25 Google+ Accounts for All Things EdTech

by Staff Writers

Google has no shortage of great education technology resources, including Google Apps for Education, so it's no surprise that tech-minded educators and professionals have flocked to Google+. News sites, technology directors, researchers, and more all have something to say about educational technology on the social media site. Check out our list to find 25 great edtech accounts on Google+ and learn more about what others are doing in educational technology today.

  1. Udemy

    Udemy represents education of the people, by the people, offering a community platform for building online courses. Follow them on Google+ to learn about their latest developments, how they're using edtech, and cool courses you can take.

  2. Edudemic

    Follow Edudemic to learn about the connection between educational technology. Great posts include a discussion on how professors are using social media, an exploration of MOOCs, and an online safety guide for students.

  3. Jim Sill

    Once upon a time, Jim Sill worked in the TV/video industry. Now, he brings his video background to the classroom, with a passion for educational technology. As a Google Certified Teacher, he has a lot to share, including some of the best presentations on edtech out there.

  4. Ed Tech Crew Podcast

    Follow along with this podcast to learn about the latest developments in educational technology, featuring video interviews, conference highlights, and more.

  5. Phil Wagner

    Phil Wagner works at Google, and his passion is developing how we learn. Follow him to see what Google has next for education.

  1. Ian O'Byrne

    Ian O'Byrne teaches and researches educational technology. His specialty is studying the literary practices of online spaces. See what he has to say about the way students and educators can use online communication tools like Google+ and Twitter.

  2. Alec Couros

    Professor of educational technology and media Alec Couros has a lot to say about edtech, particularly on the openness in distributed learning environments. Follow him on Google+ to learn how educators can embrace the full potential of connectivity tools.

  3. Bill Selak

    Bill Selak lives in the space where education and technology meet. On his Google+ page, you'll learn about his experience with the Google Teacher Academy, find cool tools for education, and hear his thoughts about edtech.

  4. stays on top of edtech, particularly in the higher education sector. Check out their page to find tips on using technology in college and beyond.

  5. Education

    On Google+, any educational forum will naturally attract tech discussions, and this group is no exception. Find out what teachers, students, and parents have to say about tech developments in education.

  1. EdTech

    This new group brings together education professionals, students, technologists, and more to discuss technology in education. Popular topics include distance education, apps, and success stories in edtech.

  2. Steve Hargadon

    Steve Hargadon is the founder of Web 2.0 Labs, the creator of the Classroom 2.0 social network, a former employee of Blackboard Collaborate and a current educational technology consultant. Check out his Google+ page to learn from his great insight into how technology is changing education.

  3. K12 Education Technology

    K12 Education Technology discusses cutting edge topics in educational technology for schoolkids, including 3D printing and engineering in elementary schools.

  4. Adam Bellow

    eduTecher founder and president Adam Bellow is a great resource for getting connected to educational technology. Follow Adam's page to see fun ways educators are bringing technology into the classroom.

  5. David Ashby

    Follow David Ashby, an education technologist who is a big supporter of tech for schools. Check him out to find insights into using Google Apps for education, mobile learning, and more.

  1. Tyler Gayheart

    Tyler Gayheart works at the University of Kentucky, finding ways to use modern technology to address age-old college issues. He's especially interested in higher education online learning environments.

  2. Martin Cisneros

    Martin Cisneros is an educational technology coordinator and Google Certified Teacher sharing the latest developments in the field. His account is a great place to find ways to implement and take advantage of educational technology tools.

  3. The EdTech Review

    See what the EdTech Review has to say, and you'll find out about technology that can help your classroom.

  4. Google Certified Teachers

    Pop into this group to find educational technology insights from Google Certified Teachers.

  5. David Lee

    David Lee's Google+ page is all about educational technology, functioning as a great resource for edtech news, ideas, and opinions about educational technology.

  1. Molly Schroeder

    Molly Schroeder loves to teach educators about using Google Apps for Education and other instructional technologies. Be sure to check out her account to find out how to put edtech tools to work.

  2. Google in Education

    Google products, like Google+, have a major hand in educational technology. Check out this Google+ page to find out about news and tips for educational technology straight from the Big G.

  3. Kyle Brumbaugh

    A self-proclaimed EdTech Guerilla, Kyle Brumbaugh's account has lots of great insight for using edtech tools, professional development in technology, and social media in education.

  4. Yishay Mor

    Yishay Mor teaches educational technology at the Open University, with a particular focus on technologies for participatory learning, collective action, and expression. Check out Mor's Google+ to find highlighted TED Talks, MOOCs, and more.

  5. Tech in Edu

    Check out this Google+ community to find great discussions on promoting technology in education.