50 Best Natural History Blogs

by Staff Writers

No matter how sophisticated humanity's technology grows, nature will continue to draw in just as much — if not more — fascination. From the most distant galaxies to the imperceptible quasar, the scientific principles driving the universe lead millions to study them in depth and attempt to make sense of any mysteries. No matter one's proficiency and area of interest, there exists a blog catering to their needs. Though the term "best" is, of course, highly subjective, the following resources provide a nice start for natural history enthusiasts hoping to immerse themselves in the world's organic curiosities.


  1. Bad Astronomy: Discover magazine's Phil Plait brings readers some of the Internet's most interesting, insightful commentary on astronomy.

  2. Universe Today: Follow this highly popular, accessible blog for the latest news and views from across the astronomical community — including some insanely gorgeous images.

  3. Tom's Astronomy Blog: Explore the Solar System with this handy resource, which also provides information on some of the technology that makes space travel and research possible.

  4. NASA Blogs: Natural history geeks who enjoy reading about outer space would do well to stay tuned into the foremost authority on the subject.

  5. The Planetary Society Blog: Another excellent, expert resource that brings readers to the furthest corners of the universe through fantastic commentary and vivid imagery.

  6. 365 Days of Astronomy: Since 2009, the masterminds behind 365 Days of Astronomy have posted daily podcasts and writings relating to an impressively wide range of relevant topics.

  7. Cosmic Log: Alan Boyle with blogs about astronomy in a manner that even the most novice visitor can appreciate and understand.

  8. Centauri Dreams: Centauri Dreams focuses on more than just the eponymous star. Much of its intelligent content allows readers to peer into the wondrous and bizarre features of deep space.

  9. Slacker Astronomy: This blog and podcast will probably appeal to natural history aficionados who enjoy pondering the universe and the astrophysics that defines it.

  10. Phil's Astronomy Blog: Stop by Phil's Astronomy Blog for detailed discussions about stargazing and recommended equipment for watching stars, planets and other heavenly bodies right from Earth.

Evolutionary Biology and Genetics

  1. Gene Expression: Another excellent blog courtesy of Discover magazine, this time delving into genetics and how the field has redefined the past, present and possible futures of life.

  2. The Dispersal of Darwin: One can probably ascertain The Dispersal of Darwin's dedication to discussing and dissecting evolutionary biology.

  3. A Natural Evolution: Evolution plays an integral role in natural history, and this blog provides readers with some excellent research on the subject.

  4. Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary: Instead of going out and buying copies of Charles Darwin's diaries penned during his stint on the H.M.S. Beagle, read completely gratis blog entries with corresponding dates.

  5. The Loom: Carl Zimmer weighs in on all things biological, with particularly fascinating articles on brain science and evolution.

  6. Pharyngula: Evolutionary biology, genetics, natural history and plenty more relevant topics form the core of this essential read.

  7. Evolving Thoughts: John Wilkins keeps an excellent blog peering into issues of biology's rich past, present and possible futures — among other interesting scientific subjects, of course.

  8. EvolutionBlog: Natural history buffs who want to read their evolutionary biology spiked with political and religious commentary have plenty to explore here.

  9. Genomicron: Genomicron provides some challenging content regarding genomes and evolution for readers searching desiring a little intellectual stimulation.

  10. Afarensis: This highly informative resource finds some fascinating — and largely unsurprising — parallels and overlaps between evolutionary biology and anthropology.


  1. The Geology News Blog: As the title implies, visitors come here for valuable updates and informed opinions from around the geology world.

  2. Clastic Detritus: Brian Romans and Wired present an absolutely amazing blog packed with professional, insightful and educational content.

  3. The Volcanism Blog: Explore one of the planet's most striking, memorable and dangerous geological phenomena from the comparative safety of a web browser.

  4. Geotripper: Absolutely gorgeous scenes from the American West come alive through striking photographs, but be sure to read what Garry Hayes has to say about them, too!

