100 Inspiring & Informative Blog Posts for Young Job Seekers

by Staff Writers

By Katheryn Rivas

With unemployment at high levels in many places around the nation, finding a job is difficult for many. Of course, those just emerging with their college degrees and who don't have a large amount of experience may find an even more daunting job market out there. Young job hunters shouldn't lose hope, however, as these blog posts offer advice and inspiration created just for people in your situation who have a lifetime of career potential ahead of them.

General Advice

Here you'll find all kinds of job hunting and career advice to get you started.

  1. The Job Seeker of the Future: Learn what skills and attributes employers will be looking for in the coming years through the advice found on this blog.
  2. Young Job Seekers Need 20-20 Vision: This blog post will help you forge the right direction for a career with staying power.
  3. Career Advice for College Grads: Find all kinds of helpful advice from other college grads in this post.
  4. 5 Things College Teaches You About Work (and 5 things it doesn't): See what your college education taught you in terms of work and things you'll have to learn on your own.
  5. From Ivy League to Unemployed: How College Grads Should Approach the Job Hunt: Even those at the top of the educational ladder aren't secured jobs at graduation. Learn what you can do to help make that battle a little easier from this post.
  6. Meeting Employers Through Job Fairs: Job fairs can be great places to network and potentially even meet future employers, so check out this post for some advice on making the most of them.
  7. Non-obvious guide to finding a great job: Not everything about job hunting is immediately evident, as this post points out.
  8. 3 Golden Keys to Job Hunting for New Grads: Learn some ways that you can increase your chances of success in your job hunt through this post.
  9. How to Successfully Search for a Job: Check out this article to learn how to make your job hunt a little easier.
  10. College Grad Job Search – Are You Prepared?: Whether you're graduating soon or have already graduated, chances are you're not quite prepared for the harsh realities of the job market. Not to worry, this post offers some solid advice to get you started.
  11. 7 Ways to Kick-Start Your Job Search: Get your job search up and running with a few pointers found on this site.
  12. The 15-Point College Grad Job-Hunting Study Guide: Use these job hunting crib notes to make it a little easier to search for and find your first real job.


Make sure your resume is up to snuff by reading through some of these helpful posts.

  1. Students and Grads: Resume Boot Camp: This post will show you how to give your resume a total makeover.
  2. The Purpose of a Resume- for New Grads: Here, learn what the true purpose of a resume is and discover how you can tweak yours to meet it.
  3. 12 Eye-Catching Resume Tips: Read through this post to learn how to make your resume into one that will stand out in sea of other applicants.
  4. The Power of a Well-Written Resume: This post will show you the true benefits of creating a resume that wows.
  5. Resume writing for recent grads: a mini-how-to: Geared towards people your age, this post aims to show you how to write a good resume.
  6. Sometimes Even New Grads Need More Than One Page: While in the world of resumes, shorter is often better, learn why going over a page can sometimes help you.
  7. Resume Tips: How to deal with a low GPA: If you didn't do as well as you'd have liked in college, learn how to make up for it on your resume here.
  8. The benefits of getting a second (or third) opinion on your resumé: Here you'll learn why you shouldn't just create a resume and send it off without getting someone else to look at it first.
  9. Drafting the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter: Get free advice on creating a stellar resume from this post.
  10. Reducing Resume Clutter: If your resume looks something like your bedroom floor during finals week, then learn how to tidy it up here.
  11. Powerful New Grad Resumes and Cover Letters: 10 Things They Have in Common: This post will show you what the best resumes are doing right and how you can adjust your own to compete.

Job Search

These bloggers offer some tips on how to make the job search process a little less painful and a lot more productive.

  1. How New Grads Can Take Charge of Job Search Rejection: Hearing "no" is never fun, but this post will show you how to put rejections to good use.
  2. Job Hunting 101 For New Grads: Learn the basics of job hunting from this post.
  3. Tales of a Disgruntled Graduate: A View from the Front Lines of the Post-College Job Hunt: Get some perspective from the job searching world from another grad who's already been there and done that.
  4. Nine practical tips for graduate job seekers: This blog post is full of helpful advice for new grads on the hunt for work.
  5. Job Seekers: Where and How to Find Jobs: Use this post to direct your job hunting energy in the right direction.
  6. Five tips for young job-seekers during a recession: Recessions aren't the ideal times to be searching for jobs, but this post offers some ways to make the best of the situation.
  7. How to Organize Your Job Hunt: As this post will show you, keeping yourself organized during a job search can make the process a lot easier and smoother.
  8. Mary Jeanne Vincent: In job hunt, sell what you have: Get some tips on getting the jobs you can from experts in the working world.
  9. Who's Hiring Recent College Grads: Resources for Entry-Level Job Seekers: Find out where you can access the greatest number of jobs right now from this post.
  10. 7 Job Hunting Mistakes New Grads Make: We're all human and we all make mistakes, but this blog post will help you try to avoid some of the big ones that can cost you a job.


