Top 25 College Career Services Blogs

by Staff Writers

As most college students are acutely aware, finding a job after graduation can be an uphill battle, one sometimes fraught with disappointment, frustration and intense competition. That's why it's best to start planning early and get ready to enter the working world by preparing to take on any challenges it might throw at you. One great way to do this is by using the career services resources found at your very own college. These professionals can assist you in getting internships, writing your resume, finding job openings and acing your first interview. With so many great resources, why stop at just utilizing your own college's career services? These blogs let you tap into the expertise and opportunities offered through colleges and universities across the nation, giving you a better chance of standing out and getting the work you want after graduation.


These blogs are from a wide range of public and private colleges and can give students like you a leg up on the job hunt.

  1. Career Center Blog, University of Oregon: With articles on topics like making your liberal arts education work for you, finding internships, and preparing for interviews, this blog is an excellent resource for graduating students.
  2. Career Services Blog, University of Missouri-Kansas City: Find out about internship opportunities and job openings as well as getting some advice on polishing your resume and interview acumen from this blog.
  3. LUCareerCenter To Go, Lawrence University: Through this blog, you can get advice from Lawrence alums and learn more about internships, career fairs and jobs.
  4. Career Insider, Bucknell College: You don't have to be a student at Bucknell to take advantage of their listings for internships, webinars, fairs and more.
  5. Career Services, University of California-Santa Barbara: Whether you need help preparing to apply for grad school or mounting your first real job search, this blog offers resources that can help you.
  6. Career Services Blog, American Public University System: Blogger Ryan Harding offers up some tips on how to get a job after college and keep it on this site.
  7. Walden University Career Services Blog, Walden University: You'll find a wealth of information and inspiration for job hunting on this blog.
  8. Career Services Blog, Rasmussen College: The authors of this career services blog provide great articles that can help you better utilize your skills to find the work that you want.
  9. University Career Center at UNC Charlotte Blog, University of North Carolina-Charlotte: Do you know what to wear to an interview? How to sell yourself to the interviewers? If not, check out the informative articles on t his blog.

Major Specific

These career services blogs are focused on one major or group of majors, but can still be a great resource for any job hunting student out there.

  1. Engineering Career Services Job Blog, The Ohio State University: Filled with advice from former students, interviewing tips and job search strategies, this blog is an excellent resource for any engineering student, though much of the advice can be applied to just about any science major.
  2. CALS Career Services, University of Wisconsin-Madison: The College of Agricultural and Life Science at the University of Wisconsin offers up this blog to help students in this field find work and make the most of their time on campus.
  3. Career Services Blog, New England Law-Boston: With posts that help you better understand what working as a lawyer is really like and how to best find work in the field, this blog can be an indispensable resource for students graduating this semester.
  4. Career Services, Richmond School of Law: From career fairs to choosing a specialty, check out this blog for great advice on furthering your law career.
  5. DePaul Law Career Services, DePaul Law School-Chicago: The postings on this blog are pretty De Paul-specific but you might be able to find some great links to internships and funding you didn't know about.
  6. The AI of New York City Career Services Blog, Art Institute of New York: No matter what kind of fine arts major you're pursuing, take a look at this blog for everything from job leads to career advice.
  7. Career Development Center Staff Blog, Indiana University-Bloomington: This career services blog is geared towards those in the arts and sciences, but the articles posted can help students in just about any major.

Top Notch Schools

Couldn't get into Princeton? That doesn't mean you can't use their career resources to help you find a job. These blogs come from some of the most well-regarded public and private universities in the U.S.

  1. The Career Center Blog, University of Washington: Do you have a game plan for your post-graduation years? If not, you may want to check out this school's blog for some opportunities, advice and more.
  2. SI Career Development Blog, University of Michigan: This well-regarded public university shares some secrets that can help you find work, like using Twitter, internet job search sites and more.
  3. Penn & Beyond, University of Pennsylvania: From on-campus recruiting to taking the GRE, this blog is an amazing resource for planning your life after college.
  4. The Scoop, Brown University: The Career Development Center at Brown brings together an amazing amount of resources on this site. Choose your field of study and you'll get access to a blog geared towards your needs as a job seeker.
  5. Career Services at Princeton, Princeton University: Princeton's career services blogs focus on student experience, with alumni giving advice on job searching, networking and more.
  6. Duke Law Career Center, Duke University: While some of the information on this site might be just for Duke Law students, other resources will help students at any law school in the US.
  7. U of I Career Plans, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign: Students at this well-known Midwestern school share advice for their peers on everything from choosing a major to finding job opportunities.
  8. UVM Career Services Blog, University of Vermont: This public ivy's blog is a great place to learn about job hunting essentials like creating a resume, getting internships and attending job fairs.
  9. Career Runnings, Darden School of Business: Read through this prestigious business school's advice for life after college.