100 Niche Search Engines Every College Student Needs

by Staff Writers

By Katheryn Rivas

While the big names like Google and Yahoo will likely always rule the search engine market, sometimes you want something a little more focused when it comes to finding what you need on the web. That's where these niche search engines come in handy. Using these tools you'll be able to search through everything from academic research articles to deals on video games, making your life at college easier in a myriad of ways.


Use these great search engines to aid in your research for papers, projects and more.

  1. Google Scholar: With Google Scholar you can search through thousands of guaranteed scholarly (and appropriate for use in a paper) articles and research reports.
  2. WorldCat: If you need a book and they don't have it at your local library, use this tool to find out where the closest location you can find the book is.
  3. Scirus: Using this search tool you can browse or search through loads of great scientific articles–great for last-minute research.
  4. HighBeam Research: This tool searches through numerous sites to find the articles that you're looking for.
  5. iSeek: Students and teachers alike can find great information using this site that searches through only trusted resources.
  6. Librarian's Internet Index: Make sure you're finding reliable, truthful information by using this search tool.
  7. Vadlo: This search engine allows users to search through thousands of resources in the life sciences and biomedical fields.
  8. Virtual Learning Resource Center: You'll find a great collection of resources on this site to help you complete your projects in everything from economics to art history.
  9. Open Library: If you don't have time to run out to the library, you can find online resources to use for free using this search engine.
  10. Online Journals Search Engine: Use this search engine to find great scientific journal articles.

Getting Answers

Check out these search engines for help finding answers to your important questions and organizing information.

  1. Ask a question and other users will post their answers on this helpful site.
  2. AskMeNow: Use this search site to find answers from experts on a wide range of topics.
  3. Powerset: This tool uses Wikipedia to answer your question, bringing up the most relevant information.
  4. Lexxe: Simply type a question into this site to get search results that best answer it.
  5. Online Conversion: You can convert just about any unit to another using this great tool. Simply search to find the conversion you need.
  6. Tablefy: This site will allow you to compare just about anything from products to websites and give you the information in an easy to use table.
  7. MetaGlossary: Using this tool, you can find the meaning of millions of phrases, terms and acronyms.
  8. BrainBoost: Try out this question-answering engine to see if you can't find just what you're looking for.

Med Students

Whether you're already in med school or planning to head there when you graduate, these tools offer great search capabilities for all kinds of health-related information.

  1. PubMed: This site lets you search through the holdings at the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.
  2. MedScape: Find all kinds of useful health-related articles through this site.
  3. OmniMedicalSearch: This medical site lets you search for articles, news, photos and more.
  4. Healthline: Check out this basic site to find information on a variety of medical conditions.
  5. Healthfinder: Here you'll find a collection of government health resources that you can search through in both English and Spanish.
  6. Antibiotic Guide: If you need to know anything about an antibiotic, you'll find it using this search site from Johns Hopkins.
  7. Medical Designed with students in mind, this site is full of searchable information that can help you in your studies.
  8. Use this search site as a starting point to learning more about prescription drugs of all kinds.

Law Students

Search through all kinds of legal history and information using these tools.

  1. Everybody's Legal Glossary: This searchable resources puts legal terms into plain English so that you can understand them.
  2. Catalaw: Catalaw is a site that brings together the world's law catalogs and lets you search through them.
  3. FedLaw: This site will help you find everything from the meaning of acronyms to forms and legal restrictions for businesses.
  4. Supreme Court Decisions: If you need to look up a Supreme Court case, this site makes it simple.
  5. LawGuru: Using this site, you can ask any kind of legal question and get answers or find out what kind of law offices are open in your area.
  6. Hieros Gamos: Find law firms, jobs, legal information and just about anything else related to the law by searching this site.
  7. Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research: This site makes it easy to search for Supreme Court decisions, legislation, regulations and more.
  8. World Legal Information Institute: Search through this database to find information related to legal cases from around the world.

Business Students

Keep up with the markets and the big names in business with these search engines.

  1. You'll find a wide range of business information through the search engine on this site.
  2. DailyStocks: Keep up with the ups and downs of the market by searching for specific stocks on this site.
  3. Inomics: Sign up for this site to search through a wealth of economics-related information.
  4. Zapdata: By becoming a member of this site, you can search through businesses from across the nation and get great leads and connections.
  5. Bloomberg: Use this site to learn more about economic and financial news and to follow the markets.
  6. BPubs: Search through a variety of business publications for articles that interest you using this site.
  7. ThomasNet: Look up companies, product names, brands and more and find all the information you need on this site.


These search engines will allow you to conduct big, personalized searches.

  1. WikiSlice: This site will let you search through wikipedia for a given term, giving you all the articles that reference it.
  2. Dogpile: Use this search engine to search through Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask all at once.
  3. MetaCrawlerWeb: Save yourself some time and search through all the big search engines at once on this site.
  4. mamma: Whether you're looking for web results, video or images, this site brings you the best results from the biggest search engines out there.
  5. Myriad Search: Search through several major search engines on this site, with the option to customize your results.
  6. HotBot: Choose from several search engines to use on this meta site.
  7. SurfWax: This site will help you make the most of your searches, offering custom tools for searching Wikipedia, RSS feeds, news, shopping and more.
  8. Clusty: With the option to limit searches to topics like blogs, images, Wikipedia and more, this site makes finding what you need a whole lot easier.
  9. Copernic Agent: Find what you're looking for in a snap using this customizable search tool.

