4. The Elegant Variation: The list of book recommendations on this literary news site will never leave you disappointed.
  5. Blog of a Bookslut: Bookslut is famous among book blogs, and one of the most popular in the the world of online book news and reviews.
  6. A Life in Books: This librarian shares her passion for books and reading, and her professional commentary is useful for followers looking for a great read.
  7. Beth Fish Reads: This book lover and freelance book professional posts book reviews and participates in reading challenges and bookish memes.
  8. Bluestalking: A reading enthusiast shares her years of literary reviews and criticism with the world in this interesting and thorough blog.
  9. Book Addiction: Heather, a 25-year-old book addict from Chicago, keeps track of her reading conquests, shares her opinions of recent releases, and develops a list of recommendations on this blog.


  10. Candy Covered Books: This blog "gathers reviews from a wide variety of sources and averages them into a single rating so you don't waste valuable time reading anything less than fabulous."

Librarian Blogs

Take it from these book gurus, because they know a good book when they see (or smell) one.

  1. Booknotes by Lisa: A librarian gives her all to share her favorites with the world through this book blog.
  2. Peter Scott's Library Blog: Discover the changing face of literature in the technology age with internet librarian Peter Scott.
  3. 1 More Chapter: is dedicated primarily to books and the reading life.
  4. Reading 2.0: Librarian Sarah shares her favorite books and authors on this site, and also delivers well-rounded literary criticism when necessary.
  5. Hip Librarians: Get the word from these cool librarians, who aren't afraid to tell you what they hate (and what they love).
  6. One Librarian's Book Reviews: This blog is held together by a librarian who loves to read books and then write about them. She includes content ratings for swearing, mature content, and violence, so this site is very teacher-friendly.
  7. Goddess Librarian: Jen McIntosh provides young adult literature reviews.
  8. BookList: Get online book reviews from the American Library Association.
  9. The Booklady's Blog: This young librarian dishes her opinion about her favorite (and least favorite) fiction, non-fiction and memoirs.
  10. Conversational Reading: Get daily literature news with interviews, reviews and opinions.


Reading novels is a great way to pass the time, expand your vocabulary, and learn more about the ways of the world.

  1. The Elegant Variation: The Elegant Variation is a top rated book blog that reviews books, sponsors contests, and more.
  2. FictionBitch: Literary historians will appreciate this dissection of fiction.
  3. Mark Athitakis' American Fiction Notes: Mark Athitakis reviews books for the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and other newspapers. In this blog, he interviews authors, reviews short stories, and comments on American fiction.
  4. Biblio: Find book news, reading lists and book history from this blog.
  5. Karen Vanuska: Karen Vanuska devotes much of her blog to American fiction and American writers.
  6. Blogging Anne of Green Gables: This blog is no longer active, but it contains a worthwhile archive for anyone studying the book, the era, or Lucy Maud Montgomery.
  7. Bookgirl's Nightstand: This literature lover reads Jane Austen, contemporary authors, and everyone in between.
  8. Books I Done Read: Get reviews of books like The Cider House Rules, All Quiet on the Western Front and Middlemarch.
  9. Cam's Commentary: This blogger relates her book commentaries to the greater conversation on religion and Christian studies, science and culture.
  10. dovegreyreader: This blogger has read an impressive number of books by Jean Rhys, Sarah Hall, Nicole Beauman, and more.
  11. Ex Libris: Here you'll find profiles and reviews of books that deal with American history, pop culture, and more.
  12. BooksPlease: This blogger adds historical notes and points of reference to her book reviews.
  13. Bookstorm: Get reviews, news and recommendations about books from Cormac McCarthy and other great authors here.
  14. Classical Bookworm: This blogger mostly chooses to read and write about classics from Cervantes, Shakespeare, Dickens and others.
  15. Letters for Literary Ladies: Letters for Literary Ladies comes from a PhD student passionate about 18th-century literature written by female authors.
  16. American Indians in Children's Literature: Study how American Indians are depicted in children's literature.
  17. English Lit, American Lit, and All Things Humanities: Angela Courtney, the Illinois University librarian for English and American literature blogs about researching at IU and elsewhere.
  18. Classic Literature: This review of classic literature will help you explore authors like Dickinson and Dickens.
  19. Red Room Library: This blogger is a National Book Critics Circle member who writes intelligent reviews and commentary.
  20. Can't Sleep, Must Read: This college student blogs about classics, new works, book news and more.
  21. American Short Fiction blog: Review classics and new releases from American short fiction here.
  22. The Classics Challenge: This book challenge serves as a great reading list and resource list for researchers.
  23. Samuel and Beckett's Book Blog: This intelligent book blog combines contemporary literature, politics, culture and history.
  24. SF Signal: A science fiction blog that covers the most talked about book releases in the genre.

