50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders

by Staff Writers

Whether you want to be a teacher, principal or even an educational policy-maker, learning all you can about the field and how to be a more powerful leader while you're still in college is essential. These blogs will fill you in on the latest news, provide inspiration, and ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest educational technologies so you can be the best education leader you can be.

Education News

Read through these sites for great updates on education.

  1. Visit this blog to get daily updates about what's going on in the world of education.
  2. Educated Nation Higher Education Blog: Get higher education news and ideas through this helpful blog.
  3. Eduwonk: This blog doesn't just contain news, but commentary and analysis on it as well.
  4. Open Education: If open courseware is something you have an interest in, you can keep up with the latest developments here.
  5. The Gradebook: Find out more about educational problems and successes through this blog.
  6. Edwise: On this blog you'll find a good deal of news as well as opinions on this news.

Subject Specific

These blogs focus on subjects like math, writing and language arts.

  1. The Exponential Curve: This blog presents some great ideas for high school math teachers hoping to assist their below-level students.
  2. Division by Zero: Here you'll find a math-focused blog with some ideas on teaching and using academic technology.
  3. Two Writing Teachers: Get inspired by this blog about two writing teachers who are using their skills to help students in different parts of the US.
  4. Langwitches Blog: While focused mostly on writing and reading, this blog also offers some great general information for all educators.
  5. Best Practices for Legal Education: This blog focuses on improving the way lawyers are educated in this country.

Inspiration and Innovation

Get inspired and discover new ideas through the help of these bloggers and teachers.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Use this blog to get a better idea of how to implement and use technology in the classroom.
  2. The Innovative Educator: This blog is a great place to look for fresh ideas on how to teach students course material.
  3. The Next Generation of Educational Leadership: Here you can read about and connect with other educational leaders.
  4. 2 Cents Worth: Check out this blog for some thoughts on the process of learning at large. It could influence how you teach.
  5. Education Innovation: This blog offers some ways to improve education through creativity and innovation.
  6. Ozge Karaoglu's Blog: Full of tech tools that can help in the classroom and ruminations on educational issues, this blog can be a great read for teachers of all kinds.
  7. Teaching Ideas and Resources: Find some great tips and tools for improving your classroom performance on this blog.
  8. Teacher Reboot Camp: Visit this site to find ways you can continually challenge and push yourself to be a better teacher and leader.
  9. Free Resources for Education: See what kind of useful resources are out there for teaching and helping your students learn through this blog.
  10. Andrew B. Watt's Blog: On this blog you'll find a discussion of lots of technological resources that could work well in the classroom.
  11. Thumann Resources: Blogger Lisa Thumann shares her ideas on how to bring education into the 21st century in this blog.
  12. Darcy Moore's Blog: Bookmark this site to get updates on using Web 2.0 in the classroom.

Educational Policy

These blogs take an in-depth and sometimes unforgiving look at current educational policy.

  1. Thoughts on Education Policy: PhD student Corey Bower shares her insights into educational policy on this blog.
  2. Education Policy Blog: Learn ways that educational groups can change educational policy here.
  3. Bridging Difference: With women who are often at odds on educational policy sharing this blog, it's a great place to go to see both sides of the debate.
  4. Educational Equity, Politics & Policy in Texas: While this blog may contain information specific to Texas, many of the issues are problems nationwide.
  5. The Quick and the Ed: A variety of policy analysts work together to write this incredibly informative blog.
  6. Edpresso: This blog is home to news and commentary on proposed and real educational reforms.
  7. What's Working in Schools Blog: Get ideas on reforms that are working in other schools and ways that you can improve your own performance from this blog.
  8. Brian McCall's Economics of Education Blog: Check out this blog to learn about the economic issues that sometimes cloud educational policy.
  9. Teacher Beat: Visit this blog often to keep up with the latest teacher and education related policy changes.

Educational Technology

Visit these great blogs to learn about ways you can integrate technology into your courses.

  1. Weblogg-ed: On this site you'll get a number of great ideas on using the web as a learning tool.
  2. Gate's Computer Tips: Educational professional Jim Gates offers his tips on making the best use of computers on this blog.
  3. NCS-Tech: Visit this site for K-8 educational technology resources, commentary and lesson ideas.
  4. Nik's Learning Technology Blog: If you teach EFL or ESL, you'll find some good ideas on using technology to aid your teaching here.
  5. Edgalaxy: Nerdy teachers of all subjects can find great tech-based solutions to classroom issues on this site.
  6. Emerging Ed Tech: Read through this blog to see some of the technologies that are or will be aiding the teachers of the future.
  7. Moving at the Speed of Creativity: Find news on the ways technology is shaping communication and the classroom on this blog.
  8. Open Culture: This blog will save you the trouble of searching for the best educational and cultural resources on the web as they've already compiled and reported on them here.
  9. Learning with ‘e's: Here, one teacher shares her thoughts on learning technologies and the digital revolution.
  10. Box of Tricks: Technology and education is the focus of this image- and video-filled site.
  11. Dangerously Irrelevant: This blog focuses on technology, leadership and, of course, education in our nation's schools.
  12. Digital Education: Check out this site for the latest news on how technology is being used in the K-12 classroom.

E-Learning and Online Education

On these sites you'll find advice, tips and tools for online learning.

  1. E-Learning Queen: This blog covers numerous aspects on online learning from distance training to instructional design.
  2. eLearning Technology: Dr. Tony Karrer is the CEO/CTO of TechEmpower and is considered one of the leading educational technologists, so check out his blog for news and advice.
  3. The Rapid eLearning Blog: This blog will help you learn to better navigate the world and resources out there for e-learning.
  4. Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day: Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies writes about a different e-learning topic each day on this blog.
  5. openthinking: Find more information on open education on this blog, as well as plentiful commentary and insight.
  6. 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Here, blogger Michelle Pacansky-Brock shares her thoughts on using technology in higher learning and online colleges.