50 Best Female Science Bloggers

by Staff Writers

In a field that has traditionally been dominated by men, many women scientists are making their voice heard through their blogs. From those still in college to professionals carving out their careers, find out what these scientists have to say about research in their field, work in academia, finding the balance of career and family, and making their way as a woman in the field of science.

Biological Sciences

From DNA to evolutionary biology and everywhere in between, find out what these women in the biological sciences have to say on their blogs.

  1. Eye on DNA. Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei is an epidemiologist who blogs about DNA and how it impacts society and everyday individuals.
  2. Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde. Working in the biological sciences, this blogger often discusses academia and family.
  3. Bug Girl's Blog. Bug Girl has a PhD in entomology and shares her passion about bugs in this blog.
  4. Blue Lab Coats. Work-life balance, academia, science, and social media all figure prominently on this blog.
  5. Blag Hag. Evolutionary biology, grad school, atheism, and pop culture all show up on this blog.
  6. Andrea's Buzzing About. Insects, human behavior, and science in general are favorite topics here.
  7. Extreme Biology. Ms. Baker and her biology class maintain this blog that is all about biology.
  8. Regina's Biology Blog. This blog features biology news and information that is accessible to science fans of all levels.
  9. Joanne Loves Science!. This scientist shares her love of science on this blog that has an emphasis on biology.
  10. The Beagle Project Blog. Karen James is part of a trio who blog here about the Beagle Project, an effort to rebuild Darwin's boat and sail it around the world to spread education on biodiversity and evolutionary biology.
  11. I Love Science, Really. Nearing the end of her PhD, this cell biologist blogs about her academic work as well as her personal life.
  12. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. Many of the contributors to this venture are accomplished women who have plenty to say about this particular field of scientific study.
  13. Dr. Carin Bondar. Get great biology information and photos on this biologist's blog.

Physical Science

Physics, chemistry, planetary science, and more are represented by these bloggers.

  1. Cocktail Party Physics. These women rock the physics cocktail party they host on this blog. Don't pass up this one.
  2. sciencegeekgirl. The sciencegeekgirl blogs about interesting physics topics, science education, and communicating science.
  3. The Language of Bad Physics. S.C. Kavassalis works to keep the science respectable with the work on her blog that highlights bad terminology or bad physics.
  4. Physics and Cake. This experimental physicist blogs about her work…and cake.
  5. Back Reaction. The husband and wife team blogging here are physicists who post on academia and life, but mostly, physics.
  6. Chemical BiLOLogy. This chemical biologist discusses various issues for women in science and academia.
  7. Anne Marie's Chemistry Blog. Anne Marie posts about popular chemistry topics on this blog.
  8. Endless Possibilities v3.0. This scientist in the UK blogs about chemistry, academia, and social media.
  9. The Culture of Chemistry. A chemistry professor, this blogger writes engaging posts about science, chemistry, and its impact on society.
  10. Carbon Based Curiosities. Jes Sherman started this blog and is now one of three bloggers writing about organic materials and other chemistry and science-related topics.
  11. Eva writes about biochemistry, science in general, and life in this blog.
  12. Female Science Professor. This physical science professor writes about academia, science, and family.
  13. Women in Planetary Science. This collaborative blog discusses women in science and academia as well as the planetary sciences they study.
  14. The Happy Scientist. Earth and life science topics are found alongside posts on balancing work/life and academia.
  15. Barbylon. If you are interested in learning about the study of space rocks, space, and geology, then check out this blog.

Technology, Engineering, and Math

Find women blogging about science, technology, engineering, and math here.

  1. FairerScience. FairerScience is an organization that advocates for women in science, technology, engineering, and math. This blog provides updates of their work.
  2. The Female Perspective of Computer Science. A PhD student in computer science, this woman writes about educational entertainment and augmented reality and hopes to empower other women to explore computer science.
  3. .51. This blog is devoted to highlighting successful women in roles and fields typically thought to be dominated by men–particularly science and technology.
  4. Candid Engineer in Academia. Her postdoctoral research and engineering are frequent topics in this scientist's blog.
  5. STEM. The women posting on this blog share information about science education with a British accent.
  6. Chip Chick. This blog is all about technology and gadgets–for women.
  7. Women in Science. This blog showcases women in science and engineering, both past and present.
  8. Adventures in Applied Math. With a PhD in computer science, this computational mathematician posts about life as a woman in a male-dominated field.

General Science

These blogs focus on everything from women's accomplishments in science to science education to work/life balance.

  1. Reflections of a Science Teacher. This science teacher shares her thoughts on science education, technology in education, and other related topics.
  2. Scientiae. Scientiae serves to share writings from and about women in science.
  3. A Lady Scientist. Many of the posts here focus on women in science and the issues they face.
  4. There's a War Under the Bed. This biology student shares the events of her life as she looks to grad school and a future as a woman in science.
  5. ScientistMother. Balancing grad school and family, this ScientistMother writes about her experiences.
  6. Curiosity killed the cat. Watch this blogger as she transitions to a busy grad student to an even busier life with a new baby.
  7. Livia Blackburne. This neuroscience grad student at MIT applies her scientific approach to writing and shares this unique perspective here.
  8. Janus Professor, My Travels in a Two-Body Life. Read about this assistant professor who works to find a balance between her career in science and her family life.
  9. YoungFemaleScientist. This scientist often posts on the struggles of being a young woman in the scientific community.
  10. The Ethical Palaeontologist. Despite the title of this blog, the posts here cover all aspects of science that range from the personal to professional.
  11. Professor in Training. This assistant professor shares her experience in academia and the field of science.
  12. The Bird's Brain. Trained as a neurophysiologist, this science writer posts about all things science.
  13. The Bean Chronicles. This mother and scientist blogs about finding happiness in the balance of both roles.
  14. Professor Chaos. Assistant professor, mother, and wife to another assistant professor, this busy scientist tells about it all.