  5. Earth and Mind: Brain science, ecology and other earth sciences collide, producing an intriguing resource for natural history fans.

  6. News at This blog-style news feed should be a daily reference for professional, student and hobbyist geologists looking for the most updated information on the discipline.

  7. Stories in Stone: Though not exclusively about geology, David B. Williams' Stories in Stone emphasizes humanity's interactions with rocks (usually as a building material) and other facets of the natural world.

  8. The Lost Geologist: In spite of sporting a slower update schedule when compared to some of the others listed here, The Lost Geologist still features geological observations worth reading.

  9. Geoblogosphere News: Many different blog postings in many different languages come together in one easy-to-maneuver feed for the time-crunched geology buff.

  10. Highly Allochthonous: Hit up Highly Allochthonous for tantalizing tidbits and recent news stories regarding the myriad earth sciences.

Nature Photography

  1. Natural History Photography Blog: Phillip Colla's lush photography brings the wondrous forms, colors and textures found in nature to brilliant, educational life.

  2. Nature Blog Network : Though it may not focus exclusively on nature photography, this blog series features plenty of excellent, relevant images worth seeking out.

  3. Earth Science Picture of the Day: Whether browsing for majestic mountains or ethereal weather phenomena, the amazing Earth Science Picture of the Day has something beautiful to offer every natural history aficionado.

  4. Ethan Meleg — Nature Photography: Through stunning videos and images, the photographer brings to life cute, curious and downright bizarre corners of the natural world.

  5. Nature Photography Blog: Not only does Nature Photography Blog feature some sterling examples of the eponymous art, it also provides comprehensive, informed research for those hoping to take up the hobby (or profession!) themselves.

  6. Graf Nature Photography: Don't visit this blog just for the photography. Be sure to stick around for the insightful writings on ecology, natural history and biology as well!

  7. Cornforth Images: Award-winning photographer John Cornforth shares some of the breathtaking, dramatic depictions of nature that make him so popular.

  8. MYRECOS: At the intersection of entymology and macrophotography sits MYRECOS, an excellent, essential resource for both disciplines it predominantly represents.

  9. Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography: Jim M. Goldstein opens up part of his portfolio to visitors, along with information on photography trends, tips and equipment and discussions of travels and natural sights.

  10. Moose Peterson Wildlife Photography: Despite the title, the photography hosted here actually covers a broad spectrum of natural wonders, including particularly lovely landscapes.


  1. PALAEOBLOG: Ancient, extinct creatures come alive through vivid illustrations and highly engaging, educational descriptions of their interesting — often mysterious — history.

  2. BEYONDbones: The Houston Museum of Natural Science keeps readers updated on its research expeditions, usually paleontological in nature, and discusses the inner workings of its eclectic holdings and exhibits.

  3. Dinosaur Tracking Blog: Presented by, the Dinosaur Tracking Blog dissects dinosaurs and pop culture, most especially when it comes to common misconceptions.

  4. Dinochick Blogs: ReBecca Hunt-Foster attracts plenty of paleontology buffs thanks to her accessible, interesting musings on a variety of relevant subjects.

  5. Dinosaurs:'s official dinosaur portal tantalizes fans coming from all proficiency levels, making it an excellent start for visiting greenhorns.

  6. Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Mesazoic period boasted some of nature's most bizarre and beautiful life forms, which get plenty of attention at this seriously cool blog.

  7. Everything Dinosaur: Follow Everything Dinosaur for the latest updates on findings and opinions from across the paleontological world.

  8. ART Evolved: Natural history buffs who enjoy indulging their creative side will greatly appreciate how this collective fuses paleontology and art together.

  9. Delightful little prehistoric organisms discuss scientific — largely biological and paleontological — concepts in an entertaining comic and blog.

  10. Chinleana: The majority of Chinelana's content revolves around the Late Triassic period, though other relevant bits of information seep in as well.