50 Best Blogs for EDU Leaders

by Staff Writers

Like reading, education in some form or another is fundamental. And effective education happens because of effective leaders. Not everybody enters the teaching profession with the hopes of someday becoming an influential figure in the fight for keeping students safe and smart. But those who do never sprout forth from a vacuum. They must look towards the mistakes and successes of the past in order to implement the right solutions for a productive, equitable future. And the following blogs certainly provide them with a great start!


  1. Arts Admin: Indiana University at Bloomington's Michael Rushton pulls from his experience directing the masters program in both arts administration and public affairs to bring readers some provocative ideas and insights.

  2. Darcy Moore's Blog: This Australian principal keeps an eclectic blog about administration, education, technology and other subjects of interest to teachers and other professionals.

  3. A Principal's Reflections: Get a first-person glimpse at the best leadership education practices, student engagement and technology integration theories, courtesy of Principal Eric Sheniger.

  4. The Principal of Change: Learn all about Canadian schools and policies through the eyes of a principal who wants to see kids receive the best possible educational opportunities opportunities.

  5. Connected Principals: As the name reveals, a diverse range of school administrators use this blog and resource to network and discuss the news and policies impacting them, their schools and — most importantly — their students.

  6. Dangerously Irrelevant: Scott McLeod teaches at the Educational Administration Program at Iowa State University, which places him at the forefront of news, views and inspiration useful to incoming professionals.

  7. Rebel 6 Ramblings: An Army-officer-turned superintendent brings a unique perspective to the neverending debate about the policy, politics and points of view regarding education in America.

  8. Michael Smith's Principal's Page: The Blog: Having worked as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent, this busy, Oakland, IL-based education professional has plenty of fascinating, intelligent things to say about school administration.

  9. Principally Speaking: No matter if readers work as teachers, principals, superintendents, administrators or something completely different, Principally Speaking has something educational to offer.

  10. Practical Theory: Look at education concepts, news and policies through the lens of an extremely experienced administrator in Philadelphia.

Higher Education

  1. Eric Stoller's Blog: Education leaders and enthusiasts interested in how higher education overlaps with technology, with divergences into consulting rounding out the mix.

  2. Educated Nation: Everything regarding higher education eventually gets covered here, with plenty of excellent advice nuggets for students, teachers and other professionals.

  3. Innovations: The Chronicle of Higher Education peers into statistics, news, views and policies impacting colleges and universities in America — and, sometimes, elsewhere.

  4. Higher Education Weblog: Whether looking for advice about attending college or finding the perfect career, Higher Education Weblog has both desires covered.

  5. International Higher Education Consulting Blog: Stop by this informative blog for detailed information about higher education issues from around the world — hopefully some of the solutions implemented overseas will work for domestic questions and vice versa.

  6. EDU in Review: Ignore the shameless celebrity pandering and focus on the articles that help guide students through college life and education professionals through their careers.

  7. Blog: Bookmark's official blog for updated information about anything and everything that impacts how students pay for their schooling.

  8. Higher Ed Watch: New America's Higher Education Initiative hopes to make policymakers and for-profit institutions both accountable for their actions, serving as a watchdog to ensure responsible legislation.

  9. The Ticker: Another Chronicle of Higher Education blog, this time focusing on news and policies affecting all associated with colleges and universities.

News and Views

  1. Eduwonk: Stay on top of all the latest education news and read myriad perspectives on trends, policy and plenty more.

  2. WorldWise: Presented by the Chronicle of Higher Education, WorldWise gets administrators and teachers in touch with schools and international policies.

  3. I [Heart] EdTech: SimpleK12's education technology blog will greatly appeal to teachers and administrators hoping to incorporate some of the emerging developments into their curricula.

  4. EducationState: Everything related to education, no matter the level, is featured here. Anyone hoping to stay on top of the industry must keep this site bookmarked!

  5. Open Education News: Leaders with a particularly interest in the open education movement will probably find this read a valuable resource in tracking its trajectory.

  6. NEA Today: The National Education Association offers up plentiful news stories and editorials on everything impacting today's schools.

  7. Inside School Research: Sarah D. Sparks provides education leaders and professionals with a plethora of information regarding the latest scientific and scholastic findings affecting the industry.

  8. Lily's Blackboard: As the president of the National Education Association with experience in a wide range of positions, Lily Eskelsen has some interesting, intelligent perspectives on the latest news and policies.

  9. Edvoices: Along with Lily's Blackboard, the other blogs featured on Edvoices cover topics like policy, technology and effective teaching strategies.

  10. The Answer Sheet: Take a look at all things education from the perspective of parents, one of the most valuable, least consulted demographics after the affected students themselves.


  1. Alexander Russo's This Week in Education: Although a news blog hosted by Scholastic, this blogger's experience in journalism and Senate education staffing give his work a thoroughly political edge.

  2. Linda Fandel: Iowa's governor sponsors (but does not write) this resource about the political perspectives, policies and ramifications found in the state. However, such knowledge can still benefit, inspire and warn others hailing from elsewhere.

  3. The Jose Vilson: The eponymous middle school teacher has plenty of things to say about school reform, especially as the issues and solutions pertain to the frequently marginalized inner city.

  4. Politics K-12: Another Education Week Blog, this time paying particularly attention to the politics impacting kindergarten through twelfth grade.

  5. National Journal Expert Blogs: Education: A plethora of contributors weigh in on anything and everything related to the politics of educating the American peoples.

  6. Joel Shatzky: This former English professor lends his voice to The Huffington Post's Educating for Democracy, keeping readers informed about the latest scholastic politics.

  7. Education Notes: At the core of Education Notes lay the desire to fire up the masses and get them interested in the policies impacting American schools.

  8. Teacher Beat: Take a look at all the latest education-related policies mostly as they relate to the teachers themselves, rather than students, administrators and parents.

  9. Flypaper: Fordham University presents a policy series aimed at discovering the best solutions to current education issues and crises.

  10. Talk Priority Schools: Follow the progress and goals of the National Education Association's Priority Schools Campaign, which begs for improved reform and scholastic leadership.

Special and Assisted Education

  1. No Limits to Learning: An effective education leader must absolutely address the needs of special education and disabled students. No Limits to Learning helps them understand the latest assistive technologies to grant these kids the best educational opportunities possible.

  2. On Special Education: Shah keeps professionals, parents and students updated on all of the news, views and politics directly impacting special education.


  3. Teacher Sol: Follow the impassioned crusade of Maria Angala, who fights for better education opportunities for special needs students — and more!

  4. Teachers at Risk: Based in Ontario, special and "mainstream" education professionals the world over can learn plenty of things from the provocative, informative Teachers At Risk.

  5. Special Education: Both a blog and a website,'s section on special education makes frequently heavy, confusing content accessible to a broad audience.

  6. Special Education MangoMon Blog: MangoMon offers up some great information for teachers, administrators, parents and policymakers needing to learn more about assistive technologies and special education.

  7. Special Education Law Blog: Everything visitors need to know about this resource can be found right there in the title. Head here for updated information on the legal issues affecting special education students and professionals alike.

  8. The Assistive Technology Blog: Presented by the Virginia Department of Education, The Assistive Technology Blog sheds light on the science and engineering marvels that help special needs children gain equal footing in the classroom.

  9. The Wrightslaw Way: Follow the latest special education policy, advocacy and legal news at this indispensible, must-bookmark resource.

  10. Special Education Blogs at Teacher Lingo: Read multiple perspectives on a wide range of special education topics, from curricula to politics and everything in between.