100 Awesome iPhone Apps for College Football Fans

by Staff Writers

With football season in full swing, many fans are reveling in the abundance of football-related entertainment available–from attending the games themselves to listening to news coverage and analysis of them afterwards. If you have an iPhone, you can extend your enjoyment of college football season even further with applications that let you keep up with news, check stats, make wagers, support your team and much more, all while you're on the go.

Sports News

Find the latest news about your favorite college sports teams with these applications.

  1. College Sports News: Follow along with all the latest college sports news, including football and more, with this app.
  2. USA Today: This USA Today app makes it easy to keep up with your favorite college teams.
  3. College Football Live: Try out this application to get real-time updates about college football.
  4. SEC Sports: Follow along with the Southeastern Conference with this college sports app.
  5. Quik NCAAF News: Download this application to read the latest news on sports teams and players.
  6. NCAA Highlights: Get the highlights of all the games you might have missed or just want to see again with this app.
  7. CBS Sports: College: This CBS sports app is tailored to provide just college sports news to your phone.
  8. NCAA Football In Game Now: This app will let you keep up with your teams as they're playing or anytime you want to read more about football.
  9. Fumble U: Make sure you're in the know about what's going on with your favorite college football team by using this application.
  10. I Love College Football: Whether big or small, you'll get the latest news on the teams you support here.

Scores and Stats

With these apps you'll be able to check scores, find out about rosters and track the progress and rankings of your favorite teams.

  1. NCAA Football Scores: Find the scores from the latest games on this app.
  2. College Football to Go: Get schedules, rankings, rosters, stats and more on this full-featured app.
  3. RostaMan College Football: Get the roster for any college football team on this application.
  4. Football Stats: Use this application to track your favorite player's stats right from your phone.
  5. SportsTap: Get scores for college football games as well as just about every other kind of professional sport out there with this handy tool.
  6. QB Rater: Track your team's star quarterback during the game using this free and fun app.
  7. FanStream: This app offers users instant access to rosters, schedules and news.
  8. InGameNow: With this tool you can get sports scores and info sent right to your phone.
  9. Fanzone: Try out this application to get scores, stats, news and more.

Clocks and Calendars

Make sure you never miss a game by downloading these applications.

  1. Big 12 Football Pocket Schedule: Find out the dates and times for all the Big 12 games using this app.
  2. SEC Football Pocket Schedule: Try out this application to keep track of Southeastern Conference games.
  3. Days to Game: Count down the hours until the next big game using this clock tool.
  4. University of Michigan Clock: This clock will let you show your team spirit and even play your fight song.
  5. Big 10 Football Pocket Schedule: Use this schedule to plan which games you want to watch.
  6. OSU Clock: Ohio State fans who want a reminder of their dominance in the rivalry with Michigan will appreciate this clock application.

Not Just College

These applications offer a chance to follow college sports news as well as that of professional teams.

  1. ScoreMobile iPhone Edition: Use this application to keep up with scores, stats, previews, and recaps for both the NCAAF and NFL.
  2. Sportacular: With this application you can get scores, news and more for both college and pro teams.
  3. CBS Sports Mobile: This application lets you take CBS sports updates with you anywhere.
  4. Fox Sports Mobile: Fox is the home to many professional football games, but you'll find college level scores and info on this app as well.
  5. Austin News, Events and Jobs: Keep up with the latest news in Texas sports, among other things, with this application.
  6. NBC Sports Mobile: Get the latest news and scores with this NBC sports app.
  7. BallHype: Here you can get sports news, rumors and videos delivered to your phone.
  8. SportingNews Sports: Check this app regularly to get sports news updates.


Your college team might even have it's own app, making it easy to keep up with how and when they're playing. There are apps for just about every college team so if you don't see your favorite listed here, check in the iTunes store for more options.

  1. Go Longhorns: Get the latest information, news, and scores on Texas football and more with this app.
  2. Volunteers: This application is just for this Tennessee team, letting you know when they're playing and when games will be aired on television.
  3. Utah Football 2009: With a roster, schedule and stats, this app will have you ready for the upcoming games.
  4. Go Bears!: California Golden Bear fans should try out this application to keep up with everything team related.
  5. Pigskin Penn State: Penn State fans will love this application offering team news, stats and schedules.
  6. broncosdashboard: This application displays scores, stats and schedules for the Boise State team.
  7. Red Zone LSU: This live blogging tool will help you keep up on team news and share your own views.
  8. Red Zone Texas: Comment on everything game-related with this game day blogging application.
  9. Vandal DB: Here you'll find an app that will display the most current information about the Idaho State team.
  10. Pigskin Auburn: Try out this application if you're an Auburn fan to keep up with games, news and scoring.
  11. KUAthletics: News, scores, schedules, rosters and even streaming audio can be found using this app.
  12. Mizzou Mobile: Follow your favorite Missouri team with this app offering headlines, videos, audio, stats, schedules and more.
  13. Bama Mobile: Use this application to follow everything going on with the Alabama team.
  14. USCAthletics: Ensure you stay on top of every game for the USC team with this application.
  15. OSUTube: Watch videos and get updates on the latest news related to OSU with this app.
  16. Tar Heel Mobile: Here you'll find all the tools you need from videos to schedules to keep you watching and supporting the Tar Heels.
  17. Washington Huskies: Use this application to get access to news, schedules and a whole lot more for this team.
  18. Panther Football 2009: Follow the FIU Golden Panthers through this football season using the tools provided by this application.
  19. Pigskin Ohio State: Through this application you'll get schedule, scores and news information on the Ohio State team.
  20. Team View Notre Dame: This application offers a schedule, roster staff and news–perfect for the Notre Dame fan who wants to be in the know.

