The 20 Meanest Teacher Evaluations of All Time

by Staff Writers

Students may suffer through the semester with professors they don't appreciate, but with finals come student evaluations, and they're not always pretty. Fair or unfair, teacher evaluations can be pretty entertaining, and we've pulled out a selection of the meanest (and funniest) teacher evaluations we could find. Enjoy these evaluations — and be glad you didn't have these professors (or students).

  1. Professor Wikipedia: The author of this evaluation admits it's a nasty one, but it sounds like it was deserved. His professor often reads Wikipedia in class and also uses the website for weekly lecture references. The student chose to spend his time learning from a YouTube professor instead, as his professor failed to teach effectively, and suggested that the school send his professor's pay to the YouTube professor.

  2. An eternity in class: This student felt like classes went on for an eternity, so much so that if he had one hour left to live, he'd "spend it in this class because it feels like an eternity."

  3. Loves Shakespeare, but not people: This English professor's collection of ratings were pretty harsh, with one student pointing out that the instructor doesn't seem to like people, but rather loves Shakespeare. Others called her the Wicked Witch (a play on her name, Ostowitch), and accused her of picking favorites.

  4. A hideous ugly troll: This reviewer wrote to forewarn other students against a "hideous ugly troll" and "fiendish hate-filled creature" lurking in the Michigan State University School of Social Work. Be careful not to be hurt by this "soulless void of immorality."

  5. Instant hatred: A great one-liner from a rough teacher evaluation: "She hates you already." Ouch.

  6. The unemployment line: Although teaching a journalism course, this professor constantly suggested writing practices that would not fly in news media, with one reviewer noting that they'd land him in the unemployment line. The term "feminazi" was used to describe her, and male students felt that she must feel victorious in breaking a man's will.

  7. The roach killing textbook: One student didn't agree with a professor's textbook choice, asserting that the book was useless for reading, but useful for killing roaches.

  8. A loathsome piece of feminist hate: Students feel that this professor is "unhinged," "simply vile, sometimes downright creepy." One student points out that she was sued for assaulting a male client in her private practice, and makes a habit of assaulting men in her lectures.

  9. Drinking for improvement: This student didn't really like the TA at first, but saw steady improvement. The class' thought was that he must have started drinking and it loosened him up.

  10. Review edited: The review of this professor was so bad, it had to be edited. What remains indicates that the student was unimpressed by the professor's inability to complete the syllabus. Others suggested he should have become a Mafia guy instead of teaching.

  11. Team America World Police: Students grew tired of this professor's lectures and class opinions on the situations of terrible corporations and globalization, describing the class as "50 minutes of listening to Alec Baldwin in Team America World Police speak."

  12. A ridiculous woman: Students lamented this professor's apparent love of hard grading, with one of them going so far as to call her a ridiculous woman. Others disagreed with her office hours policy, and one pointed out that she must not like teaching, taking her frustrations out on the class.

  13. Shoe factories vs. Civil War: This professor was criticized for skimming over the Civil War, preferring instead to discuss foods from different tribes and shoe factories.

  14. A pretty face: This review is especially mean, suggesting that the female professor functions better as a pretty face than an engineering professor. One student suggested just reading from the book rather than depending on the professor.

  15. A mouth full of marbles: One student believes that this professor speaks as if her mouth is full of marbles. Others believe she is miserable and wants to take students down with her, and would not recommend her to their worst enemy.

  16. Bert with throat cancer: Another student evaluation complained about a professor that sounded like a beloved Muppets character, noting that his professor's voice reminded him of Bert with throat cancer.

  17. Bring on the thunder: This reviewer didn't feel the need to hold back profanity, exhibiting a few choice words for a former professor, including, total b*tch and thunder c*&t.

  18. Magical flute squirrel: A student would rather take classes from a squirrel than with her former professor. The review noted that "This professor is about as qualified as a squirrel with a magical flute." We're not sure what a magical flute qualifies for in the teaching world.

  19. The plague: Raters of this professor encouraged potential students to avoid her like the plague, even going so far as to drive to another campus for the same class with a different professor.

  20. Watered down and boring: This evaluator managed to sneak in a beer zinger on his comments. He noted that, "Just like blats beer, this guy is watered down and BORING!"