50 Fun and Educational Websites Keeping Latin Alive

by Staff Writers

Latin may be known as a "dead" language, but that doesn't mean that Latin is dead. Many people from pre-med students to classics and religious scholars to those just interested in learning Latin enjoy the fact that Latin is not always changing–requiring students to continually learn new words, phrases, or slang. The stability of Latin and it's contribution to the English language continue to encourage others to learn more about Latin. The following websites will help you do the same with games and quizzes, online texts, sites that teach you how to learn Latin, dictionaries and lists, and religious sites.

Games and Quizzes

These fun sites offer games to help you practice and learn Latin and quizzes to test how much progress you are making.

  1. Quizzes: Latin. With 30 different quizzes here, you will have plenty of opportunities to see how well you are doing with your Latin.
  2. Learn Latin!. Play Vocabulary Master or complete Word Seek puzzles here to practice your Latin.
  3. Latin Games and Learning. Get more work seek puzzles in Latin at this site.
  4. Create your own games to practice Latin or play some of the games already available at
  5. Nugae Latinae. These nine games from The Cambridge School Classics Project will have you practicing Latin in a fun and interactive way.
  6. Cambridge Latin Course Fun Stuff. Send Latin e-cards, print calendars in Latin, choose fun Latin wallpaper, and more with the fun projects at this site.
  7. Quia – Latin. This site offers a huge selection of games, quizzes, and more to practice Latin.
  8. Latin Wordstock – Game. Take this quiz which tests your knowledge of Latin vocabulary and derivatives by providing six questions for you to answer correctly.
  9. Latin Games. Select from several games here, which includes crossword puzzles, board games, word find puzzles, and card games.
  10. The Big Latin Quiz. Take this quiz of ten questions to see how much Latin you know. Compare your results with others who have taken the quiz too.


The best way to practice Latin is by reading texts. If you are already an accomplished Latin student, then you will enjoy the diversity of the many texts available online in Latin.

  1. Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase. This site offers several texts ranging from Ovid to Dante to grammatical curriculum texts.
  2. The Latin Library. Select from 54 categories to find Latin texts from classic writers and orators such as Cato, Petronius, and Virgil.
  3. Perseus Greek and Roman Material. Find Latin texts (among Greek and English texts) at this site that includes works by Julius Caesar and Cicero.
  4. An Analytical Bibliography of On-line Neo-Latin Texts. This site provides links to almost 30,000 Latin texts written during or after the Renaissance.
  5. Brepolis. Get access to several Latin databases at this site dedicated to the study of the humanities.
  6. Greek and Roman Authors on LacusCurtius. Read Latin texts that may not be available anywhere else on the Internet at this site. Some examples of Latin texts include "Frontinus on the Water Supply of Rome" and "Vitruvius on Architecture."
  7. Electronic Text Center. The University of Virginia offers several online texts from Ovid, Francis Bacon, Martin Luther, and others.
  8. Textkit. Download texts from 146 different books to get free Latin lessons from grammars, readers, and ebooks.
  9. Columbia University Libraries Electronic Text Service. Find links to several places on the Internet that provide Latin texts at this site.
  10. Bibliotheca Latina IntraText. This site provides links to many Latin texts and are arranged by Roman Latin, Medieval Latin, and Neo-Latin.
  11. Project Libellus. Find free, good-quality Latin texts here. They are in TeX form and the site includes instructions on how to convert them to ASCII or RTF.

Learning Latin

These sites are specifically devoted to teaching Latin with lessons, entire courses, grammar, and more.

