50 Best Blogs for Genealogy Geeks

by Staff Writers

Americans are proud of their melting-pot culture, but genealogy is also a popular past-time and even profession, as family ancestry is complex and often hard to define. It takes a lot of research to untangle the web of genealogy in order to create a clear family tree, but as an online university student, you're probably used to taking on similarly large projects. Either as a break from studying, a supplement to your history classes, or even for inspiration to start your own family ancestry research, check out these 50 blogs on genealogy.


Here you can learn how to get started with a genealogy project and read about the extraordinary stories that more seasoned researchers have to share.

  1. DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: Myrtle helps those looking to piece together their family histories learn about the genealogy process.
  2. Ancestor Search Blog: Recent posts on this blog will help you organize your research, save it online, conduct effective Google searches, and more.
  3. FamHist: This blog shares "thoughts and links" about family history, including online research and visiting cemeteries.
  4. Genea-Musings: Randy Seaver from Chula Vista, CA, is a retired aerospace engineer who now blogs to help others learn about genealogy research and the industry.
  5. The ProGenealogists Genealogy Blog: Find detailed blog posts full of tips for using different kinds of databases and organizing research.
  6. Genealogy Gems: This podcast and blog celebrates all things genealogy and can teach you a lot about your own projects.
  7. Tombstone Territory: This is a neat site from a blogger who photographs tombstones, teaching visitors about American history as they read each post.
  8. Genealogy Lines: This genealogy expert shares research tips and specific news about Nebraska genealogy and research.
  9. The "You Go" Genealogy Girls: These "grannies on the go" love blogging about all their experiences digging up great stories — and tips –from their research and travels.
  10. Renee's Genealogy Blog: Renee's blog is a great stop if you want to learn about all the best tools for genealogical research.
  11. Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: Get tips on using technology and other tools to find records and pursue your family history project.
  12. Those Old Memories: Get scrapbooking ideas and even recipes from this genealogy blog.
  13. Paula's Genealogical Eclectica: Paula is a professional genealogist who shares eclectic resources and news from her rich career traveling around and researching U.S. history.
  14. Family Tree Tips: Get all sorts of tips for making a family tree here.

Specific Research Projects

From African American genealogy to Cape Cod family ancestry, learn about specialized research here.

  1. AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors: Follow this blogger's journey to learn how to go about your own research project. The blog was recently awarded by Discovering Family History and Family Tree Magazine.
  2. Anglo-Celtic Connections: This Ottawa-based blog focuses on British-Canadian genealogy and family history.
  3. Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society New: Both academic and personal researchers can turn to this blog for news about African American genealogy.
  4. Family Research: Learn about English, Scottish and Irish genealogy here.
  5. Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog: Even if you're not from the Spokane, WA, area, you might have fun peeking at posts about genealogy societies, local culture, and the Pacific Northwest.
  6. Nebraska Roots and Ramblings: Let Ruby Coleman, a professional genealogist and writer, guide you through Nebraska genealogy and history.
  7. Cape Cod Genealogical Society: Learn about Cape Cod-area family history and find tips about memoir writing, local history, and genealogy research.
  8. Steve's Genealogy Blog: Steve Danko blogs about Polish history and his family ancestry. His blog is also helpful inspiration for those trying to organize their own family tree.
  9. The Accidental Genealogist: Read about "fearless females" in genealogy and American immigration history here.
  10. Tracing the Tribe: The Jewish Genealogy Blog: Learn about Jewish genealogy here.
  11. Rowan's Family Tree: This unique blog shares the story of a couple's adoption of twin girls frim Ethiopia.
  12. Upstate New York Genealogy Blog: Those researching upstate New York history and their family ancestry from the area should read this blog for news and more.
  13. Genealogy in New South Wales: This blog features images of original shipping records and other papers.
  14. Runaway Slave Blog: This is a fascinating blog that includes jailor's notices of runaway slaves before 1865.

Libraries and Resources

These blogs are from larger genealogical societies, libraries and other family history resources that can help you learn about the process or find specific information.

  1. Blog: keeps readers and site users updated on genealogy and online research.
  2. The California Genealogical Society and Library blogs about state and local events, collections, and records.
  3. Florida Genealogical Society: If you're looking for help researching family ancestry anywhere in Florida, visit this educational blog.
  4. Indiana Genealogical Society Blog: Those wanting to learn more about Indiana's history or their family history from Indiana should check this society's blog.
  5. Creative Gene: This blog carnival features posts from genealogy writers who review books, share scrapbooking tips, share personal stories, and more.
  6. KCGS: The Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies posts about midwest family history.
  7. Genealogy Roots Blog: The Genealogy Roots Blog is a fantastic resource for finding databases, vital records, ship passenger lists, and other helpful information.
  8. MoSGA Messenger: The Missouri State Genealogical Association blogs about local news, state research, and more.
  9. Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree: Look for news, updates and helpful tidbits for the SoCal Genealogical Society Jamboree each year.
  10. The Ancestry Insider: This is the unofficial blog for genealogy resources and
  11. Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research Blog: This Burbank-headquartered society is one of the largest such groups in California.


Keep up with news, conferences, databases, data releases and more when you read these genealogy news blogs.

  1. GenealogyBlog: This is a daily news blog for genealogy enthusiasts, which outlines special events, collections, research tips, and more.
  2. Family Curator: So-called "family curators" and genealogists can read this blog for inspiration, news and contests.
  3. Arlene Eakle's Genealogy Blog: This smart blog combines Arlene's personal research with trivia, current events, and helpful genealogy advice.
  4. 2010 NGS Family History Conference: If you want updates regarding the 2010 National Genealogical Society conference, visit this blog.
  5. Birmingham Genealogical Society Blog: Check back with this blog for posts that share national genealogy news as well as local tidbits.
  6. Family History Expos: Family History Expos is all about the collaboration between genealogical societies and family history enthusiasts.
  7. Legacy News: Use this blog to learn all about genealogy and using technology in your research.
  8. Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Learn about condemned cemeteries, online research tools and more from this helpful newsletter/blog.
  9. GeneaBloggers: Genealogy bloggers connect on this site to find blogs, learn about upcoming events, and more.
  10. Genealogy Insider: This newsy blog is full of tips, featured tools, and stories about genealogy.
  11. Genealogy Blog – GeneaNet: This research network also features a blog with interesting news stories from research projects and more.