50 Best Blogs for Special Needs Teachers

by Staff Writers

Like the students they teach, special needs instructors oftentimes end up unfairly shoved to the margins of the school system. But that still does not deter many compassionate individuals from working tirelessly and (oftentimes) thanklessly with the hope of providing a loving, safe, engaging and educational environment for their students. Because their positions require more than just networking with fellow professionals, this article draws from a wide variety of resources rather than concentrating solely on special education teacher blogs. Plenty more amazing reads exist beyond these, however, and seeking them out will yield some excellent returns.

Education News and Reform

  1. The Jose Vilson: One of the most impassioned educators on the internet, Jose Vilson is a middle school teacher who also blogs about the myriad issues compromising student success.

  2. Blogs at Education Week: Faculty members and administrators alike should certainly bookmark this valuable resource, which peers into different educational concerns from a wide number of perspectives.

  3. The Core Knowledge Blog: Learn all about the role that cognitive and developmental science play in developing viable curricula.

  4. Connected Principals: As one can easily assume from the title, this blog and website serves as an excellent network for school principals to discuss today's most pressing educational issues.

  5. Blogs at Multiple education professionals weigh in on their daily routines, curricula, opinions and plenty more, exchanging valuable ideas and insights.

  6. An Urban Teacher's Education: Special education teachers hoping to bring their services to inner-city schools may want to keep track of the various challenges that could very well await them.

  7. Teach for Us: Anyone curious about the Teach for America program and what it does for impoverished schools across the country will find everything they're looking for right here.

  8. Whitney Tilson's School Reform Blog: Stop by this frequently updated resource for some interesting perspectives on how American schools need to change if they hope to offer kids the best education possible.

  9. Flypaper: Presented by The Fordham Institute, the Flypaper blog delves into education reform and other ideas centered around improving the public school system.

  10. Class Struggle: Jay Mathews with The Washington Post talks about the state of American education today, and what schools are doing and need to do to in the interest of improvement.

Mental Health News and Views

  1. World of Psychology: Presented by PsychCentral, these blogs cover a broad range of psychological and developmental conditions likely to pique the interest of special education teachers.

  2. MGH Center for Women's Mental Health Blog: This offering by Massachusetts General Hospital mostly targets adult women, but still provides frequent mental health insight applicable to adolescents.

  3. Director's Blog at NIMH: Dr. Thomas R. Insel at the National Institute of Mental Health writes about general psychological issues — including those that directly affect those working with special needs students.

  4. Dr. Deb: Special education teachers who work with depressed and traumatized children can get some perspectives on the condition courtesy of Dr. Deborah Serani.

  5. Beyond Blue: Not everyone can relate to the spiritual element present in Beyond Blue, but its gentle, informed discussions about mental illness make for valuable reading for wide audiences.

  6. chipur: Because it focuses mainly on patients and families, chipur offers special education professionals a valuable opportunity to nurture their empathy for student struggles.

  7. Mental Health Update: John Gale follows the latest psychology and psychiatry news, then translates them in a manner that general readers fully comprehend.

  8. Blogs at Psychology Today: No matter the mental health or developmental condition, this amazing periodical hosts a blog (or blog postings at the very least) addressing it.

  9. Child Abuse Survivor: Because so many special education students unfortunately fall victim to child abuse, it would behoove their teachers to understand the psychological effects as thoroughly as possible. This incredibly brave blogger opens up about his experience with the hope of fostering societal awareness.

  10. Deric Bownds' MindBlog: Take a look at psychological and developmental conditions from an interesting behavioral and biological point of view.


  1. Abnormaldiversity: One autistic student with a history of being sexually and emotionally abused wants to promote awareness of neurodiversity, tolerance and what life on the spectrum entails.

  2. NeuroLogica Blog: Putting forth the effort to fully understand the neuroscience behind different developmental conditions is the first step towards best meeting the needs of such students.

  3. Neuroethics & Law Blog: Stay on top of legal issues relating to the rights, treatment and education of individuals with neurological and developmental conditions.

  4. Estee Klar: The founder of the Autism Acceptance Project hopes to de-stigmatize individuals on the spectrum and promote greater awareness and acceptance in education and mainstream society alike.

