50 Best Blogs for Industrial Design Students

by Staff Writers

From fabulous furniture to amazing tech products, the work of industrial designers is all around you. If you're currently pursuing a college degree in the subject or plan to in the future, you can get your fix of all thing industrial design on the web. Here are 50 blogs that anyone interested in learning more about great product design should check out, with news, stunning photos and tips that can help you improve your skills in the field.


These blogs contain some excellent reading for anyone considering a career in industrial design or who already works in the field.

  1. Core 77: This is one of the best online resources for industrial designers. With news, information, pictures and links, you'll find lots of inspiration and advice.
  2. Yanko Design: In need of some inspiration? This site has it in abundance, with photos and articles about some of the most amazing product designs in the word today.
  3. Product Design Hub: Follow this blog to connect with your fellow designers and learn more about the profession.
  4. Industrial Design History: Read the latest news in industrial design while also learning about the history of the field from this blog.
  5. Industrial Design Served: You'll feel inspired after looking at all the photos on this blog, the latest in impressive industrial designs from some of the leading names in the field.
  6. CAD CAM News: You're bound to use CAD software at some point in your design career. Learn what's going on with it and how it's being used through this blog.
  7. Embody 3D: Read news, find links to great design projects and much more through this industrial design-focused blog.
  8. ID Tuts: While it could stand to be updated more often, this site is such a great resource it can't be excluded. On it, you'll find a number of different tutorials that can help you out as an industrial designer.
  9. Planet Industrial Design: This blog brings together the best news and articles from a wide range of design sites into one, easy-to-read place.
  10. Get It Made: If you've got a product you're dreaming up and want to see it get made, join up with this community and its inspirational blog.
  11. Industrial Design Sandbox: This blog is full of great reading material for designers, no matter what kind of products you want to make.
  12. IDSA News: Here you'll get access to the latest events and news coming from the Industrial Designers Society of America.

General Design

These blogs offer posts on industrial design but also touch on other areas of art and design– perfect for those who love more than one aspect of art.

  1. Design Juices: Through this blog, you'll be able to read about not only industrial design, but graphic design, illustration and other commercial art forms as well.
  2. Dexinger: This site is a great resource for any student interested in a career in design– no matter the specialization.
  3. design mind: Visit this blog for some great ideas on business and technology and how they relate to high-quality design.
  4. Design Observer: While the bulk of posts on this blog focus on industrial design and architecture, you'll also find items about politics, culture and design at large as well.
  5. Noupe: Study all facets of design through this great blog, with links to tutorials that can help you better master a wide range of computer design tools as well.
  6. Design Milk: With posts that cover topics like architecture, art, interior design and style, you'll find a wide range of inspirational reading material here.
  7. Designophy: This blog features interviews, resources, articles, news and much more all focused on great art and design.
  8. Creative Fluff: Through this blog, you can read about all aspects of design, both commercial and fine art.


Looking to get inspired to create your next project? These blogs are full of great pictures that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Monkee Design: Just can't get enough photos and reading material about amazing designs? Give this blog a read for more!
  2. design boom: Visit this blog to ogle photos of everything from dining chairs to architecture.
  3. Tuvie: Design of the Future: This blog highlights some seriously cutting edge design projects.
  4. Cool Material: While it's geared towards shoppers, designers can still make good use of this blog, full of some of the neatest gadgets and other products out there.
  5. Develop 3D: Those interested in the technology and engineering aspects of industrial design will appreciate this blog.
  6. Concept Bug: You'll find some interesting product designs here that just might show you what you really can do to change the world with your degree.
  7. NAX-MIX: This blog showcases designs that push boundaries, from cars to clothes to everyday products.
  8. Cambridge Industrial Design: This blog shares updates from the Cambridge University industrial design department.
  9. Design Freak: This blog is a great read if you're looking to see some kooky but cool designs.

Designers and Firms

Check out these blogs to hear from designers working in the field.

  1. Design Sojourn: Find tips for working in design, photos of great projects and more on this designer's site.
  2. Rodd: Observations and Innovations: Follow along with the projects and posts of this design group, centered on consumer-focused innovation and design.
  3. the sub-studio design blog: This studio shares products, furniture, architecture and artists that have inspired them on this blog.
  4. Studio Clues: Check out this blog to see the work of one industrial designer and get commentary on his view of the field and new gadgets coming out.

The Business of Design

Like any form of commercial art, a degree in industrial design is helped by knowing a bit about business as well. These blogs can help teach you.

  1. Fuel Your Product Design: From branding to the design of the products themselves, this site is a great place to find not only inspiration for your work but also a little more information on how the marketing world works.
  2. Fast Co Design: Educate yourself on the marketing and branding that is behind product design through this blog.
  3. Product Design UK: Educate yourself on product design, from idea to marketing, with the help of this blog.
  4. Nussbaum on Design: This Bloomberg Businessweek blog all about product design is an excellent place to learn more about innovative designs while educating yourself about all things corporate.


Among these blogs, you'll find reading material on designing everything from green furniture to funky watches — whatever floats your design boat.

  1. Inhabitat: Keep tabs on this blog to learn more about green and sustainable product design.
  2. Six Different Ways: Check out this blog to see some great modern design projects, from movie inspired furniture to seriously neat decor.
  3. The Dieline: If you're just as into packaging as you are the products you design, then give this blog a read. You'll find some amazing designs as well as links to jobs, conferences and more.
  4. 3-Rings: If you'd like to stay in the architecture and decor niche with your industrial design, then check out this blog for some great examples and inspiration.
  5. 2modern Blog: Whether it's modern art or modern product design, you'll find lots of cool pictures and articles here.
  6. Furniture Design Blog: For those who simply can't get enough of furniture design, this blog can be a great place to see what other designers are doing.
  7. Eureka Magazine: Through this blog, you can learn more about the engineering behind great design and might even be inspired to take it up yourself.
  8. Modern Urban Living: Furniture design fanatics can find some seriously amazing pieces presented here.
  9. Tokyoflash Japan: Prefer to keep your designs small? On this blog you can see how one company is constantly reinventing the watch.
  10. HumbleFracture: Students who want to learn more about sustainable and responsible design and manufacturing practices should definitely give this blog written by Dominic Murren a read.
  11. Design Sprout: Focused on green and sustainable design, this site is sure to inspire your creativity and your desire to save the environment.
  12. Bicycle Design: Can't imagine doing anything else other than designing bikes? Get inspired by some of the examples shared here.
  13. Plastics News: So much of what we use and what you'll be designing will require plastics. Why not learn a bit more about it now? Start with this blog.