100 Beer Hacks to Get You Through College (And Beyond)

by Staff Writers

You're a crafty college student, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be making the most out of your beer drinking experience. Whether you're reusing bottles, or just fighting a hangover, there's lots of cool stuff you can do with beer. In this list, you'll find 100 beer hacks that will serve you well in your college years and beyond.

Kegging & Dispensing

Check out these hacks for the ultimate in beer kegging and dispensing.

  1. SparkFun kegerator: Make sure your kegerator never runs out with this hack.
  2. Bender keg cooler: This keg cooler looks like Bender from Futurama.
  3. Mini keg: Make your own 3 liter beer keg using this hack.
  4. Kegbot: This Kegbot offers a monitoring system for volume, CO2 and temperature.
  5. Beer keg on wheels: This beer keg on wheels will take your keg mobile.
  6. Radio controlled keg: This radio controlled keg carts around the keg and helps the driver control beer flow.
  7. Eco-friendly kegerator: Use ferroelectric polarpolymers for a green, chilly beer.
  8. Jack O'Beer: This jack o' lantern doubles as a beer dispenser.
  9. Disguise your beer as soda: Make your beer can look like it's soda using this hack.
  10. Mr. Asahi: Mr. Asahi will open bottles and pour draft beer.
  11. Car door opener: Use your car door latch to open a beer.
  12. Open a beer bottle with anything: Use sharp objects, paper, Mr. Clean and more to open beer.
  13. Open beer with beer: This video will teach you how to open a beer bottle with another bottle.

Free Beer

With these hacks, you can score some free beer.

  1. Myopenbar: Myopenbar features open bar and free drink events.
  2. Be nice to flight attendants: Volunteer to switch seats, be helpful, and be polite to flight attendants to score free beer.
  3. Beer focus groups: Join focus groups to get paid to drink beer.
  4. Ask for free samples: In nice bars, you can often get free samples of beer.
  5. Half empty beer: Fill a half-empty brown beer bottle with water and bring it back to the bar complaining you got a warm beer.
  6. Become a reviewer: Review beer to get free samples and more from breweries and pubs.
  7. Free brewery tours: This website features contests and free brewery tours.
  8. Beer promotion: Become a beer promoter in bars and beyond for free beer.
  9. Tasting Table: Get email updates on local beer tastings in your area with Tasting Table.
  10. Work at a brewery: Get regular free beer by working at a brewery.


Take care of yourself with beer using these hacks.

  1. Highlight your hair: Soak your hair in beer and lay in the sun to pull out your highlights.
  2. Get your B-complex vitamins: Through these vitamins, you'll promote a healthy nervous system, digestion, energy, and more.
  3. Improve brain function: Moderate beer consumption can lower your risk of mental impairment.
  4. Take a beer bath: Use the invigorating bubbles in beer to cleanse, exfoliate, and soften your skin.
  5. Speed up your metabolism: Bioactive compounds in beer can help speed your metabolism and even fight cancer.
  6. Avoid a beer belly: Monitor beer calories, stay active, drink in moderation, and avoid eating while drinking to fight the beer belly.
  7. Improve bone density: Beer has been found to benefit bone health, especially for men.
  8. Pass a kidney stone: Use beer as a diuretic and pain reliever for passing a kidney stone.
  9. Sleep better: Acids and hops in beer can promote good sleep.
  10. Soak your feet: Soak your feet in a reviving beer foot bath for relaxation.
  11. Ease stomach aches: The carbonation in beer can help soothe an uneasy stomach.
  12. Improve good cholesterol and circulation: Beer is cholesterol free and promotes HDL, which reduces blood clotting.


Check out these hacks to better control your beer temperature.

  1. Energy efficient fridge: This hack takes a look at how you can make your refrigerator more efficient.
  2. Salt your ice: Get your beer cold faster by adding salt to your ice.
  3. Beer fridge thermostat: This thermostat offers a better way to control your refrigerator's compressor.
  4. Beer chilling bike: Check out this exercise bike that chills your beer.


Here are a number of really cool ways to recycle beer.

  1. Case divider organization: Use cardboard dividers from beer cases to store ornaments and more.
  2. Bottle cap lure: Check out this tutorial to create a beer bottle cap lure for fishing.
  3. Beer bottle furniture: This tutorial will teach you how to make a beer bottle table.
  4. Ashtrays: Make cheap and disposable ashtrays with the bottom of beer cans.
  5. Beer battery: Power a battery with beer using this hack.
  6. Aluminum flower: Create a metal flower out of beer cans.
  7. Padlock opener: With a beer can, you can create a padlock shim.
  8. Flower pot: Use beer can as instant pots for small plants, and even transport them in beverage carriers.
  9. Beer bottle shelves: Make shelves out of beer bottles using this hack.
  10. Economy beer goggles: You can learn how to make beer goggles on the cheap using this tutorial.
  11. Beer cap music: Follow this hack to make a music sequencer out of beer caps on a table.
  12. Camper's boiling pot: Use this hack to turn beer cans into a camper's boiling pot.
  13. LED bottle wall: Follow this hack to make a beautiful LED wall out of beer bottles.


