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University of Illinois at Chicago

The largest university in the Chicago area, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) was founded in 1982. Today, it has more than 27,000 students, 15 schools, and is home to the largest college of medicine in the U.S. As one of the best universities in Illinois, it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). The University of Illinois Online allows students to take courses as well as earn their degrees online. It offers three online bachelors degree completion programs in business, health information management, and nursing. It also offers eight online masters degree programs, two doctoral programs, and several non-degree and certificate programs. Its master's programs in education, nursing, and engineering, as well as its online bachelor's programs, are recognized by U.S. News & World Report.

Chicago State University

Chicago State University (CSU) was founded in 1867, and started out holding classes in an old railroad car. Presently, it has more than 7,000 students and continues growing annually. It is Chicago's oldest, accredited public university. Offering students 36 bachelor's, 22 master's, and two doctoral degrees, CSU is accredited by the NCA. Though the university does not offer any fully online degrees, it does offer online courses during all of its academic semesters. For example, for the summer 2012 semester, it offered courses in, but not limited to, accounting, criminal justice, biology, economics, English, education, history, management, marketing, philosophy, and psychology.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, making it home to several large industries. One of its largest is its publishing industry; Chicago is one of the top cities for publishing in the U.S. Perhaps the most notable publishing company headquartered in Chicago is the Tribune Company, also known as the Chicago Tribute. The Tribune Company is a national media company made up of several television, radio, and newspaper companies. To gain entry into Chicago's publishing industry, online students might seek careers in journalism, communications, English, media studies, or government. Internships at a communications or media-related company, as well as participating in journalism-related professional groups to gain a professional network, are very helpful for making oneself more marketable in this industry.

Chicago is also home to a robust transportation industry; United Airlines is a well-known transportation company headquartered in Chicago. Established in 1929 by Frederick Rentschler and William Boeing, United Airlines became United Continental Holdings Inc. when it merged with Continental Airlines in 2010; today it is one of the largest airlines in North America. Entering into the airline industry doesn't usually require a degree, but it certainly improves one's job prospects. Online students who want a career with United Airlines will find degrees in aviation management, business, applied astrophysics, mathematics, physics, and management pragmatic. Degrees for entering into the transportation industry in general can include most business-related degrees, operations management, computer science, and engineering.

Manufacturing is another major industry in Chicago. The city used to be home to one of the United States' biggest candy industries; as a matter of fact, according to the, a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribute, at one time Chicago manufactured a third of the candy produced in the United States. Today, Tootsie Roll Industries remains one major candy company that is still headquartered in Chicago. Other manufacturing companies, like construction materials manufacturer USG Corporation, are also headquartered in Chicago. Those whose career aspirations lie in entering into Chicago's manufacturing industry might obtain online degrees in quality assurance, manufacturing engineering, industrial technology, industrial engineering, operations management, or business management. Industrial internships are also a very helpful for entering into the industry.


Online Universities in Illinois


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