Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message

by Staff Writers

Whether you're about to embark on a long-awaited college interview, a nerve-wracking first date, or perhaps a highly-desired job interview, making a good first impression goes farther than you may realize. The amount of information that you perceive visually far outweighs what is perceived by what you hear, and because of this, body language plays a huge role in how people view you. In fact, the little things you do—with your hands, with your arms, your face, and even your feet—have the power to present you as confident and engaged, or make you seem nervous and uninterested. In order to properly express your level of engagement in a conversation, from showing a date you're into them, to showing an interviewer you'd like the job, body language can make or break how you're perceived. The following infographic offers you a handy guide to some of the best tips and tricks in positive body language. Whether you're prepping for a big event, or you're simply wondering what your current body language says about you, you'll find a helpful look into the complex world of how others perceive you, as well as what their posture could be saying to you.

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Body Language Infographic

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