50 Great Blogs for Greek Mythology Geeks

by Staff Writers

Whether you've always had an interest in Greek mythology or just developed one after taking an online universities course, there are tons of resources online that can help you further your education on the subject. This collection of blogs will help you learn more about mythology as well as the history of ancient Greece and Rome, plus some of the work being done to excavate and restore artifacts from the classical period.

Greek History

Learn more about Greece and the Mediterranean world in times past through these blogs.

  1. Ancient/ Classical History: Through this blog, you can learn about ancient Greece and Rome, from the Greek government to famous figures in mythology.
  2. The History Blog: This blog doesn't focus on Greek history exclusively, but if you search, you'll find a number of great articles on the subject.
  3. WM Blathers: Read through this blog for thoughts on a wide range of ancient Greek topics.
  4. Ancient History Ramblings: Want to learn more about research into Greek history being done in Cyprus? Look no further than this blog.
  5. Antiochepedia: Through this site, you can learn all about the history of ancient Antioch.
  6. Past Thinking: Here, you can read about archaeology, museums and digital preservation of the past–with a few posts here and there specifically about classical history.
  7. Ancient World Bloggers Group: Join up with these bloggers in talking about and promoting the study of the ancient world.
  8. Ancient Tides: This blog aims to make history more accessible, even that of ancient Greece, by linking it to today's events.
  9. Mike Anderson's Ancient History: Find out more about Greek culture and society with posts on wars, philosophy and religion.
  10. Art History: Immerse yourself in the lessons of art history through the posts on ancient art in this blog.


Follow professors and experts who have a love of everything classical through these blogs.

  1. Tulane Classics: Read this blog to learn what's going on with Tulane's Classics department.
  2. Rogue Classicism: One of the most popular classics blogs, this site is a great place to learn about the history and culture of classical society.
  3. EcBlogue: Check out this blog to learn more about reading classical literature from authors like Homer and Virgil.
  4. Bryn Mawr Classical Review: Find out about the latest research being done in the classics field through this blog.
  5. Memorabilia Antonia: This blogger posts links and thoughts on a wide range of ancient societies, including the Greeks and Romans.
  6. Stoa Poikile: Through this blog, you'll find helpful reflections on life in the ancient world.
  7. Horothesia: This blog will let you know about lectures and events on ancient cultures.
  8. The Ancient World Online: If you want to keep up with the latest literature coming out on ancient studies, make sure to bookmark this blog.


These blogs will help you to learn more about Greek mythology and religion.

  1. iGreekMythology: There's always something new to learn about Greek mythology, and you can do so by following this great blog.
  2. Classical Thinking: This blog is about Greek literature and thinking at large, but the majority of posts deal with mythology.
  3. Classics in Contemporary Culture: Learn what role Greek myths and philosophies have in the modern world from this blog.
  4. Tropaion: Here you'll find discussions of Greek religion, past and present.
  5. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean: You'll be able to learn about the different religions that came into play in the ancient Mediterranean through this blog.
  6. JPHS Mrs. Zajler's Mythology Blog: While designed for a high school class, this blog can still be a great educational resource for studying Greek mythology.
  7. Goddess a Day: The goddesses featured on this blog aren't always Greek, but it's simple to find posts on those that are.

Language and Literature

Why not study the language of mythology itself? These blogs will educate you on speaking Greek and Latin and knowing more about Greek literature.

  1. Greek Language and Linguistics: Get links to some great Greek language learning resources through this blog.
  2. Classical Languages: This blog aims to teach students to speak Latin and Greek.
  3. Learn Greek Language: If one of your goals is to learn Greek, try out this blog for help.
  4. Roger Pearse: Try out this blog for a discussion of ancient literature, especially works published in Latin.
  5. ARLT Weblog: Find resources for learning Latin and for understanding classics on this blog.
  6. The Campvs: This blog provides fun posts that will entertain and help you learn about classical lit and language at the same time.
  7. Curculio: Improve your knowledge of ancient texts through the education provided by this blog.
  8. eLatin eGreek eLearn: Find out more about learning these classical languages online from this blog.
  9. Roman History Books and More: This site will point you in the direction of books on Roman history worth reading.
  10. Bestiaria Latina Blog: Study Latin and ancient literature with updates from this blog.


See statues of Greek gods and goddesses as well as a wide range of other wonderful artifacts in these archaeological blogs.

  1. Looting Matters: Learn why it's so important to watch out for black market antiquities through the posts on this blog.
  2. The Cultivated Classicist: This student's blog will show you a wide range of classical artifacts, art and news.
  3. PhDiva: This archaeologist shares her thoughts on topics like the return of the Elgin marbles here.
  4. Eliginism: The marble carvings surrounding the Parthenon were removed and smuggled back to England in 1801. This blog deals with the public demand that they be returned to the building where they belong.
  5. Mediterranean Archaeology: Learn more about the archaeology of the Mediterranean world here, including loads of posts on Greece.
  6. Tria Corda: You'll find all kinds of great pictures and news on archaeology and artifacts from Rome, Greece and other Mediterranean countries here.
  7. The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: This professor shares his experiences working on research in Greek, Roman and Byzantine history.
  8. Mediterranean Ceramics: Study pottery from ancient Greece and beyond on this blog.
  9. V(otum) S(olvit) L(ibens) M(erito): You'll find news on archaeology, history and more here.

Research and Academia

These blogs take a scholarly approach to Greek history and mythology, great for students who want to learn more about the topic.

  1. The Classicist Blog: Want to understand what the lasting impact of Greek and Roman culture has been on the world? Then read this blog about classicism in the US.
  2. Rutgers Classics Department Blog: Learn more about what students in the Classics Department at Rutgers are doing.
  3. McMaster Classics: Another college Classics blog, this site will let you know what events are going on at McMaster.
  4. A Forum for Friends of Classics @ Leeds: In danger of being lost, this blog aims to support the continued existence of the Classics Department at Leeds.
  5. IRIS: Find news on this blog about the recent goings-on of Haverford Classics courses.
  6. The Stoa Consortium: Through this blog, you'll not only learn more about scholarly communication, but find out what's being researched and spoken about in Classics and Classical Archaeology.