If you're lucky enough to make it to the interview, make sure you don't blow it by reading these blog posts ahead of time.

  1. 7 Common Interview Questions for the New Graduate: If you're not sure what to expect at your first interview, review your answers to these common questions to prepare.
  2. When Job Hunting, Dress for Success: This post explains what you should wear to your first interview.
  3. Answer Strategies to Common Interview Questions: Learn how to answer interview questions with ease using this post.
  4. On a Job Interview, Tips for Handling Tough Questions: When you're asked a difficult answer at an interview, you don't want to just freeze up, so use this post to teach yourself methods for navigating the worst and hardest questions out there.
  5. Interview tips for grads: Get some basic interview tips to use through this post.
  6. Interview Tips: How to Captivate and Impress a Hiring Manager: Here you'll find great advice on making a memorable first impression.
  7. Job Interview Cues that Say "Hire Me": Make sure you're sending out the right kind of vibes at the interview with advice from this post.
  8. Get Hired with These 7 Interviewing Tips: Use this post to give you some help navigating the interviewing process.
  9. Tips for a Successful Phone Interview: Those finding work out of state may find themselves subject to a phone interview. If you've never done one before, make sure to read this post for advice.
  10. How to Perform Well on a Job Interview: Get a few tips on making your first job interview your last for awhile in this post.
  11. Prepare for Job Interview: Avoid the mistakes most applicants make!: Don't make major blunders your first time through. Use the helpful advice found on this post instead.


Finding a job can be a long and sometimes frustrating process but these posts offer hope and motivation to weary job hunters.

  1. College grads finding job search tough, but not impossible: Get some hope for your job search in this post.
  2. A Simple Job Search Motivator: This post aims to get you motivated to keep on searching for jobs.
  3. 20 Motivational Songs for Your Job Search: Few things can get you pepped up quicker than good music, so check out these selections for motivated job hunting.
  4. How to Stay Motivated During a Daunting Job Search: Job searching isn't always fun, but this post offers some advice on keeping motivated even while facing big obstacles.
  5. Open Letter to College Seniors and Recent Grads: Stop Whining: Some people need a little harsher take on motivation, and this blog post is just that.
  6. Welcome to the Real World: My Best Advice for New Graduates: Get some advice to keep you going in this post.
  7. 5 Reasons Why Doing What You Love Can Optimize Your Life: Learn why you should stick to finding a job doing something you love, even with all the obstacles, with help from this post.

Choosing a Career

Not sure where to even begin applying for jobs? These blog posts will help you choose a career direction after graduation.

  1. Many college grads find work outside line of study: If you're having a tough time finding a job in your major, consider another field. As this post will show you, it's not at all uncommon.
  2. 10 Tips for Successful Career Planning: Get some advice on planning out your career from this post.
  3. One Strategy to Find Out What You Want to Do: Not sure how you want to progress with your post-college career? This post will give you some ideas on how to discover your passions.
  4. Career Planning Advice: This post offers some great tips on planning your career over the next five, ten, or twenty years.
  5. How to Make the Most Money With your College Degree: If money is your objective, then consider the career moves suggested in this post.
  6. The Emerging Professional: Finding Your Passion: This post will help guide you towards your true career passions.
  7. How to Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers: Here you'll find inspiration to pursue the job and career you love no matter what others around you say.
  8. Backing Your Career Passion: This post explains that many people are unhappy at their jobs, but offers solutions to find a job that truly meets your desires.
  9. Writing a Career Action Plan: Why You Need One: If you don't have one of these plans, learn more about what they do and why they're important here.
  10. College grads hit the road to find their dream jobs: Read this post to find out one way young grads are following their career dreams.

Using Technology

As part of a generation who has grown up using computers and technology, the opportunities the web has to offer should be part of your arsenal of job hunting tools. These posts will show you the way.

