50 Best Blogs for Special Ed Teachers (Updated)

by Staff Writers

While being a teacher is never easy, working with students in special education comes with some unique challenges. From writing lengthy IEPs to working closely with parents and other teachers, it takes a calm, collected, organized, confident, and very special person to work with students who often need a great deal more support and assistance than their peers to succeed. Yet even the best special education teachers can use a little guidance, inspiration, and information to help them to be even better at what they do. That's just what the 50 blogs we've collected here can do. Read through this updated list (a revision of this list to reflect new blogs and to remove old, no-longer-updated sites) to find resources that will help you teach, learn, and grow right alongside your students.

Special Education Teaching Tips and Strategies

These blogs are written by teachers and educational professionals who share their ideas, tips, tools, and advice for working with special education students.

  1. Reality 101:

    The Council for Exceptional Children maintains this blog along with the help of several special education teachers who share their experiences and advice.

  2. Special Education:

    Blogger and teacher Jerry Webster shares the basics of special education here, as well as some helpful insights from his own experiences in the classroom.

  3. Learning Disabilities:

    Through this blog you can learn more about a variety of learning disabilities and how you can help children with them excel.

  4. Teachers at Risk:

    Teacher Elona Hartjes shares her insights, resources, and practical classroom advice here, an invaluable resource for any special education teacher.

  5. Successful Teaching:

    This blog isn't focused on special education, but that doesn't mean it can't be a great place for special ed teachers to find advice on all things education-related.

  6. Special 2 Me:

    Check out this blog from a highly dedicated special education teacher (and for the present general education teacher) who is teaching in a high-crime, low-income school in L.A.

  7. Special Education Strategies and More:

    Teachers and parents of children with special needs can find some helpful strategies for helping them grow academically, emotionally, and socially on this blog.

  8. Teacher Sol:

    Exceptional Needs Specialist Maria Angala shares what's going on in her class as well as updates on her battle to improve special education here.

  9. Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties:

    Teachers and staff working with high schoolers in special education can find useful lessons, tips, and more on this great blog.

  10. Life in Special Education:

    Head to this blog to see what special education teacher Karla Banks is doing in her elementary school classroom.

  11. Special Education Advisor:

    Find help with your IEPs and special education classroom through the help of this blog for K-12 educators.

  12. Ms. Rachel's Room:

    On this blog you'll get a front row seat to a special ed classroom headed by Ms. Rachel. Read through her posts for ideas you can use in your own classroom.

  13. ESU 4 Special Education:

    From staff development to lessons, this blog offers numerous resources to help teachers and administrators working with special education students.

  14. Special Education and Learning Differences:

    PCI Education offers tips and ideas for helping students with special needs excel in school and beyond.

  15. The Cooke Special Education Blog:

    The faculty at the Cooke Center share their advice for improving the educational experience of special needs children.

Technology and Assistive Technology

Technological innovations are a big part of just about every classroom these days, including special ed. Read through these blogs to learn how tech can help your students excel.

  1. Assistive Technology:

    Head to this blog to learn more about some of the best assistive technologies out there today or in the works for tomorrow.

  2. Teaching All Students:

    Get tips and tools for using technological and informational tools in the special education classroom from this excellent blog. Don't forget to check out the list of great apps, too!

  3. Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner:

    The web is full of great educational resources. Use this blog to more easily find them, especially those which cater to the needs of students with learning disabilities.

  4. The Assistive Technology Blog:

    The Virginia Department of Education's Training and Technical Assistance Center shares expertise on the latest classroom-ready technologies for special students here.

  5. Apace of Change:

    Damian Bariexca shares his lessons from the special education classroom, his educational experience, and openness to using technology on this education blog.

  6. All Together We Can:

    Samuel Sennott authors this blog, focused on assistive technology, which he helps to develop and implement.

Special Topics

These blogs focus on select disabilities, special ed issues, and other specific topics.

