100 Totally Awesome DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room

by Staff Writers

Finally getting to move into your own space and out of your parents' house can be an exciting time for many college students. Of course, with moving out comes a whole host of expenses too. Luckily, there are some ways you can cut down on the costs and still get a room that reflects your style and makes living so close with someone else a little easier. Here are some DIY projects to try out for your dorm room that range from super simple to those requiring some tech know-how.

Privacy and Security

Try out these DIY projects to keep your dorm room safe and ensure you have a little privacy when you need to study or sleep.

  1. Dorm room study nook: Learn how to build a special place to do all your studying from this link.
  2. RFID protected valuables: Lock down your valuable items when you leave the room by using your tech expertise to build this RFID system.
  3. Laptop security camera: If your laptop has a camera or you have a web cam lying around you, can use it to create a security system for your room with these instructions.
  4. Laser security system: Get super sci-fi security in your room with this project to build laser security.
  5. RFID door lock: Make sure your room doesn't get broken into with this RFID lock idea.
  6. DIY wall: If you want to divide up your space a little more, consider building a makeshift wall. This link will show you how.
  7. Dorm room curtain: If you can't have a wall in your room, you can make do with some curtains– a much easier-to-install solution.
  8. Privacy screen: Get your privacy when you need it and put it away when you don't with this privacy screen.

Sewing Projects

If you've got a sewing machine on hand you'll be able to whip up these great additions to your dorm room.

  1. Bean bag chair: Learn how to make your own bean bag chair for relaxing and reading with this link.
  2. Bandana Pillow: Give your room a western feel with a small pillow made from a bandana.
  3. Old Clothes Pillows: Don't send your favorite old raggedy t-shirt to the dump just yet, it could find new life in this pillow project.
  4. Make your own curtains: If your dorm room allows you to hang up curtains you can learn to make them from these instructions.
  5. Felt Flower Pillows: Give your bed pillows a girly touch with this pattern for decorative pillows.
  6. Personalized Quilt: Sew together old clothes, fabric scraps or whatever else you'd like to remind you of home with this DIY idea.
  7. Duvet Cover: You don't have to spend a fortune on a duvet with help from this DIY duvet.
  8. Chair Cushion: Give your desk chair a little extra padding by making the cushion shown here.
  9. Oversized Pillows: Turn your floor into a seating area with these helpful, big pillows.
  10. Bedside Caddy: Keep remotes, pencils, highlighters and books on hand with this bed caddy.

Wall Decor

Spice up the bland walls in your dorm room with these helpful ideas.

  1. Wall Decals: Add some non-permanent design to your wall with these customizable decals.
  2. Wire Photo Wall: Show off your photos in style with this simple project.
  3. Silhouettes: Give your room a personal touch by making silhouettes of you and your roomie.
  4. Recycled Wall Art: Turn waste into art with a few pointers from this project.
  5. Butterfly Mobile: Create a feminine DIY mobile with the ideas found through this link.
  6. Construction Paper Wall: Turn a bland wall into a colorful collage with some inexpensive construction paper.
  7. Vintage Record Frames: Learn how to make frames out of old records with this DIY project.
  8. Wallpaper with fabric: Give your walls a new look with some fabric using the instructions found here.

Other Decor

Decorate tables, desks and the rest of your room with these projects.

  1. Filmstrip Pencil Cup: Show off your photos in a whole new way using this project.
  2. Vinyl Record Bowl: You can create a creative and attractive place to put your stuff with this idea.
  3. Cardboard Hipster Frames: Build your own frames by following the instructions here.
  4. Container Gardening: Learn how to have your own garden in a small space using these tips.
  5. Teeny Garden: If you've only got room for one plant, this guide will show you how to make the most of the space you have.
  6. Plant Stand: Build a cool looking and cheap plant stand with these plants.
  7. Painted Clock: Give your clock a little bit of pizzazz with help from these project.
  8. Photo thumbtacks: No need for boring old thumbtacks when you can make these special, customized ones instead.
  9. Cut Out Felt Rug: Bring the wild into your room with this faux animal hide rug.
  10. Bookends: Here you'll find projects for a number of DIY themed bookends.

Organization and Storage

Staying organized and finding space for all your stuff in a dorm room is key, so try out these helpful projects to get you there.

  1. Corner shelf: Add some storage to your room with this project.
  2. Magnets: Hang up all kinds of things on your fridge with these cute magnets.
  3. Fabric Storage Containers: Turn your old ugly storage containers into a unified group with this project.
  4. Desk Magazine Holder: Create a space to store your magazines or papers with this DIY idea.
  5. Ribbon Board: Build a great place to hang up all of your pictures with this ribbon board.
  6. Whiteboard: Make your own whiteboard that you and your roomie can communicate on with this link.
  7. Hanging Closet Organizer: Maximize your closet space with help from this organizational project.
  8. Jewelry Tree: Keep your necklaces and earrings from becoming tangled and lost with this great idea.
  9. Cosmetics Carryall: If you need a place to keep your makeup, why not sew one yourself? You'll find a pattern here.
  10. Custom Magazine Storage: Spice up your magazine storage with tips found on this site.
  11. Charging Station: Keep all of your cords in one place with this easy to build charging station.
  12. Denim Organizer: If you don't like denim you could always use another kind of fabric to create this organizer.
  13. Jewelry Plate: Put jewelry, keys, change or whatever you like on this DIY storage solution.


