100 Great Blogs for Green Students

by Staff Writers

From food to budget shopping to entertainment to your everyday lifestyle choices, college life (even online courses) can be a total slap in the face to the environment and responsible, eco-conscious living. But just because you're stuck in a campus bubble doesn't mean you can't take a stand against irresponsible, damaging practices. Here are 100 great blogs for green students to help you learn about environmental projects, news, legislation, shopping trends, and more.


Keep up with news, politics, recalls, conventions and projects focused on environmental issues.

  1. Grist: Grist is "a beacon in the smog," sharing news about environmental projects, legislation, trends and more.
  2. Environment: Reuters' Environment blog tracks global environment policy, technology trends, alternative energy solutions, and other related news.
  3. Green Daily: Check out the Eco-Beat and other features on Green Daily, which covers green news and lifestyle tidbits.
  4. The Daily Green: On The Daily Green, you can read about green consumerism and also browse resources for organic living, traveling green, toxic toy recalls, and more.
  5. Environmental Grafitti: This environmental news channel covers business and politics, technology, ecology, and more.
  6. Environmental News Network: ENN brings the eco-conscious news about global warming, climate change, pollution, energy solutions, ecosystems, agriculture and more.
  7. This blog is the "business voice of the green economy" and is packed with headlines that affect the business of going green.
  8. World Changing: This award-winning blog covers green news in design and architecture, community, business, the planet, local stories and other projects and trends.
  9. Ecorazzi: This fun blog brings you the latest green news, from fashion, entertainment, special events, animals and more.
  10. Switchboard, from NRDC: Get news and analysis from Switchboard, which tackles all kinds of environmental and green living subjects, from energy efficiency to sustainable design.
  11. Signs from Earth: Dennis Dimick's blog tracks all the news about energy, deforestation, animals, fuel, and more.
  12. Green: Green is The Huffington Posts' green living and eco-news channel.
  13. Earth Blips: You'll find the blogs, videos and news stories about what's going on in the environment and green industries here.
  14. Environment Blog: The Guardian‘s environment blog shares green news from Europe and beyond.


From human rights projects to environmental campaigns, check out these activist blogs to get ideas on how you can help save the planet.

  1. TakePart: The TakePart Social Action Network blogs to share news about environmental and humanitarian campaigns around the world, including Sienna Miller's new documentary about Congo, 8 Minutes.
  2. Care2: Care2 is a large green living and social activism site with news, project ideas, campaign news, networking opportunities and plenty more.
  3. PEEK: AlterNet's humanitarian and environmental activism blog covers news stories that comment on conflicts and crises around the world.
  4. Dateline Copenhagen: This Worldwatch Institute blog keeps track of the international campaigns to support environmentally responsible practices.
  5. Livewire: Livewire is Amnesty International's blog for human rights.
  6. SEED: SEED magazine online is full of blog posts and features about innovative energy solutions, green technology, ecology protection campaigns and more.
  7. Greenversations: Greenversations is the official blog of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  8. Green Room: The Environmental Defense Fund's activism blog can be found here.
  9. Sustainablog: From new legislation to recycling projects to nature conservation, this site is committed to "blogging a greener world."
  10. Celebs Gone Good: Learn about celebrity-supported causes that support humanitarian projects and the environment.
  11. Making Waves: Greenpeace's blog has information about their projects in the rainforests and beyond.
  12. Rising Voices: On Rising Voices, you'll watch videos and learn about new global projects to join to save the environment.
  13. The YP4 Blog: Young People For gets America's youth involved in reform and green causes.
  14. Green is the New Red: This blog is fighting for the rights of "eco-terrorists," those who support animal rights and environmental causes but who get no respect from big corporations or Washington.
  15. Greenwala: Here, activists network to support each other's causes and learn about new projects.

Food and Diet

From agriculture to organic food, you'll find all kinds of resources, news and tips for responsible eating and growing here.

  1. Nourishing the Planet: Learn about sustainable agriculture and how to support rural farming communities through this blog.
  2. The Ethicurean: Learn about making more responsible, ethical food choices from The Ethicurean.
  3. Meatless Monday: Find food safety news, recipes, seasonal foods and more, from this blog that is published in association with the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  4. The Green Fork: Learn how to eat well and eat green from The Green Fork.
  5. Eat Local Challenge: Challenge yourself to eat only locally grown meals.
  6. Fairfield Green Food Guide: On this blog, you'll learn how to grow and eat organically, visit farmer's markets and more.
  7. The Daily Table: The Sustainable Table and The Meatrix bring you healthy, responsible recipes and foodie news here.
  8. This site's blog covers organic news and health issues.
  9. Sustainable Food:'s blog covers responsible agriculture, local eating, hunger crises, climate change and the food crisis, and more.
  10. Civil Eats: This green living blog mostly covers food policy, health, recipes and local food, but it also addresses politics and other environmental issues too.
  11. Food Politics: From the FDA to obesity to organic food, you'll find everything controversial about food here.

Fashion, Shopping and Entertainment

These blogs show you how to dress and shop according to environmentally friendly standards, and without looking too "granola" or going over budget.