These hacks make use of beer in food.

  1. Use beer in chili: Add a bottle of beer instead of chicken stock for flavor in your chili.
  2. Make beer batter: Batter up fish with a beer batter.
  3. Beer can chicken: Stuff and cook chicken on the grill with beer cans.
  4. Create a meat-tenderizing marinade: Soften a steak before putting it on the grill with beer.
  5. Add beer to your fish boil: Liven up your fish boil by throwing a bottle of beer in.
  6. Beer bread: Use beer to make a great loaf of beer bread.
  7. Make beersicles: Use beer instead of fruit juice to make beer popsicles.
  8. Cook rice in beer: Add flavor to your rice with a beer.


With these hacks, you can use beer around your home.

  1. Polish gold jewelry: Polish your gold jewelry with beer and a dry cloth.
  2. Beer can soap dish: Create a cheap and disposable soap dish out of a beer can.
  3. Wash your pillowcases: The nutty smell of hops can help put you to sleep.
  4. Customized beer bucket: Make a beer bucket your own by following this hack.
  5. Kill slugs: Pour a little beer into empty jars to attract slugs and track them.
  6. Attract bees: Keep bees away from your barbecue by putting out beer for them to gather around.
  7. Shower beer holder: Shower with a beer using this beer holder for the shower.
  8. Cure brown spots: Acids in beer can help kill off bugs and promote green growth in your lawn.
  9. Remove stains: Use a light beer to get stains out of your carpet.
  10. Revive wooden furniture: Bring the life back into your wood furniture using flat beer.
  11. Protect beer with RFID: This RFID hack will restrict access to your fridge.


Check out these hacks for homebrewing your own beer.

  1. BrewTroller: BrewTroller is an open source brewing control system for homebrewers.
  2. Bender brewer: Make your own Bender brewing set up using this hack.
  3. Temperature controller: With this temperature controller, you can keep steady fermentation temperatures.
  4. All in one beer brewing machine: Check out this machine to see an all in one beer brewer.


Take beer pong to the next level using these hacks.

  1. Interactive beer pong table: Make your beer pong a little less dull by making it interactive.
  2. Floating beer pong table: Take your beer pong to the pool with this hack.
  3. Beer pong robot: This robot will sort and shoot objects across the room.


With these hacks, you can prevent and fight a hangover.

  1. Stay with one type: Variety contributes to hangovers.
  2. Exercise: Clear toxins out of your body once the damage is done for a speedy recovery.
  3. Know your limits: Don't push your alcohol drinking limit.
  4. Drink olive oil: Coat your stomach with olive oil before you drink.
  5. Drink Gatorade: Drink Gatorade before passing out and have some on hand for the morning.
  6. Don't feel guilty: Feeling sad, guilty, neurotic, or angry puts you at a greater risk for hangovers.
  7. Give yourself recovery time: Think about the time you will need to recover from drinking the next day.
  8. Eat before drinking: Slow the absorption of alcohol by giving it a food cushion.
  9. Don't drink coffee: Although coffee may sound great, it will only make you more dehydrated.
  10. Drink water: Have a glass of water in between drinks to avoid misery.
  11. Drink ginger ale: Try a glass of flat ginger ale to soothe your stomach.
  12. Drink milk first: Coat the lining of your stomach with milk before imbibing.
  13. Eat honey: Honey can help soothe the dryness in your throat.
  14. Eat grease and carbs: Ease your stomach with McDonald's before they stop serving breakfast.
  15. Eat fruit: Fruit offers a refreshing way to get the vitamins you'll need.
  16. Drink light instead of dark: Light liquors have fewer congeners, which contribute to hangovers.
  17. Don't take acetaminophen: Stay away from acetaminophen, as it is dangerous when mixed with alcohol.
  18. Stay away from caffeine: Caffeine combined with alcohol brings a double whammy of dehydration, so stay away from caffeine.
  19. Avoid carbonated mixers: Carbonated mixers accelerate alcohol absorption.
  20. Use a wash cloth: Lie in a dark room with a cool compress on your head.
  21. Take vitamins: Replenish your nutrient stores after a heavy night of drinking.
  22. Go for less concentration: Drink beer or wine instead of concentrated liquor.