  1. A Dozen Online Job Hunting Tips: Learn how to best scour the web for job opportunities with a little help from this post.
  2. Build A Brand For Yourself to Make Your Job Hunt Easier: Don't know what that entails? This post will explain in detail what you should be doing to create a personal brand.
  3. How to Use Facebook for Job Search: Facebook is a great place to keep in touch with friends, but you can also use it to find work, as this post discusses.
  4. Top 10 Benefits of Using Twitter during a Job Search: Make Twitter a valuable job hunting tool with advice found here.
  5. How I Found My Job Using LinkedIn — A Windmill Networking Success Story: Online business networking may be new to you, but this post gives you a pretty good reason to consider diving in.
  6. How To Go About Finding A Job Online: Check out this post for ideas on how to make the most of the millions of jobs listed online.
  7. Leveraging Technology for your Job Search: If you know how to use technology, why not use it, as this post suggests, to help you find work?
  8. Don't Screw Up Your Job Hunt: Manage Your Online Reputation!: When you were in college, posting photos online of your drunken revelries seemed like a good idea, but now that you're looking for work, they could come back to haunt you. Learn how to manage your online reputation here.
  9. In the job hunt, beware of scams: Unfortunately, the online world is full of job scams. This post will teach you what to watch out for.
  10. Social Media Job Search: Try using social media as a job hunting tool with help from this post.

First Jobs

Many students will be finding their first real job after graduation, and these posts offer some advice on doing it right.

  1. 5 Tips to Prepare for that First "Real" Job Interview: If you've never applied for a serious job before, this post can help you get ready for success.
  2. How to get your first job (as a recent graduate): Learn some tricks on getting that first job after college with this post.
  3. Job for Pending College Graduate: Those who are graduating soon can plan ahead for job hunting with this post.
  4. College Students: Finding Your First Job: Read through this site to find out how to best navigate the search for your first big job.
  5. Making a First Impression: Starting a new job or looking for one can be nerve wracking, but you'll learn some ways to make a good impression here.
  6. Your First Days Working at a New Job: 20 Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression: This post will teach you how to wow your employers in your first few weeks of employment.
  7. How To Behave At Your First Job: If you've never held a job anywhere but in fast food, this blog post can help you learn the rules of the workplace.
  8. Interview Tips for the First Time Job Seekers: Make your first interviewing experience a pleasant one with tips from this blog.
  9. Starting Your First Job: You got your degree, you got a job, now what? This post offers a little help for those new to the working world.
  10. 5 Tips for Your First "Real" Job: Learn what you should be doing to get and keep post-college jobs.

Experience Boosters

You may not have a lot of work experience, but check out these posts for advice on finding other opportunities to bulk up your resume.

  1. Internships Lead To Full Time Jobs: If you've never done an internship, this post can give you a pretty good reason why you might want to consider it.
  2. Good College Student Resume Experience: Learn some great ways you can add experience to your resume from this post.
  3. 3 Ways Unpaid Internships Pay: You might not make money, but here you can learn why unpaid work could pay big in the end.
  4. Top Part-Time Jobs: Use Your Degree to Make Ends Meet: Even if you can't get a full-time job, this post shows how you may be able to find some part-time work to hold you over.
  5. Developing Leadership Skills: Read through this post to find some interesting and valuable ways to boost your leadership skills.
  6. Tips for Every College Grad on Non-Profit Jobs: The tips on this site are geared towards students hoping to work in the non-profit sector, but many could apply just as easily to those in a wide range of other fields.
  7. I don't need an internship.: If you've ever found yourself uttering this phrase you may need to read this blog post.
  8. 5 Steps to Achieving Maximum Benefit from Your Degree: Learn how to make the most of that big investment in college with help from this post.

Inspiration and Help

These posts offer young job hunters advice on de-stressing, making the most of their time and successful self-marketing–among other topics.

  1. College Grad Job Prospects – A Little Good News: While the economy may be in a downturn, this post shows why it's not all bad for young job seekers.
  2. The 49 Best Ways To Find A Job In Today's Horrible Economy: Get some pointers on making a go of it even when competition is tough.
  3. Should You Always Accept "No" In Your Job Search?: Rejection in a job search is inevitable, but this post discusses whether or not you should always accept it as the final word.
  4. 4 Tips for De-Stressing Your Job Search: Having a job is important, but this post will show you that lowering your stress and finding time for fun is as well.
  5. Don't Burn Bridges in Your Job Search: You never know where life will bring you, and this post will stress the importance of leaving doors open for yourself.
  6. Inspiration: Go from Unemployed to Entrepreneur: Get inspired through this post to take matters into your own hands and start your own business.
  7. Success Stories: Check out this post for some great job hunting and career success stories.
  8. 10 Inspirational Online Business Stories: Coming from a generation brought up with technology, why not use that built-in expertise to start your own online business like the people in this article?
  9. Inspiration for your job search: This post offers some advice and inspiration to help you keep your head up while job hunting.
  10. Ten Ways to Market Your Liberal Arts Degree: Liberal arts degrees can be notoriously hard to find work with, but this post will show you some tricks on how to sell your knowledge to employers.
  11. Use your qualification: Don't waste all those years at college when you're applying for jobs. This post will explain how to make the most of your qualifications.