40 Best Blogs for ADHD Parents & Educators

by Staff Writers

ADHD is an often misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition, which can make life hard for those who suffer from it, especially as children. That's why it's essential for parents and educators who work with these kids to learn all they can about ADHD. With the right support and help, children with ADHD can be successful in school, college, careers and beyond and the earlier they start getting that support and help, the better. Here are 40 blogs that can be great resources for anyone working with ADHD children, offering information, advice, news and some inspiration to keep kids and parents motivated.


These blogs are great educational sources for those looking to learn about ADHD.

  1. Primarily Inattentive ADD: Visit this blog to learn about ADD and ADHD treatments, causes and news. Recommended Post: "ADHD Inattentive in Girls."
  2. CHADD Leadership Blog: The Children and Adults with ADHD group shares some advice and information on the condition here through Dr. Ruth Hughes. Recommended Post: "Can School Be a Positive Turning Point for Children with ADHD?"
  3. ADD/ ADHD Blog: If you're looking for the basics on the condition, this blog is a great place to start understanding ADD and ADHD. Recommended Post: "A Hopeful Message to Parents from a Parent."
  4. Special Needs Blog: While not all the posts on this blog are focused on ADHD, parents will find regular postings on the condition that can be a big help. Recommended Post: "Tips To Help Kids With ADHD Communicate."
  5. 4 ADHD: Parents of children and teens with ADHD can use this site to find information and support that can help them better teach and work with their children. Recommended Post: "ADHD Impairs Kids' Ability to Turn Off ‘Daydreaming Switch'."
  6. ADHD Awareness: Dedicated to empowering children, parents and educators, this site is an amazing resource for anyone hoping to learn more about ADHD. Recommended Post: "Using the Feingold Diet."
  7. ADHD While not updated super regularly, this blog is nonetheless a good place to learn more about ADD and ADHD. Recommended Post: "ADHD Experts Round Table."
  8. The ADHD Information Library: No matter what kind of information you're looking for on ADHD, you're bound to find it here, with not only a helpful blog, but tools to help you better understand treatment, diet and screening. Recommended Post: "Quotes for Inspiration."
  9. ADHD Specialists: This company works to help children with ADHD thrive, and their blog offers free tips, inspiration and advice for parents and teachers. Recommended Post: "ADHD Comes in Different Types."

Psychology and Brain Science

Learn more about how the brain works on these blogs, something that can help you better work with an ADHD child.

  1. CorePsych Blog: While the blog deals with larger psychology issues, readers will find a large number of posts dedicated to ADHD research. Recommended Post: "The Patient's Guide for ADHD Medications."
  2. SharpBrains: Parents and ADHD kids can help improve their brain fitness and learn more about treating the condition here. Recommended Post: "The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains."
  3. Stress-Free Kids: Dealing with ADHD can be a stressful process, but stress isn't something that helps any child thrive. Learn how to reduce the anxiety in your child and become a happier parent here. Recommended Post: "Teachers & Childcare Providers' Impact On A Child's Self-Esteem."
  4. Brain Rules: You'll find tips for "surviving and thriving at work, home and school" on this brain blog. Recommended Post: "The #1 mistake parents make with praise."
  5. Early Childhood Brain Insights: Understand the development of your child's brain and the effects ADHD might have on how they behave here. Recommended Post: "The Brain Is Naturally Motivated To Learn."


These parenting blogs share stories of parents raising kids with ADHD.

  1. A Mom's View of ADHD: See what life with an ADHD kid is like for this mom, and find links to resources, products and information that can help. Recommended Post: "creating calm."
  2. ADD Moms: Here you'll find a group of moms with kids who have ADD and ADHD offering up support and shared experiences that can help make raising an ADHD child a little easier. Recommended Post: "Memories and ADHD."
  3. Life with ADHD: This dad shares news, information and research about ADD/ADHD here. Recommended Post: "The Truth About Fish Oil and ADHD."
  4. ADHD Parenting Blog: Mom and blogger Kay shares what her life is like, raising a child with ADHD and developmental delays. Recommended Post: "ADHD Growing Pains: When Bodies Change Faster Than Emotions Develop."
  5. Life With Boys: Follow along as this mom struggles to help her children deal with ADHD through diet, treatments and more. Recommended Post: "Teaching Kids with ADHD."
  6. Charlotte's ADHD Web: On this blog, you'll get to see the effect of ADHD on one family's life– sometimes humorously and sometimes, well, not. Recommended Post: "A Day Without Adderall!!!??!!"
  7. Empowering Parents: This blog is a great resource for parents looking for help and empowerment when it comes to child behavior. Recommended Post: "5 Things I Wish Teachers Knew About Parents."
  8. ADHD Doctor Dad: This dad shares some great parenting tips and advice on ADHD here. Recommended Post: "Parenting Young Children: ADHD Children in Preschool."