Images and Visual Displays

If you need images for a project or just for fun, these sites make it easy to find what you're looking for.

  1. Image Toss: Use this search tool to find great images.
  2. Picsearch: This site will let you search through billions of images to find what you need.
  3. Fagan Finder: An indispensable tool for searching for images, this site lets you search through stock photos, search engines, photo sharing sites and more.
  4. TinEye Reverse Image Search: Have an image but don't know where it came from? This search site can help.
  5. Pixsy: Use this site to search through tons of pictures and images to find what you're looking for.
  6. Netvue: With this site you'll see images and animations displayed beautifully so you'll find just what you're looking for.
  7. Creative Commons Search: Find images you can use for free on this site.
  8. Middlespot: Search through the images on this site and collect them using the site's tools so you can use them later.


Find videos and music galore using these search engines.

  1. List your favorite bands on this site, and the search feature will direct you towards other artists you might like.
  2. Dailymotion: On this site you'll find thousands of videos you can look through each day.
  3. YouTube: As the best-known video-hosting site on the web, this search tool is a best bet for finding the videos you need.
  4. FindSounds: Whether you need a new ring tone or just want to entertain yourself with funny sounds, you can find just about everything you need here.
  5. Blinkx: Search through tons of videos on this site.
  6. SeeqPod: Use this tool to search through millions of songs, and you can even listen to samples of your results.
  7. RadioLocator: Search through this site to find the best radio stations in your area.
  8. SkreemR: Find a wide range of MP3 files through this search engine.


Find fun things to do in your college town using these helpful entertainment search sites.

  1. Gnod: Find music, books and movies that meet your interests using this search engine.
  2. ConcertFinders: Try out this site to find out what concerts will be happening in your area.
  3. FestivalFinder: If you want to attend a music or any other kind of festival this summer, consider using this tool to find out more information.
  4. Fandango: Look up information about movies and find show times and tickets on this site.
  5. Restaurant Row: Enter in your city, a type of food or a restaurant name and find all the information you need for a dinner out.
  6. TV Guide: Find out what's playing on your TV by searching through the listings on this site.
  7. Zvents: Discover fun things to do in your neck of the woods by searching through this site.
  8. Goby: Simply type in what you'd like to do, where you'd like to do it or when you're free, and you can find all kinds of fun activities.
  9. IMDB: Settle your movie trivia debates using this excellent movie and television information database.


If you're a college student on a budget, take advantage of these shopping sites to find great bargains on just about anything you could need.

  1. This site is home to some of the best deals and selections on the web from sites made for women, men, home and more.
  2. Slifter: Find out where to buy products in your neighborhood using this online tool.
  3. Pronto: This site searches top stores for great deals and trendy fashions to save you the trouble of doing it on your own.
  4. The Find: Search for a product using this site and it will tell you where to get the best deal and if there are coupons available.
  5. retrevo: Those in the market for new electronics should try out this site for finding great deals.
  6. BizRate: Here, you're able to search for items, price compare and buy them from the site with the best deal.
  7. Shopzilla: This site is the ultimate comparison shopping search engine. Simply type in what you're looking for and it does the rest.
  8. AuctionMapper: Use this site to totally hack the listings on eBay, get the best deals and find what you're looking for.


These search sites will help you find a place to live or a job to pay for that place.

  1. HotPads: If you're in the market for a new apartment, then this site can help you find some great new digs.
  2. Rent.Com: Find a place to rent that's within your budget using this search site.
  3. Use this site to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck in your college apartment.
  4. MyNewPlace: This site lets you search through millions of apartment and rental listings.
  5. Internship Programs: Try out this site to secure yourself an internship for the summer or after college.
  6. indeed: If your graduation is looming, start looking for work now using this job search engine.
  7. JuJu: Search by field, location, or company on this site for a job that will make use of your college degree.
  8. Careerjet: This site scours numerous other websites for the best job listings, letting you search through them from one place.


If you're still looking for a different kind of niche search engine, give one of these a try.

  1. Before you get freaked out about that forward your grandma sent you, take a look at this search site to see the real deal behind the often sensational stories presented in urban legends and around the web.
  2. NewsLookup: Use this search site to find news from anywhere around the world and on any subject.
  3. AlltheWeb: Find the news you need using this search engine.
  4. Rollyo: This search engine is what you make of it, meaning you can customize it to fit any niche you're trying to search through.
  5. Wink: If you're looking for a person, use this search engine to find out their phone number, address or email.
  6. Spock: This site will help you connect with old friends from high school you may have lost touch with.
  7. Technorati: Use Technorati to scour the blogging world for posts and sites that match your interests.
  8. SearchBug: Find people, companies, services and more using this helpful online tool.
  9. Soople: This site is the ultimate search tool, allowing you to do basic things like search Google or more advanced things like find a library book.