These DIY ideas will have you having loads of fun in your dorm in no time.

  1. HD Projector: Make your room the envy of the dorm with this project.
  2. iPod and iPhone Speakers: If you don't have the money to splurge on the real deal you can make your own here.
  3. Stream Video to your PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii: Watch all the movies and TV you want with this trick.
  4. DIY Wireless Music Remote: Impress your friends with your technical abilities with this project.
  5. Make a Shoebox Boombox: Shoeboxes aren't just a good place to store things, they also can make a great stereo as you'll see here.
  6. Speaker Bench: Need seating and a place to put your speakers? This project will help you do both.
  7. Salad Bowl Speakers: These speakers are both functional and extremely attractive.
  8. CD Storage: Bulk up your CD storage space with this simple project.
  9. Felt Checkers Board: Give you and your roomies something to do when you're not studying with this DIY game.

Party Time

Make your dorm room the place to be with these projects.

  1. Beer Launching Fridge: While most dorms would frown on this, what they don't know won't hurt them and could be a lot of fun for you.
  2. iPhone Controlled USB Missile Launcher: You'll want to make sure you don't put any eyes out while you're playing with this DIY toy.
  3. Emergency Party Button: Make your room the central location for any emergency parties with this project.
  4. Make LEDs Flash to Music: Give your room that club vibe with this acoustically synched lights.
  5. Wine Rack: Store wine, alcohol or just water in this convenient system.
  6. Make your own beer pong table: If you've got the room you can take on this fun gaming project.
  7. Mailing Tube Wine Rack: Use this project to store booze, shoes or anything else you'd like.


Dorm rooms usually come complete with some pretty depressing lighting. Kick yours up a notch with these easy and fun DIY ideas.

  1. Repaint an old lamp: This project will show you how to take an ugly old lamp and make it into a great new one for your room.
  2. Lucite Chandelier: Give your room some glamour with this project.
  3. Silverware Chandelier: You can get silverware at Ikea or a thrift store for cheap and make this project.
  4. Branch Chandelier: Bring the natural world in with this lighting solution.
  5. Paper Cloud Lantern: This DIY lamp will help soften the light in your room and brighten up the space.
  6. Custom Lampshade: If your lampshade is boring, use some ribbon and fabric to give it personality.
  7. Make Custom RGB Mood Lights: Whether you want to set the mood or just like to party, this project will help you create cooler lighting for your room.
  8. Lava lamp: Can't afford the real deal? Here you can learn how to make your own lava lamp.
  9. CD Stack Lamp: Use your old CDs to build this functional and stylish lamp.

For the Bed

You'll need to get some rest eventually if you want to do well in class, so check out these ideas to create the perfect place to rest.

  1. Build a loft: Give you and your roomie more room by lofting your beds.
  2. Bed Canopy: Create a more romantic and pretty bed with this simple project.
  3. Fleece Blanket: If you need an extra blanket, learn how you can make one yourself from this link.
  4. DIY Headboard: With this project you can give your dorm bed a stylish boost.
  5. Cardboard Canopy: You don't have to buy this expensive canopy– make it instead.
  6. Embellished sheets: Personalize your sheets with help from Martha Stewart.
  7. Hangover Helper Eyeshade: Shade your eyes from the glare of the morning sun with this helpful eyeshade.
  8. Slipcovered Headboard: Make a simple slipcover for your headboard with this project.
  9. Blue Shirt Pillows: Reuse your old shirts and turn them into a useful pillow with instructions found here.


Keep your room a cozy, warm retreat with these simple projects.

  1. Draft Snake: Keep out cold winter air with this easy to make draft snake.
  2. Fleece Robe: Make your trips to the bathroom stylish and warm by making this cute fleece robe.
  3. Air Conditioner: Dorm room too hot? Build this air conditioner to cool it off.
  4. Lavender Pillows: Keep your room smelling nice with these lavender scented pillows.
  5. Hanger Sachets: Got a pile of stinky laundry in your room? These sachets can help.
  6. Polarvide Snuggie: Never freeze while you study again, simply make this snuggie to keep you warm.
  7. Patchwork Armchair: Turn any old chair into a more stylish one with this project.


If your room still needs some work, consider trying out these DIY projects as well.

  1. Make Your Own Dorm-Friendly First Aid Kit: Make sure you're prepared for everything with this DIY first aid kit.
  2. Personalize a Trash Can For Your Dorm: Give your garbage a more stylish home by taking on this project.
  3. Etched Glasses: This might sound complicated but it's relatively easy to etch your own personalized pencil holder.
  4. T-Shirt Bulletin Board: Reuse your old t-shirts for a fully customized bulletin board.
  5. DIY Laundry Bag: Lug your laundry around in a bag that reflects your style with this project.
  6. Mini-Fridge Makeover: If you've got an ugly old mini-fridge learn how to give it a facelift here.
  7. Laptop Cozy: Check out this link to learn how to create a cute home for your laptop.
  8. Coasters: Keep your furniture from getting wet with these handmade coasters.
  9. Monitor Stand: Embrace ergonomics by creating this DIY stand for your monitor.
  10. Pencil Cup: What's better than a pencil cup? A pencil cup made of pencils! Learn how to make it here.