The Trouble with Gamification

In a May 29, 2012 post on her blog, game designer Elizabeth Sampat outlined some of the problems with the gamification movement as seen from the perspective of a seasoned game designer. Here is a look … View More

Forecasting the Future of Education

An upbeat and hopeful video about what the future of education could look like, posted by the New Brunswick Department of Education, provides an insightful peek into the future of education and extrapolates … View More

Giving Teachers the Respect They Deserve

A January 12, 2012 Education Week chat hosted by reporter Sean Cavanagh including Andreas Schleicher, Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( … View More

Flipping and Expanding Bloom’s Taxonomy

In 1956, educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom and a group of other researchers created one of the enduring models of how learning should be structured and supported. The model came to be known as " … View More