  1. Latin Derivatives. Find over 1750 Latin derivatives, along with definitions and usage in sentences.
  2. Conjuguemos. Teachers and students can use this site to learn Latin (among other languages) through games and activities, which are automatically graded. They request a small payment, but will waive the fee if you cannot afford it.
  3. Linney's Latin William E. Linney literally wrote the book on teaching Latin and shares lessons for self-learners and homeschoolers here that include pages from his text, lectures, and homework.
  4. Latin Language Builds Powerful English Vocabulary. Get an overview of Latin and tips for learning it easily along with links to helpful resources.
  5. Latin: The Language of Rome Fun Worksheet #1. For $1 you can download this Latin worksheet to use personally or in the classroom. This teacher also has other versions of Latin worksheets available for the same price.
  6. Learn Latin Quickly. This website is run by an individual as a hobby, but provides tons of information on Latin and learning Latin.
  7. KET Distance Learning – Latin 1. Go through the lessons here in your own time, then move up to Latin 2 and Latin 3 after completing this class.
  8. Carmenta. For those who want an intensive Latin learning experience, sign up for the classes here, which are taught by an actual instructor three times a week via web conferencing. The tuition is currently at $400 a semester, but it promises to be a results-oriented class.
  9. Beginners' Latin. This online tutorial doesn't require you know any Latin and steps you through the basics with twelve lessons, reference material, activities, and more.
  10. Languages Online – Latin. Find everything from quizzes to references in movies and music to pronunciation at this site that offers tons of fun ways to learn Latin.
  11. Latin Grammar. A great resource for learning Latin, this site provides information on the five noun declensions and the four verb conjugations as well as several irregularities.

Dictionaries and Lists

The following dictionaries and lists provide you with translation help and even some fun and frivolous Latin words and phrases.

  1. Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid. This resource from Notre Dame provides a dictionary as well as a word list that is searchable by word or phrase.
  2. Words by William Whitaker. Beginning Latin students will benefit from this dictionary that contains about 39,000 entries.
  3. Online English to Latin to English Dictionary. Use this simple dictionary to find Latin translations or determine what an English word is in Latin.
  4. Search for dictionary headwords. Tufts provides this Latin dictionary. Be sure to visit their Greek and Latin translation tips to get additional help.
  5. Latin quotes and phrases. This listing provides Latin quotes and phrases grouped alphabetically.
  6. Medical Transcription, Latin. This listing of Latin words and their English meaning will be especially helpful for those in the medical field.
  7. Table of Common Latin Expressions. You'll find phrases ranging from From "Hello!" to "Do you have more wine?" here.
  8. Latin Phrases for All Occasions. This silly listing will have you practicing Latin in a whole new way with phrases like "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
  9. Latin Fun! A Language Overview. Read through this entertaining list to find Latin phrases in categories such as Bumperstickers, Handy Catch Phrases, and The Seven Dwarfs.
  10. Latina pro viatoribus. Find phrases from categories such as Basic Words, Numbers, Travel, Places, and Time and Dates.

Religious Sites

Read Bible verses or the whole Bible in Latin, sing holy songs in Latin, study Latin chants, and learn Latin religious phrases with these resources.

  1. Biblia Sacra. Get the entire Bible in Latin with sections broken down by Old and New Testament and then by the specific books, just like in an English-translated version.
  2. The Latin Texts. These texts are the works of Tertullian's Christian writings in Latin. Some are text only and others contain notes and other study aids.
  3. CanticaNova's Online Catalog. This listing of holy songs in Latin includes information on how the songs are to be sung and for what holy times they are appropriate. All are available for a small fee.
  4. Experience Latin with Fr. Reginald Foster. Fr. Reginald Gary Coulter studied under Fr. Foster for two years and shares his Latin lessons with a Biblical perspective here.
  5. Latin Names of the Bishoprics in England. This listing provides the Latin versions of the English names for all the bishoprics in England. Check out the Irish and Scottish versions too.
  6. CANTUS: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant. Find Latin chants taken from the Bible (mostly from the Psalms) at this site that provides a huge database designed specifically for scholars.
  7. Latin Bible: Inspirational verses on life, love and faith (Vulgate phrases with English translations). This site gives readers Latin translations of popular Bible verses including those as John 3:16 and Genesis 1:1.
  8. Latin Phrases on Religion. Find a huge listing of Latin religious phrases phrases here such as "Blessed are the poor in spirit" and "The Lord's Day."