For Younger Readers

These book blogs are kid and young adult friendly, and great for teachers too!

  1. Guys Lit Wire: This blog features books that are of interest to teenage boys.
  2. a wrung sponge: Get reviews of children and young adult literature and poetry as well as books for parents here.
  3. Book Nut: The bulk of Melissa's reviews are about children's and young adult literature, from first-time readers to college-agers.
  4. Bookworm 4 Life: Written by a public librarian who focuses mostly on teen literature.
  5. SherMeree's Musings: This librarian reviews children's books. Reviews include number of pages, appropriate age range, and publishing information.
  6. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: While not following the traditional book review format, this blog gives the low-down on authors, illustrators, and the books themselves from this genre.
  7. A Fuse #8 Production: Check out this blog for in-depth reviews of kid lit.
  8. Jen Robinson's Book Page: Jen writes reviews about kid lit and includes age ranges, publication information, and sources of her books.
  9. Maw Books Blog: YA fiction, kid lit, and even a bit of historical fiction and author interviews end up on this blog.
  10. Shelf Elf: read, write, rave: Keep up with your favorite authors with this blog, which higlights news and new releases.
  11. GreenBeanTeenQueen: If you are looking for reviews on teen and tween literature, then let this librarian guide you with her reviews.
  12. The Book Cellar: The reviews of YA literature here are done by the 16 year-old blogger who posts a short excerpt from the book along with her review and a rating based on a 5-star system.
  13. Pop Culture Junkie: While most of the books here are YA, there are also reviews on other types of fiction as well.
  14. The Story Siren: The YA reviews here include a star rating system for separate components of each book, including overall, plot, characters, ending, writing, and cover.
  15. Tempting Persephone: Written by a young adult librarian, the books here have a decidedly fantasy/alternate reality bent to them.
  16. Young Adult Books Central: The YABC blog is a companion site to the YA Books Central Web Site, and it contains seemingly endless pages of quality book reviews.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure

If you like your books a little out of this world, then check out these blogs that feature science fiction, fantasy, and adventure.

  1. Science fiction short stories and novelettes are reviewed on this blog.
  2. Exclusively Books: Written by a group of Latter-day Saint women, these books are mostly fantasy and adventure. The ladies warn of bad language and adult content, too.
  3. Stuff as Dreams are Made On: Chris enjoys reading and reviewing fantasy, sci-fi, YA, and even a bit of general fiction.
  4. Bold. Blue. Adventure.: Sci-fi and fantasy are the favorites here, along with a good dose of YA and graphic novels.
  5. The Book Pirate: Not all the books reviewed here are about pirates, because their zombie cousins need some airtime, too.
  6. The Book Zombie: If you love the undead, this book blog was brought to life just for you.
  7. bombastic bagman: These book reviews tend to fantasy and alternate realities. Comics and mysteries that overlap with fantasy are also represented.
  8. Bibliophile Stalker: This blog looks at books from the speculative fiction and fantasy genre.
  9. SciFiGuy reviews focus on urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and speculative fiction and fantasy.
  10. The Galaxy Express: Science fiction romance is the buzz at this blog.
  11. Spiral Galaxy Reviews: Science fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, and short fiction for readers who love this genre.