  1. eConscious Market: This is the blog for the green shopping site Enter to win giveaways, learn about new green products and more.
  2. Green Lashes and Fashion: Head to this blog when you want the latest products and news from organic fashion and beauty.
  3. Gas 2.0: Learn about the next generation of cars and fuels from Gas 2.0.
  4. Social Vibe: Social Vibe blogs about celebrity causes, the environment and more.
  5. Deal Hippie: Find deals and coupons on organic and eco-friendly fashion and beauty products.
  6. Jolly Green Girl: This eco-living, fashion and travel blog is full of inspirational pictures and tips.
  7. Commerce with a Conscience: Learn about being well-dressed and classy without giving up your ethical roots.
  8. Green and Gorgeous: This blog proves that green fashion doesn't have to mean "granola."
  9. Eco Diva: On Eco Diva, you'll find product reviews and more about green fashion and beauty.
  10. Vintage Fashion Guild: This vintage fashion network's blog is perfect for recycling fashion junkies.
  11. In the Loop: In the Loop will clue you in to everything you need to know about green designers, DIY fashion and more.


Whether you're a design student or just looking for eco-friendly inspiration to redo your apartment, check out these design blogs.

  1. Inhabitat: This popular blog covers green design, from architecture to interior design to technology to fashion.
  2. Web Ecoist: Get innovative design project ideas for your dorm room and beyond.
  3. Find homemade project ideas and recipes.
  4. Design Sprout: Design Sprout is a green interior design and shopping blog.
  5. Green Air: View pictures and read features about innovative design projects, recycling and sustainability.
  6. EcoKind Design: Get tips on restyling your dorm or apartment according to eco-kind standards.

Green Living

From transportation to gardening to making better, smarter lifestyle choices, these green living blogs are full of tips, advice and resources.

  1. GreenUPGRADER: This blog showcases green products and DIY projects for greener living.
  2. Green Living Ideas: Here you'll find podcasts, news articles and features about green living.
  3. Mother Earth News: Read about "living wisely" on Mother Earth News.
  4. TreeHugger: TreeHugger is a major green site with channels for cars, science, culture and celebrity, fashion, activism, design and architecture, food and more.
  5. Ecofriend: Learn about new green projects in the arts, technology, and entertainment.
  6. Planet Green: Planet Green is the Discovery Channel's green living site with tools, resources and features about green fashion, food, design and more.
  7. Gaiam: This yoga and green living site covers organic products, green health, wellness, green fashion and more.
  8. The Green Guide: National Geographic's green living blog will help you save money and the environment by becoming more informed on topics like climate change, renewable energy, fuel savings and transportation, green careers, and more.
  9. Mother Nature Network: This green lifestyle and news blog covers committed celebrities, green products, tech news, transportation, food and family.
  10. Gorgeously Green: This blog's channels include travel, fashion, food and kitchen, eco-home, garden, and more.
  11. Green Options: This network of blogs covers green business, lifestyle, news and more.
  12. No Impact Man: Learn how to reduce your impact through smarter consumer practices and more.
  13. The Greenest Dollar: On The Greenest Dollar, you'll find ways to save your money and the environment.
  14. Cheap Like Me: This is another eco-conscious frugal living blog.
  15. Eco Etsy Street Team Blog: Get inspired to recycle everything in your dorm room when you read this blog.

Climate Change

Learn more about climate change from these blogs.

  1. Climate Progress: Discover what's being done to fix human's impact on climate.
  2. Solve Climate: Head to this blog for news and commentary about climate change.
  3. Climate 411: Better understand the climate crisis when you read this blog from the EDF.

Business and Career

Research green careers and learn about the business of the environmental industry from these blogs.

  1. From green investing to green dream jobs, this site has it all.
  2. GreenMoney Journal: Learn about "socially responsible investing" from this online journal.
  3. The Oil Drum: If you're curious about how the oil industry and the energy crisis are really related, read this blog.
  4. The Green Workplace: Discover what businesses can do to make workplaces greener.
  5. Triple Pundit: Learn how to help businesses adopt sustainable practices by reading this blog.
  6. Transforming Cultures: This blog from the Worldwatch Institute covers responsible consumerism.
  7. Innovation Exchange: This blog from the Environmental Defense Fund covers green business innovation, Wal-Mart cases, transportation and more.
  8. Green Inc.: Discover "the bottom line" of the new energy campaigns.
  9.'s blog and podcast series discuss green jobs, making global connections, nonprofit work, and more.


In preparation for your next spring break or study abroad, check out sustainable travel tips from these blogs.

  1. Green Globetrotter: Jessica is a freelance travel writer who posts beautiful pictures of green travel locations and trends.
  2. Go Green Travel Green: On this blog, you'll find all kinds of tips and tools for packing, lodging, and traveling green.
  3. Save Eco Destinations: Learn about different eco travel destinations around the world.
  4. Uprooted: Uprooted is a blog about eco travel and green trends in different locations.
  5. Simple Green Choices: These two bloggers/travelers share the tips they've learned for simple green living.

Science and Tech

From new technology products that use green materials to scientific research studies that can help save the world, you'll find these blogs fascinating.

  1. Ecogeek: Ecogeek is about all things green and technological.
  2. Green Light: Green Light covers green technology news and analysis.
  3. Chemicals and Nanomaterials: The EDF's science, health and business blog shares research news, policy changes and more.
  4. Dot Earth: This New York Times blog by Andrew C. Revkin explores how we're getting ready to hit the 9 billion-people mark by 2050, and how the planet will hold us all.
  5. Live Science Environment: Get environmental science news, from global warming to natural disasters.
  6. In the Field: Nature writers report back from the field on conferences, research findings and more.
  7. CleanTechies: This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in reading about or joining the green technology industry.
  8. EcoTech Daily: This is a fabulous resource for keeping up with all things green and tech, from recycling to new gadgets.
  9. CleanTechnica: Discover how technology is being used to save the planet.
  10. Green Tech: Green Tech is CNET's green technology news blog.
  11. H20 Report: Get articles, videos and updates on water energy systems.