10 Badass College Marching Bands On YouTube

by Staff Writers

One of the best parts about attending college is getting to share in the school spirit and traditions like football games and marching bands. But even if you're pursuing a degree from one of the online universities, you can still support your hometown school or parent brick-and-mortar school by catching games online, on the field or on TV. Even if your school's traditions or spirit are lacking, watch these 10 college marching bands on YouTube. Their badass performances won the loyalty of fans around the world, whether or not they were students or alumni.

  1. Jackson State Marching Band: The energetic Jackson State Marching Band isn't just good at playing instruments or getting the crowd revved up. The Mississippi troupe might also be the best dance team in the country. Full of tricks, unique dance moves, and a solid, groovy beat, the Jackson State Marching Band is a YouTube favorite whether or not you're a band geek.
  2. Penn State Marching Band: Penn State is known for its strong academic tradition and beautiful campus, but this YouTube video proves that its marching band is a showstopping draw, too. Fashion design professional Marc Jacobs invited the band to march down the runway as part of his high school-themed show, and the entire band pulsed, leaped, twirled and played in the few feet of space right in front of celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, the Williams sisters and Kirsten Dunst.
  3. UCLA Marching Band Fight Song: Watch this video for a classic college marching band performance. UCLA's huge stadium is filled with clapping from fans as the band marches into formation, spelling out a cursive UCLA before playing their famous fight song.
  4. Morehouse College "House of Funk": Another college marching band with major rhythm and funk is Georgia's Morehouse College. In this video, you'll watch as cymbal players take it to the floor, twirlers show off a sassy dance routine, and the drummers manage to play and do body rolls at the same time.
  5. Dartmouth College Marching Band – Homecoming 2008: This marching band is introduced as "the only band in the Ivy League that let the alumni write this week's halftime show" during their 2008 homecoming. The good-humored band is smaller than large state school's bands, but their performance includes some surprises (fast forward up to two minutes) and a tribute to their retiring director.
  6. Bonfire 1999 Tribute — Texas Longhorn Band: A standing ovation at Texas A&M nearly drowns out the announcer's voice as he introduces the University of Texas marching band before they play "Amazing Grace," a tribute to the students who died at an A&M homecoming bonfire earlier that year. UT and A&M are traditionally known as Texas' main football rivalry, but the Aggies cheered as Longhorn band members flew flags from their competitor's school on the field.
  7. Ohio State Script Ohio: Ohio State is known for having one of the strongest marching band traditions, often including this performance. The band marches into a cursive formation that spells "Ohio," and that ends with a lively twist.
  8. Michigan State marching band does Thriller: Another top college marching band is Michigan State, and in this video, they are accompanied by the school dance team in a "Thriller" performance. The dance team isn't the only group doing the moves, though. As the band plays, they manage to do all of Michael Jackson's famous steps, too.
  9. The World's Largest Drum at Purdue: It takes six young men to "run the drum" down the field as fast as these Purdue marching band students. Their drum is the largest bass drum in the world, and as you'll see in this news report and interview, being a member of the drum crew can be dangerous.
  10. West Carolina University Pride of the Mountains Marching Band: It's a small school, but the WCU Pride of the Mountains marching band is recognized for its innovative, energy-driven performances, like this one filmed at a 2009 field show. The large band has choreographed a version of "Born to be Alive" that would impress college football fans from large schools, too.