50 Fascinating Professors Who Tweet

by Staff Writers

You don't have to attend the most prestigious Ivy League school to get access to the professors that teach there. These Twitter feeds are from educators in a variety of fields and from a number of great colleges across the United States, letting you see what they're working on and communicate with them right online. Check out these fifty feeds to get a free online education from these leaders in their fields.

Finance and Business

These professors offer advice, news and insight into economics, marketing and business.

  1. @Nouriel: Nouriel Roubini teaches at the Stern School at NYU and is a well known economist and entrepreneur.
  2. @WayneMarr: This professor of business will help you understand the current economy and offers insights into the business world.
  3. @allenweiss: This Twitter user is the founder and CEO of and was formerly a professor at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.
  4. @ProfCarol: Check out this feed for posts from economics professor Carol Dickson-Carr.
  5. @aaker: Jennifer Aaker is a Professor of Marketing at Stanford University and posts regularly about Internet marketing, branding and social media.
  6. @AndyLynch360: This marketing professor at Southern New Hampshire University uses his feed to share news and tidbits about marketing with readers, students and colleagues.
  7. @sjones9200: Professor Susan K. Jones shares insights into Internet marketing and e-commerce through her feed.
  8. @jflyons: Visit this feed for professorial advice on econ and marketing.


Get an in-road into the world of cutting edge technology with these professors' feeds.

  1. @courosa: Read this feed to hear from Alec Couros, Professor of Educational Technology and Media.
  2. @hmason: Hilary Mason's feed is full of tweets on computer science, data and the Internet.
  3. @sknode: UMUC Professor Steve Knode posts about emerging information technologies here.
  4. @chw131: John Wu will keep you in the loop about open source, web development and engineering though the variety of posts he hosts here.
  5. @DaveAdkins: Visit Professor Adkins' blog to learn more about social networking and technology.
  6. @nickbilton: Nick Bilton is the lead technology writer for the NYT, but when he's not doing that, he's an adjunct professor at NYU.

Science and Math

Check out these feeds to learn more about biology, math and more.

  1. @MarcusduSautoy: Learn more about both science and math through the tweets on this professor's feed.
  2. @professor_astro: This University of Texas at Austin professor shares his enthusiasm for astronomy on this feed.
  3. @eric_mazur: Harvard professor Eric Mazur offers research, links and more on physics and technology here.
  4. @bstockwell: Check out this feed for posts on biology, chemistry and medicine from a professor at Columbia University.
  5. @salsb: In this feed you'll hear from biophysicist and professor Fred Salisbury.
  6. @mathematicsprof: This professor of mathematics specializes in partial differential equations but has a feed that's full of math of all kinds.

Liberal Arts

From sociology to anthropology, you'll find informative feeds through these professors.

  1. @kinggary: Check out this feed for great information from Harvard professor Gary King on statistics and social research.
  2. @BonesHolmes: This professor at UNCG is a real life Dr. Temperance Brennan from the TV series Bones, with posts on skeletal biology, paleopathology, biohistory and forensics.
  3. @pamelarutledge: Dr. Pamela Rutledge is a media psychology professor and shares her thoughts through this feed.
  4. @toddkashdan: This professor is a psychologist interested in research the positive side of life and what makes us happy.
  5. @donnabrazile: Donna Brazile has lots to offer readers both as a professor and as a former political strategist.
  6. @kevinkarpiak: You can hear this professor talk about cultural anthropology by checking out his feed.
  7. @BKPundit: This professor of political science has plenty to say about modern day politics.

Communication and Media

On these feeds you'll find all kinds of great information on new media, journalism and communications.

  1. @davidgerzof: This social media professor at Emerson talks about blogging and his company BIGfish on this feed.
  2. @drcarp: Learn more about new media from professor Serena Carpenter here.
  3. @robertstevenson:Those hoping to get some insights into mass communications should check out this feed from Professor Stevenson.
  4. @GreensladeR: Roy Greenslade is a professor of journalism, but he's also got advice to give from his own experiences as a freelance journalist.
  5. @penningink: Read through posts about public relations and consulting on this professor's feed.
  6. @rmack: Rebecca MacKinnon has been a professor at several prestigious institutions, not to mention a reporter at CNN, and is always willing to share her thoughts on news, journalism and activism in her feed.

Fine Arts

With writers and artists calling these feeds home, you'll get to see into the mind of not only a professor but a professional in the arts as well.

  1. @mikejjohnson: Read Mike Johnson's feed for insights from his life as a professor at the Berklee College of Music, musician and producer.
  2. @drkent: Dr. Kent Gustavson is a professor and a classical composer, though his feed doesn't always stick to that topic.
  3. @yvettegr: Here you'll find posts from Helian Yvette Grimes, a writer, designer, editor and, of course, professor.
  4. @lonniehodge: This professor is also a writer and journalist who shares all kinds of interesting tweets with his students and readers.
  5. @j_l_r: Check out this Stanford professor's feed to learn more about media in art and art history.
  6. @alicejrobinson: On this feed you'll hear from an English professor at Arizona State University that writes about interesting topics like digital literacy, social media and even video games.


Learn a little bit about the law from these law professor feeds.

  1. @thejimjams: Read this feed to get interesting news from professor and best-selling author James Hirsen.
  2. @PrivacyProf: Rebecca Harold shares her expertise with privacy and security law on this feed.
  3. @shaunjamison: This law professor tweets on law and much more.
  4. @jimmilles: Check out this blog for tweets both silly and seriously law related.
  5. @stevemeltzer: Here you'll find a feed by Professor Meltzer on business, privacy and non-profit law, as well as other topics.


Study the history, future and present of medicine with these teaching medical professionals.

  1. @DoctorRobin: California-based professor and physician Robin Eckert shares her thoughts on the medical field here.
  2. @history_geek: Want to learn more about the history of the medical field? Try reading this feed from professor Holly Tucker.
  3. @moorejh: Jason H. Moore is a director and professor at Dartmouth Medical School, and tweets on topics like genetics and bioinformatics here.
  4. @DrToddMFG: Follow this professor to learn more about his career at the NYU School of Medicine, sports medicine and more.
  5. @DrAmorWellness: Learn more about non-profit health initiatives from this professor specializing in Public Health and Prevention.
  6. @DoctorBernstein: Those who have an interest in hair loss can learn more from Robert M. Bernstein M.D., a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University.