Odds and Wagers

If you like to make your sports watching a little more interesting financially, these apps can help you make the right wagers.

  1. iOdds: This app updates scores every 30 seconds and lets you know the results and the lines for the teams you're interested in wagering on.
  2. Fantell: Here you'll find predictions based on average fan picks.
  3. Bowl Picks: Use this application to pick and track what teams will go all the way.
  4. Today's Pick: Get the winning edge with this application that offers the best bets out there.
  5. iSportsLine: Here you'll find gambling odds on a variety of events–including college football.
  6. SmartBet: Try out this application to learn to make smarter, and hopefully more successful, bets.
  7. Office Pool: If you work in a place where lots of people like college football, this app makes it easy to manage your picks.
  8. SportsBook: This application will let you track all aspects of your wagers right from your phone.
  9. MAD Mel: Check out what players and teams this football expert is projecting to win.
  10. My Sports Picks: Football '09: This application will organize all of your football picks for NCAA and NFL games in one easy place.
  11. Break the Book: Here you'll find a tool to track your bets, get odds, data and more.

School Spirit

Support your team with these apps that offer school songs, rallying cries and more.

  1. Ball State University Chirper: Chirp at the opponents with this spirited app.
  2. iRivalz-Utah: This application works hand-in-hand with the next app in this list, pitting fans against each other to compete for athletic scholarship funds. Of course, it also plays the school fight song.
  3. iRivalz-BYU: Use this application to support BYU and hear the team's song.
  4. Boomer: If you're an Oklahoma fan, download this app to listen to the Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma, and the OU chant.
  5. Clemson Tigers: With this application you can listen to the Tiger Rag and find football game schedules.
  6. GigEm: Aggies will appreciate this app, with tools to play War Hymn, Noble Men of Kyle, and Spirit of Aggieland.
  7. HookEm: This University of Texas application will play the Texas Fight song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Eyes of Texas, and the Texas Chant.
  8. Go Pokes: Oklahoma State University supporters can get ramped up for the game with this app that plays Ride 'em Cowboys, The Waving Song, the OSU chant, and the OSU alma mater.
  9. MSU Cowbell: Mississippi fans will be able to ring their own cowbells and play the ‘Hail State' song on their phones with this app.
  10. College Fight Songs: This application collects the fight songs for numerous schools into one place, letting you show your spirit for all your favorite teams.

Sports Trivia

Test your college sports knowledge with these fun applications.

  1. College Football 101- Quizner's Sports Trivia: Here you'll be able to see how much you really know about college football.
  2. Absolutely Trivial Football: Find out if you're a true fan with this trivia application.
  3. Buckeye Classics DVD Trivia Game: Test out your knowledge of the Buckeyes past and present with this quiz tool.
  4. College Football History: This application will let you explore the history of the game.
  5. Behind the Line: Take this book on college football with you anywhere to learn more about the sport.
  6. NCAA Football: Learn new facts and share them with others with this app all about NCAA football.
  7. Mascot Trivia: Do you know your mascots? This app will help you find out.

Superfan Tools

If you're a tried and true fan of college football, check out these tools to help you support your team.

  1. College Football Logos: Decorate your iPhone with your favorite team logo using this application.
  2. iTeams Mobi: You can make your own website and station featuring college football info right from this site.
  3. College GameDay: This app puts everything you need to tailgate in style right at your fingertips.
  4. Local Radio Finder: Find a local station that's airing the game with this app.
  5. Tailgating: Make sure your tailgating experience goes off without a hitch with this helpful app that lets you check off what you need to bring.
  6. FANS of Football: With this app you'll get news, tweets, chat, video and information all about college football.
  7. Sport Rule Books: If you're having a dispute over the rules of the game, settle them with this handy app.
  8. Football Rule Book: Use this app to double-check the rule book for football.
  9. FanFinder: If you want to head to a sports bar that supports your favorite team, try out this helpful application.
  10. iReferee: This application will remind you of the meanings of all the referee signals.

Just for Fun

If there's no college football game on TV, bide your time playing one of these football-themed games instead.

  1. Tailgate Games: Play bags, horseshoe, ladder golf and washers on your phone to give you the tailgating feeling, even if you're at home.
  2. ESPN Zoom: College Football: Let this photo hunt game keep you busy and in the football spirit.
  3. iFootball: Try out this application to test the football skills of your fingers.
  4. iHotdog: If you're hankering for a delicious hotdog, try this app to hold you over.
  5. Blitz Football Pro: Try this fun app to play a simulated football game on your phone.
  6. Football U: Football fans will love this 3D football simulator for the iPhone.
  7. UCoach Pro: Ever think you'd be a better coach than the actual coach? This application lets you step in and try your hand.
  8. What College Are You?: Find out what college team best fits your personality in this application.
  9. Extreme Paper Football: Use this application to give this old game a new spin.