50 Best Blogs for Special Ed Teachers

by Staff Writers

Working in Special Education means you get the opportunity to meet some amazing students with gifts that appear a bit differently than those of mainstream students, and usually in a more intimate setting. It also means you will deal with more paperwork, closer parental involvement, and a wider variety of teaching strategies. All of these unique situations present learning opportunities for you as a teacher. A great way to find ways to enhance your teaching and discover what others are doing is by reading blogs. The following 50 blogs provide tips and strategies, focus on assistive technology, explore specific learning challenges, share information about news, policy, and law, and more from other educators working in the field of Special Education.

After reading this list, if you're interested in even more, up-to-date blogs for Special Ed teachers, check out our 2012 list.

Special Education Teaching Tips and Strategies

Read these blogs for great tips and strategies you can use with your own students.

  1. Reality 101. The Council for Exceptional Children sponsors this blog just for new special education teachers with information, tips, and more.
  2. Jerry's Special Education Blog. Jerry Webster writes this blog from that focuses on advice and tips for teaching special ed.
  3. Teachers at Risk. With 20 years of teaching experience, this teacher has plenty to share about teaching special education. Most of her work is with older students, so high school teachers will especially benefit from her tips.
  4. SMD Teacher. Get tons of tips for working with special education students from this teacher who works with students with multiple disabilities.
  5. Successful Teaching. Get tips and strategies appropriate for both regular and special ed classes from this educator with 30 years of experience as well as board certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist.
  6. Teach Effectively!. Find evidence-based teaching tips for those who work with at-risk or special needs students.
  7. Special 2 me. This special ed teacher posts book reviews and more as she looks for her next teaching assignment.
  8. Special Education Strategies and More…. Michelle teaches special ed and shares strategies that have worked for her.
  9. Teacher Sol. Written by a special ed teacher, this blog features news, strategies, and more from her classroom and others. Be sure to check out the right sidebar for tons of resources.
  10. Lisa's Lingo. Lisa is a regular ed inclusion teacher who shares her vast experience working with her amazing students.

Technology and Assistive Technology

The use of technology and assistive technology has expanding the opportunities for students with special needs. Keep up with the latest technological advances and learn how others have incorporated technology in their teaching.

  1. Assistive Technology. Written by a school psychologist with an interest in technology and assistive technology, this blog provides a wealth of information helpful to those working with assistive technology and students.
  2. Teaching All Students. Patrick Black blogs about using assistive technology in the special education classroom here.
  3. EdTech Solutions. Striving to make education accessible to all students, this teacher posts about technology and assistive technology as well as offering good recaps of relevant Twitter conversations on the topic.
  4. Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner. Learn about free tools and applications that specifically support facilitating learning for special education students with the posts on this blog.
  5. Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties. Special ed teachers can learn about technology that can help students with learning disabilities to succeed.
  6. The Assistive Technology Blog. News, tips, and more on using assistive technology in schools are topics featured here.
  7. Thinking UDL: Universal Design for Learning. Focusing on using technology to help facilitate differentiation in the classroom is the goal of this blog.
  8. Apace of Change. Written by a school psychologist, this blog often focuses on technology, assistive technology, and special education issues.
  9. Christine Southard's Blogspot. Christine is an inclusion teacher trained in special ed and blogs about special ed topics and assistive technology.
  10. AT Cubed. Learn how to best use assistive technology in the classroom from this specialist.
  11. No Limits 2 Learning. This assistive technology specialist blogs about all sorts of great ideas for using AT in the classroom.

Specific Disabilities

Whether you are seeking information on dyslexia, non-verbal learning disability, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, or speech and language disorders, these blogs will help you find what you want to know.

  1. LD Blog. This blog provides news, commentary, and resources on learning disabilities, with recent topics including story comprehension in children with ADHD and a genetic connection to dyslexia.
  2. Barto's World. Find news and tips on teaching students with learning disabilities from this LD teacher.
  3. Eide Neurolearning Blog. With a focus on brain-based learning, this blog touches on dyslexia, autism, and attention issues, and more.
  4. Speech-Language Pathology Sharing. Find plenty of high-tech solutions to addressing speech and language disorders on this blog.
  5. 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. This blog offers information and news for those who educate students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, and Asperger's.
  6. The Language Fix. Speech and language learning is at the heart of this blog that provides both news stories as well as analysis.
  7. NLD in Ontario. Non-verbal learning disabilities, often confused with Asperger's, significantly affect learning and social interactions in bright, engaging students. This father hopes to educate parents and teachers about NLD with his blog.
  8. EBD Blog. Learn about treatments and news stories for emotional and behavioral disorders in this blog that frequently features autism, among other disorders.
  9. The Organization and Management of an Austism Classroom. This blog is currently undergoing a move to a new site, but bookmark it for more great posts to come that will provide helpful tips and strategies for teaching students with autism.

Special Education News and Policy

Stay on top of the latest policy and news pertaining to special education with these blogs.

  1. On Special Education. This blog keeps teachers and parents updated with all the latest news stories relevant to special education.
  2. Special Education and Learning Differences. Find a wide range of special ed topics including helping teach reading in children with learning disabilities, the similarities and differences between Asperger's and autism, and the importance of routine for special needs students in this blog.
  3. SpeEdChange. This blog is dedicated to making learning accessible for everyone by highlighting policies and issues in special education.
  4. Special Education Today. Get news and information from a variety of sources from the world of special education on this blog.
  5. Special Needs Truth '08. With a blend of politics and special education, this blog examines the politics and policies surrounding special ed.
  6. Anna's Blog. This blog features news stories on special education and disabilities.
  7. Making Special Education Actually Work. Find news and policy notes on issues surrounding making public education work for all students.

Special Education Law

Understanding the law behind special education is important for teachers to understand. These blogs will help you know what you need to know.

  1. Special Education Law Blog. Understand the complex world of special education law with the information you'll find on this blog written by Jim Gerl.
  2. Special Education Law Blog. Written by Charles P Fox, a lawyer and father of a child with special needs, this blog features case laws, news, and advice for anyone involved in special education.
  3. The Wrightslaw Way. For both educators and parents, this blog features specific elements of special education legal issues.
  4. Special Ed Justice. This special education lawyer writes about the law, education, and special needs.

Various Topics on Special Education

From working with students with multiple special needs to a unique math class, these blogs focus on a variety of specific topics related to special education.

  1. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs. If your students have multiple, complex, severe, or profound special needs, then this blog is just for you and your students.
  2. Education on the Plate. In an interesting combination of special education and cooking technology, this blog from a special education teacher and campaigner against disabilism includes posts at the intersection of both.
  3. Mentor Matters/ Collegial Support in Desperate Times. Working in a special ed, self-contained classroom, this teacher shares the ups and downs of teaching students with emotional disabilities.
  4. School Psychologist Blog Files. This blog is specifically written to parents of students in Special Ed, but teachers can also learn from this blog by opening up lines of communication with parents while gaining an understanding of the parents' perspective.
  5. Notes from the School Psychologist. Not only does this psychologist write about counseling and psychology, but she often includes posts dealing with specific special needs, such as a recent one on reading strategies for students with learning disabilities.
  6. Mad Math Beyond Numberdome. This math teacher works specifically with students with learning disabilities and shares her experiences here.
  7. SpedPro. Find "professional information" such as employment opportunities, stipends for conferences, and news stories of interest to those in special education.
  8. The Life that Chose Me. This blog offers insight from a special ed teacher that ranges from assessing students with severe disabilities to the difficulties of working in the bureaucracy of education.
  9. Behavior Modification. The posts here focus on using behavior modification in the classroom to positively manage and shape behavior.