50 Great Blogs For and By Law Professors

by Staff Writers

As a law professor, you're probably always on the hunt for new material to talk about in class, besides the mainstream legal news. From case studies to legal headlines and niche law topics, these 50 blogs written for and by law professors can inspire you to host discussions and challenge your students to think about their classwork more critically.

Legal News

Follow the latest legal cases by visiting these news blogs.

  1. Law Blog: The WSJ law blog is updated multiple times a day and follows the big legal cases of the moment and business law.
  2. Above the Law: Above the Law is part news, part legal tabloid, and is a great resource for keeping up with behind-the-scenes dirt from law schools, top firms, and major cases.
  3. The Volokh Conspiracy: This group blog is mostly written by law professors and focuses on law theory and research, law professors and law school, and top (or just weird) cases.
  4. Blawg Review: Get an aggregated list of the week's best law blog posts here.
  5. Robert Ambrogi's LawSites: Robert Ambrogi is a great resource if you want to find new legal resource websites.
  6. The Shark: California law school students keep up with news, salaries and more.
  7. Paper Chase: JURIST's legal news blog is all about "serious law" from "primary sources."
  8. Legal Counsel Corner: This legal commentary blog covers the latest headlines in business law, bail bonds, bankruptcy, class action lawsuits, family law and more.
  9. ABA Blogs: Find law blogs in every single niche, plus tickers of the featured and most popular blogs and posts.
  10. Adjunct Law Prof Blog: Mitchell H. Rubinstein is an adjunct professor at New York Law School and blogs about interesting cases, from domestic violence to health care. He also posts about New York law and law school issues.
  11. American Constitution Society: The ACS tracks top law cases and news.

Theory and Philosophy

Here you'll find discussion and research devoted to legal theory and philosophy.

  1. Dorf on Theory: Cornell law professor Michael Dorf, with his lawyer and professor friends, muses on various law topics here.
  2. Kenneth Anderson's Law of War and Just War Theory Blog: This law professor from American University blogs about international laws of war.
  3. Ernie the Attorney: Ernie has been blogging since 2002 and examines how the legal system responds to change.
  4. Leiter Reports: Law professors will appreciate this philosophy blog that comments on academia, intellectual property and legal philosophy.
  5. Florida Student Philosophy Blog: Florida undergrads, grad students and faculty discuss logic, ethics, the philosophy of law and plenty of other topics here.
  6. Engage: Conversations in Philosophy: Follow this blog for intriguing discussions and questions about social responsibility, public policy, civil disobedience and more.
  7. Feminist Legal Theory: Learn all about feminist legal theory from this blog, published by the UC Davis School of Law.

Business Law

Business law professors will find plenty of resources and commentary on these blogs.

  1. M&A Law Prof: Read about mergers and acquisitions and major cases within the industry from Brian JM Quinn and Michael A. Woronoff.
  2. May It Please the Court: J. Craig Williams blogs about legal news and mostly business law subjects.
  3. The Conglomerate: This blog follows and analyzes top business law cases and economic policy.
  4. The Becker-Posner Blog: This prominent blog covers practically everything, but it's a great resource for business and economics law.
  5. The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation: HLS faculty and fellows share commentary about business law, banking, and more.

Criminal Law

For criminal law analysis and news, head to these blogs written by professors from UCLA School of Law and elsewhere.

  1. CrimProf Blog: Kevin Cole, Dean and Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law, edits this criminal law blog that covers top cases, criminal law policy, the cost of crime, homeland security and more.
  2. The Rap Sheet: Nolo's Criminal Law Blog: UCLA School of Law professor Paul Bergman writes about the 4th amendment, sentencing, evidence, ethics, and more.
  3. Crime and Consequences: This blog is sponsored by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation and focuses on current cases but also posts about prisons, juvenile crimes, criminal procedure and other topics.
  4. In Session: If you want to keep up with leading criminal cases with your students, follow CNN's In Session.
  5. White Collar Crime Prof Blog: You can read about white collar crime issues regarding tax law, mortgage fraud and more from this blog.
  6. TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime: This is a great blog to supplement any criminal law class or discussion.

Justice and the Courtroom

Keep tabs on judges and courtroom gossip by following these blogs.

  1. Sentencing Law and Policy: Douglas A. Berman from the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State writes about the death penalty and other sentencing topics.
  2. SCOTUS blog: Keep up with Supreme Court news here.
  3. Bench Memos: Bench Memos is written by professors and other contributors, sponsored by the National Review Online.
  4. Underneath Their Robes: This gossip blog will tune you into the behind-the-scenes "news" of federal justices.


Lead your class in a discussion about legal ethics in business, law firms, and more.

  1. Neuroethics and Law Blog: Professor Adam Kolber of the University of San Diego School of Law writes about law, science and medicine.
  2. Overlawyered: Overlawyered is keeping a close eye on "the high cost" of the legal system.
  3. Wal-Mart Watch: B-law and law ethics professors can follow Wal-Mart's scandals on this blog.
  4. Legal Ethics Forum: Various legal ethics subjects are discussed here, from corporate law to public policy.


From Internet law to sports law, you can find niche legal topics discussed on the following sites.

  1. Power Line: Power Line is a public policy blog written by lawyers.
  2. beSpacific: This law and legal technology blog has won several awards and references primary and secondary sources.
  3. Instapundit: This popular law and technology blog is written by Glenn Reynolds, a professor at the University of Tennessee, contributing editor at Popular Mechanics and author of several books.
  4. Balkinization: Various law professors and academics weigh in on international law and policy here.
  5. E-Commerce Law: If you teach e-commerce law, you'll want to follow this lawyer whose work has been featured on CBS, FOX and more.
  6. Internet Alia: Internet Alia is an Internet legal research blog, making it a great resource for nearly all law professors and students.
  7. Scrivener's Error: This blog is all about "law and reality in publishing" from the author's side of things. You'll also find posts about legal theory and the First Amendment, for good measure.
  8. Sports Law Blog: Those interested in sports law will like this award-winning group blog.


These law blogs are great simply for their variety and love of discussion.

  1. Al Nye the Lawyer Guy: From current affairs to lead cases to books, Al covers it all.
  2. Concurring Opinions: Get in-depth posts about a range of legal topics, written by law professors at George Washington University Law School, Thomas Jefferson School of Law and others.
  3. Law and More: The posts here are "deconstructing what happens in law," from employment lawsuits to criminal law.
  4. Legal Blog Watch: features law blogs on its site, so it's a great place to look for new commentary and the latest headlines.
  5. The Legal Reader: Get commentary on legal news and politics.