  5. The Canadian Down Syndrome Society: While it may not update as frequently as some of the other blogs listed here, the CDSS nevertheless makes for an amazing resource when it comes to understanding Down Syndrome children, adolescents and adults.

  6. No Stereotypes Here: In spite of its relatively lax update schedule, No Stereotypes Here still provides special education teachers with straightforward talks about the autism spectrum.

  7. Left Brain/Right Brain Quick Links: This quick and easy Tumblr directs readers to the main Left Brain/Right Brain website, where a broad number of neurological and cognitive issues receive coverage.

  8. 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter: Covering the autism spectrum (including Asperger's), dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and other conditions, 2e specifically targets educators and parents who must deal with special needs kids.

  9. Dyslexia My Life — Blog on Dyslexia: Girard Sagmiller wrote a book about his lifelong battle with dyslexia, supplementing the material with a blog that shares the latest research and opinions on the condition.

  10. ADD/ADHD Blog:'s Keath Low blogs about the struggles faced by ADD/ADHD children and adults at school, work and home.

Special Needs Parents

  1. Adventures in Extreme Parenthood: This stay-at-home mom and banshee keeps readers informed about her life raising two children on the extreme end of the autism spectrum, infusing considerable humor with the pathos and stress.

  2. Enjoying the Small Things: New parents with Down Syndrome babies will likely find Kelle Hampton's frank discussions of her young daughter's life very informative.

  3. Dyslexia Blog: By parents, for parents, this blog provides great information for teachers wanting to make sure their students receive proper education and support at home.

  4. Parenting Special Needs at No matter the special need in question, Nancy Flanders makes sure to proffer up the best advice and research possible.

  5. Hopeful Parents: This grassroots organization brings together parents with special needs children and provides moral support, information and advice for a wide number of conditions.

  6. Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid: Like the title implies, this movement caters to the parents of special needs children with just as much humor as it does intelligent analysis and compelling stories.

  7. The Mindstorm: One of Chrisa Hickey's children suffers from schizoaffective disorder — an oft-misunderstood condition rarely acknowledged by the mainstream.

  8. 5 Minutes for Special Needs: An essential bookmark for all special needs parents and teachers, this blog and community addresses pretty much everything they need to know about their kids.

  9. Kidneys and Eyes: Two of Julia Roberts' kids suffer from Autosonomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease and Ocularmotor Apraxia. Her compelling account of caring for them and ensuring their health, happiness and education is an undeniable inspiration for all special needs parents.

  10. Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords: Schulyer's Monster author Robert Rummel-Hudson discusses the triumphs and tribulations associated with raising his daughter, who was diagnosed with polymicrogyria as an infant. Though unable to speak, she finds plenty of empowering pleasures in her life that end up right here on her father's blog.

Special Needs Teachers and Legal Professionals

  1. Jerry's Special Education Blog:'s Jerry Webster draws from nearly two decades of special education experience to bring fellow teachers the latest news and views that impact their careers.

  2. Special Education Law Blog: While not by educators, this blog still keeps those working in the field with the information they need to stay in compliance with the law and know their students' rights.

  3. The Wrightslaw Way: Another valuable resource for special education teachers who need to keep up with the legal issues inherent to their careers.

  4. Teacher Sol: Maria Angala issues a call for education reform with special attention paid to the special education students and teachers who oftentimes end up shoved to the margins.

  5. Special Education Blogs at TeacherLingo: One of TeacherLingo's personal aggregators brings together its various posts and blogs dealing with special education.

  6. Teacher at Risk: Considered one of the very best resources available to special education professionals, Elona Hartjes' Teacher at Risk covers everything both novices and seasoned veterans need to know about the field.

  7. Reality 101: Multiple special education teachers weigh in on the latest relevant news and opinions from around the country.

  8. Education On The Plate: This special education teacher launched his career at 50, but considers it one of the most heartbreaking and rewarding jobs he ever held.

  9. Assistive Technology: Special education teachers with students needing assistive technologies will definitely find this blog incredibly useful and informative.

  10. One Foot in Reality: One Foot in Reality provides plenty of nourishing food for thought aimed squarely at fellow special education teachers — most especially those using assistive technologies in their classrooms.