Other Genres

The most interesting and understudied genres are covered in these great book blogs.

  1. The Book Design Review: This blog proves you can judge a book by its cover. This blog is all about the design of books.
  2. Reading Local: Portland: Focusing on the literary world in Portland, Oregon, this blog features reviews of books by Portland authors as well as other news and events in the area.
  3. In Spring it is the Dawn: This Canadian blogger has been living in Japan for about 8 years and reviews a steady stream of books from Japanese writers or that are set in Japan.
  4. YA Fabulous: This blog reviews and discusses young adult books with GLBT themes.
  5. Awful Library Books: Two librarians have made it their mission to weed out terrible books that are actually on library shelves. See which ones they select on this blog.
  6. Judge a Book by its Cover: In the vein of awful books, this blog features books with really bad covers. Beware of some adult content.
  7. Book Dads: This blog highlights books about dads and their relationships with their children. Adult, young adult, and children's literature are all reviewed.
  8. Books, Movies and Chinese Food: Most of the books reviewed by this grad student are Christian fiction.
  9. it's dark in the dark: This blog features scary books and rates them on creepy factor, suspense factor, weird erotic tension factor, and funny and/or strange factor.
  10. Dreadlock Girl Reads: Dreadlock Girl reviews everything from literary fiction to non-fiction to movies.
  11. S. Krishna's Books: World literature book reviews are featured along with music and photography on this blog.
  12. The Bottom of Heaven: While book reviews are a large part of this blog, it also shares plenty of information and insight about black culture in America.

Publisher Blogs

From the professionals who run the book publishing industries, come these great blogs with thorough coverage of today's titles.

  1. Beyond Her Book: This blog is brought to you by Publisher's Weekly, so you can bet it's full of information you need to make the best reading decisions.
  2. Beattie's Book Blog: New Zealand publisher and bookseller discusses his favorite reading experiences.
  3. Powell's Books: Read reviews from a compilation of great writers, publishers, seasoned readers, and more. They join efforts to make sure you have the most in-depth commentary possible.
  4. The Book Bench: Straight from The New Yorker, a blog on "books, publishing, and the literary life."
  5. Guardian UK Books: Get the low down on today's bestsellers and new releases, and save yourself a pretty penny by staying away from the books these experts tell you to leave on the shelf.
  6. Galley Cat: This site has "the first word on the book publishing industry," and these publishers keep readers up to date with what they need to know most.
  7. The Penguin Blog: This is the Penguin Publishing blog, and it tends to deliver mostly information about books being released by the company.
  8. Rob Around Books: Celebrate love of books with this awesome blog.
  9. The Friday Project: Stay in touch with the latest news from publishing giant Harper Collins.
  10. Bookmark: This blog by the University of Arkansas press brings weekly reviews of their upcoming releases.


If you didn't see a review in the other 93 blogs, you'll likely find it in one of these.

  1. 26 books: What started as one reader striving to review 26 books in one year has grown to epic proportions.
  2. BookFetish: This blog features reviews on thrillers, young adult, fantasy, and more.
  3. Omnivoracious Amazon Blog: A collaborative effort from, this blog covers everything from cookbooks to fiction.
  4. The New Book Review: Readers, reviewers, and authors can submit their reviews here which cover a wide variety of genres.
  5. Book Nook Club: These 13 book reviewers cover many different genres and encourage their readers to leave comments for further discussion.
  6. Five Borough Book Review: A group of New Yorkers review books from every existing genre.
  7. Shelf Love: Jenny and Teresa review everything from classics to contemporary fiction to children's literature.
  8. Book Smugglers: These two friends got grief from their families about how much time and money they spent on, that they had books delivered to their offices and then "smuggled" them home. If you, too, would stop at nothing for a good read, click this link and make yourself at home.