  1. Barto's World:

    Learn more about learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD, as well as ways that teachers can help students who have them on this blog from blogger Barto.

  2. Eide Neurolearning Blog:

    This blog focuses on highlighting news and articles related to brain-based learning and learning disorders.

  3. 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter:

    Here you'll find the newsletter, in blog form, from 2e, with information on the latest research being done into disabilities like ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger's, and more.

  4. EBD Blog:

    Read up on the latest news, commentary, and resources related to emotional and behavioral disorders here.

  5. Special Needs Resource Magazine:

    Teachers can find a wealth of information to help them assist children with special needs through this great online magazine.

  6. Bilingual Special Ed:

    Are your special education students struggling not only with a disability but also learning another language? Get advice and information here.

  7. I Speak of Dreams:

    Read through this blog for great information and commentary on a wide range of learning disability issues.

  8. The Shut-Down Learner:

    For many students with learning disabilities, school isn't always a fun place. This blog offers ideas for both parents and teachers to help make learning more fun for these students.

  9. ADDitude Blogs:

    Read blogs written by those struggling with ADHD, teachers, and parents on this great site focused on the condition.

  10. Dyslexia My Life:

    Girard Sagmiller has struggled with dyslexia for decades and today offers advice for teachers and those with the condition on his blog.

Special Education News and Policy

Keep up with the latest news and public policy developments related to special education when you read these blogs.

  1. On Special Education:

    Education Week shares the latest on special education topics through this blog.

  2. SpeEdChange:

    Ira David Socol wants to help improve education for all. Follow his blog to read news and commentary related to special education policy and classroom activities.

  3. Special Education Today:

    This blog makes it simple to keep up with special education news, bringing together the biggest headlines into one place.

  4. Making Special Education Actually Work:

    KPS 4 Parents publishes this blog, focused on improving access and availability of special education programs to all students who need them.

  5. Special Education and Disability Rights Blog:

    Do you know what rights your students have under the law? Read this blog to learn more about the education advocacy issues related to special education and how you can help.

Special Education Law

These blogs will teach you about the legal side of special education.

  1. Special Education Law Blog:

    Attorney Jim Gerl attempts to explain the intricacies of special education law in plain English on this blog.

  2. The Wrightslaw Way:

    Learn how you can stand up for your special education students from this special education advocacy and law blog.

  3. Special Ed Justice:

    This blog is an excellent place to keep up with the latest special education law news.

  4. Special Education Law Blog:

    Here you'll find discussions of case law, news, advocacy, policies, and more related to special education.

  5. Developments in Special Education Law:

    The Law Offices of H. Jeffrey Marcus share the latest news and a bit of commentary on it as well, on this site.

  6. The Law Office of Lillian E. Wong:

    Special education attorney Lillian Wong shares her advice for parents and teachers on getting students the education they deserve.

Various Topics on Special Education

These blogs cover a range of special education issues, all of which can help you become a better educator.

  1. Education on the Plate:

    Get commentary on the latest special education topics, as well as a hefty dose of advocacy from this blog.

  2. Notes from the School Psychologist:

    School psychologist Rebecca Branstetter works with students who just don't like school, a reality for many who suffer from a learning disability.

  3. Behavior Modification:

    Learn how to get and keep your classroom under control with a little help from the guidance offered on this blog.

  4. Children with Special Needs:

    Head to this blog to learn more about the issues that affect students who have special needs.

  5. Diane Ravitch's Blog:

    Education historian Diane Ravitch discusses education, both in the past and in the future, through this blog.

  6. My Special Needs Network Blogs:

    Hear from parents and teachers working with special needs children via a number of great blogs on this site.

  7. ABC Therapeutics:

    This occupational therapy company maintains a great blog, full of ways to help children with autism, sensory issues, or even those who've been the victims of bullying.

  8. Smart Kids Learning Disabilities:

    Head to this site to read some excellent articles on everything from helping kids with learning disabilities read to managing technology in the classroom.