40 Incredibly Cool Biking Tools for College Students

by Staff Writers

Biking is a great way to get around your college campus and even your town. It's cheap, which is always a plus for college students, and it's great for your body as well as the environment. In these resources, you'll learn about great ideas for biking on campus, how to protect your bike, stay safe, and even find the best bike trails.

  1. Bike Forums: Bike Forums has posts from safety to purchasing a great college bike.
  2. Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute: The BHSI has answers and resources for bikers wearing helmets.
  3. How to Prevent Bicycle Theft: This article shares great advice for keeping your bike safely in your possession.
  4. 10 Common Sense Tips for New Bike Commuters: If you're just getting started biking to school, check out these tips.
  5. Amherst College Bicycle Safety Information: Find safety facts, laws, and other tips for biking on campus from this Amherst College resource.
  6. Bicycle Safety for College Students: Follow these guidelines for bike safety on your college campus.
  7. How to Choose a Bike for College: Choose a bike to use at college with the help of this resource.
  8. Crash and Safety Facts: This site offers resources for finding bike crash and safety facts.
  9. Fat Tire: For students living in mountain states, you can find mountain biking resources on this site.
  10. Spring Bicycle Tune-Up: Every Spring, be sure to tune up your bike to keep it in good working order.
  11. Biking at college for the total newbie?: Find advice for beginner college bikers on this forum discussion.
  12. Bike Brake Tip: Use a cork in your brake to keep your bike from rolling.
  13. 8 Great College Biking Programs: From free bikes to valet bike parking, these college campuses are great spots for bikers.
  14. Sierra Club Bike Commuting Resources: Visit the Sierra Club to find these resources for commuting with your bike.
  15. Wiki Bicycle: Wiki Bicycle is a great place to find information on buying your college bike.
  16. Bike to Work: Bike to work has events, forums, resources, and more for using bikes to commute to work or school.
  17. Surviving College Without a Car: This student explains how she survives college without a car, even in the hot Texas sun.
  18. BikeCollectiveWiki: In this network, you'll find resources for community bicycle organizations, recycling, and more.
  19. How to Not Get Hit By Cars: Read this article for important lessons in bike safety.
  20. OpenStreetMap Wiki: This resource has cycle routes for Europe and the US.
  21. Bicycle Tutor: Keep your bike in good working order by checking out these bike repair video tutorials.
  22. How to Lock a Bicycle and Get a Stolen Bike Bake: Make sure your bike stays yours by following these tips.
  23. Winterize Your Bicycle: Check out this wiki article to find out how you can winterize your bike.
  24. Why Every College Student Should Ride a Bike: This article explains why biking is so great for college students.
  25. Bikeability Checklist: Use this checklist to assess how bikeable your community is.
  26. Park Tool: Park Tool shares repair help and education.
  27. Biking on Campus 101: The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute shares these ideas for easier and safer campus biking.
  28. Cycling in the Rain: Learn about the fun of cycling in the rain from this article.
  29. Bicycle Safety Education Resource Center: Find a database and more for bike safety education on this site.
  30. Sheldon Brown: Sheldon Brown has technical information for biking, including a glossary and parts resources.
  31. Bicycle Helmet Laws: Check out this resource to find the latest in bicycle helmet laws.
  32. University Bike Programs: This site is a great resource for learning about bike programs at universities.
  33. National Bike Registry: Label your bike with a tamper-resistant NBR label, and your bike can be identified by police as yours.
  34. Cycling Laws: Bikemania offers links to cycling laws for all 50 states.
  35. The Bike Desk: Use this bike desk to make space in your dorm for both a desk and a bike.
  36. Bicycles and Public Transportation: Find out about taking your bike on public transportation in this resource.
  37. Road Rights: Road Rights has great resources for bicycle laws.
  38. How to Buy a Great Used Bicycle: This article shares tips for identifying a great used bike.
  39. American Trails: Visit American trails to find the best trails and greenways for bike riders in your state.
  40. Avoid Heat Stress When You Ride with These Stay-Cool Tips: Follow these tips to stop heat stress before it starts.