Teachers and parents alike will find helpful tips on these blogs.

  1. ADD Student: This blog is a great place to find ideas that can help your child or student with ADHD do better in the classroom. Recommended Post: "Bullying and ADHD."
  2. ADHD & LD Education Blog: ADHD expert Ben Glenn shares his insights into the disorder here. Recommended Post: "The Power of Motivation for ADHD Children."
  3. ADHD College Blog: ADHD doesn't just go away once kids grow up. Here you'll learn how to help a college age kid with ADHD get through their courses. Recommended Post: "A Secret Study Weapon for ADHD College Students."
  4. On Special Education: Educators and parents can learn more about the latest news in special education here. Recommended Post: "Reading Disability Risk In Girls With ADHD."
  5. For the Love of Teaching: This teacher shares stories of how to use technology in the classroom and to educate kids on how the brain works. Recommended Post: "Help! I'm Losing My Patience!"
  6. Edge Foundation: The Edge Foundation provides coaching for students with ADHD and their blog is a good resource for anyone working with ADHD kids. Recommended Post: "Michael Phelps ADHD is not an attention deficit."


Doctors and experts on ADHD offer up their advice on these great sites.

  1. ADD ADHD Blog: Check out this blog to hear from Dr. Kenny Handelman on ADD and ADHD. Recommended Post: "ADHD and Food Additives: A Ban?"
  2. Experiencing ADDvantages: Founder of the ADD Management Group, Jennifer Koretsky shares her struggle with ADD on this blog. Recommended Post: "10 Benefits of Having Attention Deficit Disorder."
  3. My ADD/ADHD Blog: Tara McGillicuddy is an ADD/ADHD support mentor and coach, who provides inspiring and educational posts on her blog. Recommended Post: "ADD / ADHD Medication Resource."
  4. School Psychologist Blog Files: School psychologist Erin King doesn't focus exclusively on ADHD on this blog, but it's still a great resource for educators or parents looking for insights into the minds of their children. Recommended Post: "Make Homework Routine."
  5. ADHD Experts Blog: You'll hear from those who suffer from ADHD as well as doctors who study it on this excellent blog. Recommended Post: "Is This Parenting Style Too Strict for Our ADHD Child?"
  6. ADHD from A to Zoe: This PsychCentral blog is written by Zoe Kessler, a woman who suffers from ADHD and writes about it in a variety of forums– including on this site. Recommended Post: "He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life."
  7. Pediatric OT: This pediatric occupational therapist helps kids with a wide range of conditions. Recommended Post: "When a Child Can't Sit Still."
  8. Dr. Ferrari's Attention Deficit Disorder Blog: Visit this blog to learn more about ADHD from Dr. Stephen A. Ferrari, an expert in ADHD and ADD as well as sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and autism. Recommended Post: "EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD."


If you're feeling frustrated, turn to these for some inspiration to keep you and your child working towards goals.

  1. A Splintered Mind: Blogger Douglas Cootey suffers from ADHD and depression and this blog documents his day to day struggles with both as he overcomes them and writes not only this blog, but a novel as well. Recommended Post: "Thinking About ADHD, Stillness and Writing Daily."
  2. Pills Don't Teach Skills: Here, Jeff Hamilton talks about his struggle with adult ADD and how he feels like pills aren't always the answer. Recommended Post: "Jeff Hamilton's ADD interview with Tina Oliver."
  3. ADDerworld: Learn to think more positively about ADD and ADHD through the great posts on this blog by a man who is a sufferer of the condition himself. Recommended Post: "The Incredible Frustrating ADHD Drive to Achieve."
  4. ADHD Drug-Free Solutions Blog: Find some great alternatives to medication for treatment of ADHD on this blog. Recommended Post: "What Are Your Kids Drinking?"