The Trick to Avoiding School Burnout

by Staff Writers

When you're juggling homework, a job, activities, classes and trying to have a social life, it can be pretty easy to become exhausted trying to do it all. Throw in a few stressors like getting a cold, trying to pay the bills, maintaining a long distance relationship or caring for a family member and you've just created the perfect recipe for stress and burnout. Getting burnt out isn't unheard of for students, especially those nearing the end of their degree program, but it can make life pretty difficult, dull ambition and generally make you care less about, well, everything which isn't really something to aim for. Like many things in life, the best way to deal with burnout is through prevention and never letting yourself get to your breaking point in the first place. Here are some tips that can help you avoid college burnout and help you stay on track and motivated.

  • Take a break. It might be hard to justify taking a day to yourself when you've got to study for finals, but sometimes you just need it in order to be worth anything in your courses and to help your brain function properly. Put all thoughts about your obligations aside and simply enjoy a day or even a few hours doing something that's just for fun.
  • Get organized. Few things will stress you out faster than forgetting you have a paper do or not being able to find your homework. Stay organized and keep a calendar to stay on top of your schoolwork and other obligations.
  • Analyze your commitments. The key to avoiding burnout is to not overdo it in the first place. If you're committed to so many things that you're stretched thin, you're bound to slip up somewhere or not being able to follow through. This will only leave you feeling stressed and unhappy. Look at your commitments and decide if there's something you can live without doing.
  • Change up your routine. Part of being burnt out can often be getting in a rut. So to fight this, change up your routine once in awhile. Study in a new place, try out new ways to save time and change out one activity for another.
  • Be realistic. Are you trying to accomplish more than one person can possibly do? You have to be realistic in your expectations or you're just setting yourself up for burnout. If you're mid-semester and already feeling stressed out, it might be time to drop a class or cut back on other things you're doing.
  • Know the signs. Don't wait until it's too late to deal with burnout. Recognize the signs early on that you're starting to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You'll be able to give yourself a break and take evasive measures, something that gets a whole lot harder if you let things get worse and more stressful.

So before you become a burnt out mess of a student, take a break, clear your mind and use some of these tips to help keep your sanity and still get everything you need to get done completed so you can enjoy your free time guilt-free.